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  1. Alademuerte

    Cooking Coals In A Pan

    QUOTE (Stuie @ Oct 1 2008, 04:44 PM) I saw JD do it once in a tobacco review i think. I PM'd him about it and told me don't do it, it is a bad idea. Sounds like JD, haha. QUOTE (steeeeeeve @ Oct 1 2008, 04:48 PM) i ONLY light my coals in a pan....... i have a gas hob with no where to really place the coals i picked up a 99p pan STAY AWAY FROM TEFLON AND NONSTICK they give off toxic fumes it takes maybe 5 mins to light nour finger coals this way and you can carry the pan straight into the shisha from the kitchen Steve 99p? And pretty much what I figured. QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Oct 1 2008, 04:56 PM) Pan? Of course it works. Why/how wouldn't it? Failing at lighting coals is pretty much a bullet-proof excuse to go ahead and off yourself in shame. If you're gonna be drunk you might want to consider getting some long barbecue tongs to get coals out of the fire though. Well, I know how pans are all different kinds. And I had figured that non-stick and teflon pans wouldnt work and it wouldnt be wise to try in the first place. But I've never had a problem with coals. There's plenty of times I find myself with a BIC lighter and the Belgium natural discs on a beach. Long tongs? Pfft, I ash coals with my hands. QUOTE (bikeAholic @ Oct 1 2008, 05:11 PM) Oh I've thought about this idea many many times. I've been at a friend's house and they had the hardtop stove. However, I've never tried it. When I'm without a stove to light my coals (this is if I have quicklites... it's good to have those when you're in this bind) I will take tongs to grab a coal and light a candle, and then hold the coal over the candle flame so it ignites. After that, I just wait for it to fully light and ash. I've actually lit coals on every stove I have come across. From the gas powered, to the electric coils, to the electric flat tops. Only problems I've occured is just leaving a little bit of discoloration on some electric flat tops.
  2. Has anyone ever attempted lighting coals in a cooking pan? I have tossed the idea around a little bit of being able to light coals in a cooking pan, cast iron, metal or those fancy new ones with anti-stick stuff. Because I'm going camping this weekend, and we'll have a metal pot and a cooking pan. Which I can fab up a way of just cooking the coals on wood, or in the fire itself and all. Just thinking of easier ways and different solutions, just in case I get a couple drinks in me and start lighting up coals in non-stick pans and wind up creating a disaster!
  3. Alademuerte

    Hookah Hiatus

    Well, from last summer until July, it was an easy 3-6 bowls a night about 5 or 6 nights out of the week. Well that was a friend's house that everyone would chill out, Hookah's were always set up and I usually brought mine. But due to some nonsense and some friends moving away, there is no central place for everyone to meet. So it's turned into a hookah maybe once a week for me.
  4. Alademuerte

    Stuck Ball Bearings!

    Never tried the idea of using any kind of oil in the release valve.... But is it an older hookah or a new hookah? If it's new, then maybe its got some rough edges that are catching the ball bearing. Try taking a piece of sandpaper and just rubbing a corner of the paper in there to smooth it out a little bit. Same applies to an old hookah, but try sanding the ball too. The Airsoft pellet might be a good option too if your problems keep continuing.
  5. QUOTE (AkiS89 @ Aug 27 2008, 08:29 PM) In norway we get tobacco like nakhla and el fakher double apple 250G for 18$.. cheap. direct imort from iran Wow. I feel sorry. I always have loads of Nakhla, because my 250g boxes are only 4$ And that Hookah.. Truly exotic.. But wouldnt want to own, maybe have it in my room as like a special piece.. It would get dirty quickly, and break awful fast.
  6. Alademuerte

    Do U Like Rust? I Dont

    Actually it's based off this concept. Most of the original ideas for the vinyl hoses were posted into this thread. http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=13233
  7. Alademuerte

    Rocks For Diffuser

    Unless you had pebbles/rocks that werent remotely close to being round, it seems like it would making pulling a little bit more harder...
  8. Alademuerte

    Questions About My Ghetto Hookah

    Heh, oh my. I dont know where to start. First of all, the RedBull can. Can's have coatings in the aluminum, really depending on the can and all, not to mention the outside print. Best way to prove an example in kinda throw a can in the fire, or hold it near flame. Definitely not what I want to be holding my shisha and coals. The cloth creating a grommet? Well, that's gonna heat up and if it doesnt catch on fire, it will smolder and burn. A styrofoam plate for an ash tray? Have you ever stuck styrofoam near anything remotely warm? I mean, the sun can melt a damn styrofoam plate... Bad idea. Even a few layers of aluminum foil wont do much to hold a coal. Coal will heat up and burn right through aluminum foil. Epoxy? Really depends on the kind. You dont have much of a wide shaft to cool off smoke, so it seems like your copper or brass pipe will heat up as well. I mean, props for trying, but god, please dont smoke out of that.
  9. Alademuerte

    Led Hookah Lights

    Pics needed.
  10. Alademuerte

    It Is A Mya. How Much Is It Worth?

    It is a Mya. I forget the name of it, seen it around though. What is that, like a 28" or so? And the base is the Sahara it's called I think, because it's got the palm tree's on it, the Frost's have the star's on them. QUOTE (Stuie)Well here's my 2 cents. The heart looks all wrong, never seen Mya release valve like that nor Have I seen a mya stem that tall without 2 extra ports to convert to 4 hose. Somewhere on the Heart should be Mya slightly embossed. But it could be new and I could be wrong. But if it is a mya and I was buying it...New 230 with the Nammor, Used 185 with the nammor. Try buying a Mya from a year ago, they dont have the 4 port options. I have a 31" Mya Frost with only 2 holes on it. Prices? Like $70 wholesale $120 retail Mya's are my favorite.
  11. Alademuerte

    Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

    I hate cigs with a passion. But I might find myself with one or four when I'm drinking (which I rarely drink). And I smoke a couple here and there in the summer.
  12. Alademuerte

    Grey Goose Hookah

    Wow, that thing does rip, good lord!
  13. Alademuerte

    Sweet Way To Light Coals

    Awesome! That is like one of the most epic ways of lighting coals, it definitely is a jet engine.
  14. I would have to say 90% of the time it's a mixed bowl. I always try different flavors and only try a flavor by itself maybe once or twice.
  15. Alademuerte

    What Ethnic Background...

    I cant definitely trace back my heritage and all, but I know I have german in me.