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  1. Stealth

    Electric Hookah

    It looks like he just took a portable stove and placed it on top of the hookah. He failed to do what we are all trying to do, make a small, heating element that sits on top of the bowl. What he did is horribly inneficient, and I guarentee he never uses it.
  2. I was doing temp readings throughout the hookah a while ago with a cheap little temperature probe of mine. Most of the temps I tested it at seemed acurate when I knew what the temperature was supposed to be. For the coals I got a temp of about 460*c. Keep in mind that is with the probe pushed into the red hot coal, not the dusty serface. The temperatures I was getting directly under the aluminum inside the bowl was randing from about 180-230c.
  3. Stealth


    QUOTE (leadpipecinch21 @ Mar 6 2008, 04:55 PM) stealth, i have to say that is the most badass hookah i have ever seen. any more pics of it? Thanks, there are a couple extra pics of it in my intro post, http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showtopic=13504 , and @ Kahnowerh, your still competing for the bowl but removeing the downstem from the picture gives you a lot more airflow.
  4. Stealth


    Well, the "competeing" really takes place in a normal hookah in the downstem. The bowl, expecially a large bowl can accomadate 2 smokers, so this design can help. I actually used it for The Engine hookah that some of you may remember - You can see exactly where the bowl splits off into 2 directions. In addition to just having way better airflow for multiple users, keep in mind this also makes it so your buddies dont have to plug there hose when you are taking a hit, the divide before the water creates a natural one way valve.
  5. Stealth

    Help Finding A Stem

    QUOTE (ryno @ Mar 1 2008, 10:07 AM) So i've been wanting to build my own hookah for awhile, and I've read that copper shouldn't be used as a stem... my question is, what metals are ok to use for a stem? Normally people would say do a search in the forums but 90% of the people here dont have a clue and just want to be dramatic. Copper is fine as well as just about everything you can pick up at the hardware store. Use your judgment, if its a material they make cups/pans/forks out of its gunna be ok.
  6. Stealth

    My Home Made Hookah

    QUOTE (hockeydudde @ Feb 29 2008, 09:35 PM) QUOTE (jfaltous @ Feb 29 2008, 02:26 PM) About the use of copper.... It is true that copper is often used in hot water pipes, but that doesn't mean its okay to use it for hookahs... Copper is also found in lots of food products, meats, chocolate, etc. Ingestion of copper in small amounts is usually easily manageable by your stomach, and is in fact required by the body because its critical for energy production in cells. It even assists in nerve conduction, creation of connective tissue, and cardiovascular and immune system functions. The problem isn't the copper itself, but the amount of copper and the organs its present in. When you inhale the copper, as you would with smoke, then it goes into your lungs and far more easily into your bloodstream, leading to copper toxicity. I don't know how bad using it as a downstem would be, but at the very least make sure you're watching out for symptoms of copper toxicity: * Anemia * Burning sensation * Chills * Convulsions * Diarrhea (often bloody and may be blue in color) * Fever * Liver failure * Metallic taste * Muscular aches * Nausea * No urine output * Pain * Shock * Vomiting * Weakness * Yellow eyes * Yellow skin (symptoms taken from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002496.htm) I personally would play it on the safe side and look for a more proven alternative. That's one hell of a beautiful pipe though I am glad you posted. It makes sense now why copper can be bad. I won't be replacing the tube, because it has so much epoxy that it would take bomb to get it out of there, but i will keep those symptoms in mind. I am also not that worried because several of my friends have hookahs, so we dont actually smoke mine all that often, but again, thanks for actually giving a reason why it is bad, not just telling me that it is. Theres a whole thread for this, post your information there if you think its good enough. It's all about the same; "I dont know how much copper is you abosorb with a hookah, but it's cirtainly enough to kill you!" I say you were doing the smart thing and trusting your judgment, thats copper is ok in this application. And your totally right.
  7. Stealth

    Air Flow/drag Ideas...?

    QUOTE (hookahmon @ Feb 29 2008, 09:42 PM) QUOTE (Stealth @ Feb 29 2008, 02:44 AM) Oh no! That looks like Copper! aRe you insane!!11 But that seems like a very good idea. It wouldent have to be that massive though, and actually i would make the devider in between only have holes around the very sides, making the bubbles travel horrizontally through the water as opposed to just diffusing them. Yea I had thought of that before, but I figured it would just mean you would need to create more air pressure (aka hard pull). Does anyone know anything about stuff like that? I was also wondering if it would make a difference if rather than a perfectly horizontal divider, a slightly sloped divider was used so it would take advantage of the whole "air density/tendency to reach the surface" thing. [attachment=1159:hokahgram27.jpg] I think this might be something that just needs to be tested.... Yea, the slight slopes kinda what i'm talking about too, you could even do a spiral sort of thing that leads the bubbles up to the top ; like a maze dirrecting the bubbles to the surface. And your right about the water in the tube. You can always just have it comeing from the top like a traditional hookah. For some reason people are obsessed with having the stem coming from the bottom right now...
  8. Stealth

    Tin Foil Vs. Screen

    I use foil. Actually, Ive been meening to ask, Does anyone else use heavy duty foil? I've convinced myself its better.
  9. Stealth

    Air Flow/drag Ideas...?

    Oh no! That looks like Copper! aRe you insane!!11 But that seems like a very good idea. It wouldent have to be that massive though, and actually i would make the devider in between only have holes around the very sides, making the bubbles travel horrizontally through the water as opposed to just diffusing them.
  10. Stealth

    Aluminum Downstem

    I dont know what this guy is talking about, Your fine with aluminum.
  11. Stealth

    My Home Made Hookah

    I have to agree with most people here, this is one of the nicest home made hookahs Ive seen. Good work.
  12. Stealth

    Socal Meet?

    QUOTE (hookah hippie @ Feb 22 2008, 03:10 PM) I would like to do a Southern California meet up I know three members of the forum including myself go to CSUN we should get some follow up on this I just finished up at CSUN and would be down for a meetup around that area.
  13. QUOTE (poopooshaboo @ Feb 16 2008, 06:10 AM) =P yeah, I'm not sure anyone will know the exact temperature in fact, you'd probably be doing the community a service by finding that out Well heres my community service for the year. With a temperature probe i measrued about 461*c on my nour coals. I'm acutally in the middle of mapping the temperature throughout a normal hookah to aid in the designing of some hookahs. Ill post the full map when its complete. I can only smoke so much a day I just am realizing how hot that is. I cant find the maximum temp of my prob or meter at the moment so theres a good chance that might not be acurate. Note that this was right against the red hot surface, not a dusty coal.
  14. Stealth

    The Home Depot Hose

    @caustic It's no secret that I hate home depot hoses on tradition hookahs, but adding the quick disconnect was fucking brilliant. I'll have to keep that in mind for my next home made hookah. Good job.
  15. Stealth

    Air Flow/drag Ideas...?

    QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Feb 16 2008, 11:32 PM) You have to think though, having 2 stems into the water doubles the amount of strength you need for the pull. Plus 2 bends, that increases the amount you need to overcome to inhale the smoke. The bends inthe diagram wont effect the pull at all i believe, and there being 2 stems doesnt really matter because they dont really have a set diameter. Overall this diagram would work but there seems to be no added benefiet compared to branching a normal stem into 2 pipes, rather than some complex loop that brings air in from the bottom.