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  1. Boersnoes

    Burning Aluminum Foil

    Hi, For my birthday a friend of mine gave me this kick-ass lighter. It's like a tiny blow-torch, yet still features pocket size. It's incredibly handy for lighting coals (I'm stuck with an entire box of realy bad quick lights), but it also tends to melt my aluminum foil. When this happens the taste goes down the puke trail and it stays like that for several minutes. It takes little common sence to not inhale the smoke for health reasons, but do you think any measures should be taken except for waiting about 10 mins and blowing bad smoke out? Think it's nessecary to put a new bowl? Clean it first? Refresh water? Flush hose?
  2. Sorry for reviving an old post, but I'm just too curious. Is there any news on this? My father (a chemist) suggested that the metals could come from the head itself. The products used to colour the clay could very well contain them. Clay that is used for storing food normally has to adhere very strict rules on what is mixed in it . And I'm pretty sure hookah heads don't have to follow those rules...
  3. Yes, considered drilling. But that's really definite. And my pipe is super sweet currently. Since I have two left hands, I don't want to throw away a perfectly good thing just because I got greedy.
  4. Boersnoes

    Hookah Idea

    THAT is pretty sweet! Love the industrial style and it looks easy to clean too.. If you have some artistic blood in you, the base could be etched with cool vectors. Or maybe you have the tools at work that can do that for you?
  5. So I got myself my new pipe. And it's pretty sweet. The shopkeeper threw me in one of them extentions to convert a one hose to a dual hose. Although it doesn't change anything to the original hose entrance, the one where the extention is has a really hard pull. It's actually a harder pull then my cheap-ass pipe a friend of mine gave me as a "I'm back from Turkey" present. (for which I'm thankfull btw) Any one has similar expirience or knows a way to ease the pull on the thing?
  6. Boersnoes

    I Have Been Defeated.

    How about just plain breaking the coals? Don't know about yours, but with 3K it is perfectly doable.. How about putting an extra sheet of foil?
  7. This is a rather interesting discussion… I haven't read the articles but for the excerpts posted here on the forum. Tomorrow I will have more time to read. I for one, have never doubted the smoke of hookahs is any less toxic then cigarettes are. Actually I believe the professional cigarette filters probably do a way better job then water does. Although the water does smell/taste funky after even a single session (yes, I tried, don’t ask) I don’t believe it holds back all the tar (or NFDPM as it seems to be called). If this was the case, water-based filtering systems would already have existed for cigarettes. I do feel that water pipes are less addictive then cigarettes though. I have never touched a single cigarette with the intend of smoking it in my entire life, but I do have lots of people in my social environment that do. They all wanted to quit at one time, because “it just tastes like it smells”, but sadly they all have given up fighting the addiction. Whereas I don’t have any problem to have a 6 month winter hookah-stop every year - _without_ the nicotine patch/horrible pictures mambo jambo. Further consideration has to be made though. Next to the health issues it would also be interesting to compare social behaviours between hookah users and cigarette smokers. Have you ever seen a person sneak out during 7AM breakfast to have his/her morning hookah? Have you ever seen a person carry his hookah with a day’s worth of shisha to work? Have you ever seen bits of used shisha lying around buss-stops, blocking water flow in the gutters? Do you have to throw your clothes in the washing machine every time you have smoked some shisha? Do your eyes tear on hookah-parties? In my eyes, hookah is an sich at least (if not more) hazardous for your personal health. But because of the different social setting and less frequent use (in general context, there are always exceptions off course) I prefer a hookah smoker over a cigarette smoker any day. That said, I do support Teissenb’s statements out of general curiosity. And I think along his line in terms of motivations, but I also see the point of Bulldog_916. As of this year, there are tobacco seals required in Belgium for Shisha to (legally) cross the borders. This is, I fear, a first step along a road that will end in closing down hookah bars and pushing the hookah in even more dark corners. This disinformation of people also helps in the fear for hookahs. Even today, most bar tenders don’t allow hookah’s to be lit anywhere near their establishments in Belgium because they fear the green stuff will be involved somehow. Even the argument that weed can be smelled from miles away doesn’t convince them because “they just don’t want any trouble”. There! As for an inconclusive post, I think this one just raised the bar. And I hope the last paragraph didn’t break the hookahforum’s rules, seen the context.
  8. Boersnoes

