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  1. Hookah-Shisha.com Reviews

    I placed my 3rd order from Hookah-Shisha.com, and received my order 3 days later! As always, the packaging was first rate, the order was accurate, and they threw in a few "freebies" to boot. What more could you ask for. They've earned all of my future business! Hookah-Shisha.com get an A+ in my book, PLUS, they have a cool website!
  2. Hookah-Shisha.com Reviews

    First... very unimpressed. Then, very impressed. They do stand behind their products 100% FIRST IMPRESSION: When I received my new Lunar (4 Hose) Hookah from Hooka-Shisha.com, I immediately had "buyer's remorse". The hose connector on the hookah was bent and leaked air. The three other hose connectors were also of questionable integrity. The shipping box wasn't damaged, so it wasn't a UPS issue. The wind cover looked used, was bent, was scratched, and had sharp edges. One of the cobra hoses was slightly chipped in several locations. I didn't receive the washable hose, which was to be included as a "freebie" per the parts sheet, and I was "shorted" one hose grommet. The coal tongs were mangled and bent beyond belief. Admittedly, the tongs were another "freebie". I just tossed them in the trash… that's where they belonged, free or not. The clay bowl, simply did not fit this hookah! In addition, the clay bowl that was sent with this hookah did not represent the clay bowls that were depicted on their website. The clay bowl that was sent with my hookah was of very, very poor quality and craftsmanship. I spoke personally with Jon, a representative from Hooka-Shisha.com, who took my concerns seriously. Jon admitted to me that they were having a few quality control issues on their end. Jon told me that he was going to "upgrade" my hookah and make everything right for me. I received email confirmation the next day that my new items were shipped 2nd air. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SECOND IMPRESSION Okay… Today, 2 days later, and I'm totally over my "buyer's remorse". I just received a brand new very shiny, 36", 4 hose, Super Nova rotator hookah, a very nice new clay bowl, new tongs, a few hose grommets, a new coal lighter, and a UPS label to have the "damaged" items returned. All for FREE! Jon took care of me. I'll be placing my next order from Hooka-Shisha.com very soon. They stand behind their products 100%! Thanks Jon, your customer service is great!
  3. Who makes the very best Shisha (tobacco) in terms of quality, consistency, taste, and overall personal enjoyment and satisfaction?