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  1. Its been many many moons since I've been here. Working in south korea teaching English, just finished my first year. Super easy gig with great pay. Happy to be back on this forum and cannot wait to learn and share my experiences. Been smoking for about 12 years now. Love this stuff. My favorite tobacco is trifecta, use to only smoke tangiers for a out 8 years. Figures I'd try some new stuff. Haha tonight's session is social smoke mango habanero/ cali peach. First go with it. What's your favorite shisha?
  2. Seems like 2-3 a day is where im at. Happy to hear there are some heavy smokers. Big clouds to ya'll.
  3. look it up!!!!!! if you where a pink ball that could not bounce more than 1 foot in the air, what would you wear to the funeral of president bush?!?!
  4. Spicy Italian with chipotle sauce on jalapeño cheese bread. it was only a 6in.. oh yea toasted w00t!!!!
  5. the space corp direction 34124 is a small pat of the human brain that releases a toxin to stimulate the knee joints, so that if in danger the human body is able to lie down as still as passable. it is also known as fizzel dizzle in the hizzel.... if you can have sex with one inanimate object what would it be!!!!!!!!!???????
  6. there is no way that i was going to eat that ball of cancer... the sub was really good.
  7. QUOTE (Amosb72 @ Aug 13 2008, 03:31 PM) I added pipe tobacco to my bowl mixed in with the shisha and i puked from it probly nicotine poisoning like yall said why would you add pipe tobacco???? i would die fo sho
  8. today for lunch i had subway, and with it i got some cheetos. as i opend the bizzag to pour out the chizzips a huge ass clump of cheeto chizzy fell out of the bizzy... ???? have you ppl ever had somthing like this happen to you, somthing taht is really not a big deal but at that momnet for like 3 sec it was the most awkward thing???
  9. all you need is to make the down stem longer by adding some rubber tube to it. iamscott has a good pic of with with a diffuser. just get some tube and cut it to how ever long you want it, whats another 2 bones son...
  10. QUOTE (garykainz @ Aug 13 2008, 02:56 PM) just to deviate from the general concensus and give you a broader scope... how's your hose look? what kind of hose is it? is it rusted out? i vom'd super hard after using my old mothereffinpieceofshit cobra hose for a session. after i recovered, i tore that bitch apart and found it all rusted to shit. so that could be an option I love where you head is at... good show
  11. my parents dont mind that i smoke. i can be inside or outside. most ppl taht come over say the house smells good. i dont live with my parents anymore, thanks college, but when i go back for the weekend its all good.
  12. no shit, no lie 100% Roma... my mother and father are both Gypsies. my aunt, grandmother cousins and sister all do palm readings. and they all speak the language. i dont speak it or understand it. im a Delo Gadro, crazy white man.
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