    Stable Hookah

    @ St. Goodypants: Well the Micron and Stratus do indeed meet the reqs, but they are just damn but ugly! I do like a modern design, but that's just .. not it. @Hobocans About the hobo hookah. You have actually made me think about it again. I have dug up my old initiative of making my own pipe (don't we all at one point or another?) and found this cool vase I have here. It's from my father's work. He's a chemist and the bottle is used for storing all kinds of liquids. The bottle's totally "inert" (word?) so it doesn't take up any smell/filth. It's stable and hard to break too. Thing is, it doesn't have a standard bottle neck. It's bigger then regular booze bottles but smaller then the big necks you find on some fruit juice bottles sometimes. There's a screw on cap on it that fits air/water tight. I wanted to use it before, but the hole's too small to fit any of my stems in.. Can't post pictures right now. Cam's not in the house...
  9. Looks cool to say the least. Having it ready at garden parties would be awesome! Btw, one thing I can think of is that the shisha would burn easely when too many ppl pull continuously/together.. I know my local shop sells a head that splits in three heads. This spreads the pull over more shisha without requiring one huge bowl with all complications that brings. Wasn't expensive if I'm not mistaking, so if your shisha just keeps burning, that might be a sollution to keep in mind Hope everything turns out funky for your pipe
  10. Boersnoes

    Stable Hookah

    Haha, love this! Been gone for a day and already got a lot of replies As for the budget: I want something to last. My filosofy in all purchases is to spend a little more and use it for a little longer. (yes, still using my very first mobile ) Breaking: I don't want my base to break AGAIN! My very first one (which is also the one I'm finally replacing now) snapped 2 times. I was cleaning it and the bottom just snapped clean of.. 2 times! If you ask me this was a production issue. Too much tension + warm water = snap? Since it was a very clean breaking line (word?), without chips, I was able to glue it. The reason I'm replacing it now was a transport issue I already got two little pipes to take with me on quests in yonder-land. This one will mainly be for garden use. So I was thinking big. I know, big does not equal better, but it is more impressive The reason I want a stable base is not really because the base would break, but because I hate to loose a good coal & shisha, break the head on the tiles, burn ppls clothes etc. It happens more then is fun that with passing the hose the pipe just tips over. Maybe this will be a lot less with my new hose, but nevertheless I would like to limit the burn holes in my garden-sofa this time. Also, I got three acceptable spare stems lying on my clauset here. Are there stores where I can buy just the vases? @thecoalition: not looking for a hobo hookah. Already got travel pipes. This one needs more style.
  11. So, last autumn, my bottle broke... I didn't want to spend any money on a pipe I was not gonna use for half a year (I don't smoke inside). Now spring is around the corner, so I should be getting me some new gear. This time around, I would like to have a dual hoze one. But most of all, since I'm always using it in outside areas, I want it to have a stable base. I tried a search, but didn't get any usefull results, so I turn to another "advise me" thread.. So.. any advise?
  12. Boersnoes

    How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    Have been searching for plain tobacco for months now. Nada. On the other hand, my Al Waha order just arrived, so I got some new stuff to try out
  13. Boersnoes

    The No-burn Bowl

    Well, I like to put some time in my preparation, but for me personally, this is a bit over the top. But if this is working for you, maybe you could consider making a more reusable version (not aluminum foil?) Also, what's whit the yellow from time to time?
  14. Winter breaks?! Man! What country do I need to go to? Does that count for working ppl too?
  15. Boersnoes

    Nakhla Changed?

    Here (Belgium) they used to be in plain plastic wrapper (see-through), but that changed about 9months ago. Then it came in about the same package as yours. Only the warning thingy is in Dutch here. I don't particularly like Naklah, but it's all you can get here ... Really anticipating my order from H-S