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  1. Firm Young Carrot

    Ann Coulter

    Ann is a very depressing symbol of how low political discourse has sunk to in the USA. It's all about shouting and shrieking, making grand pronouncements and outrageous statements, just so you can me heard. And the quiet, thoughtful voices are ignored. There will be a day when it will be debated, publically or privately, just how on earth this right of sensible clique managed to take over the Republican Party and the White House. Of course, the used fear, intimidation and a shamless cynicism as their tools, but their rise is something beyond that. Ann Coulter is but a symptom of this. She will disappear, the neo-con tide is on its way out.
  2. Firm Young Carrot

    Problem With Supplier

    Well, I did a google on one of the names on previous emails and found him. He runs a travel agency, but I think he has passed on the shisha shop to a partner, so I emailed him. He replied saying that they had serious email outages and that is why they've had problems. He asked me what my order was and has promised to send it asap. I work in IT and I know that such outages do happen and can be devastating and often the result of bad luck/other people etc. Now, I'm not entirely happy about all this. I think a core problem is that I only had an email for them, a phone number would have been more useful. They should have seen my transfer which also would have identified me and the amount I ordered. Anyway, I'm going to wait 7 days and see if anything arrives. If so, I will look into ways of making more secure payments in future and having better contact details.
  3. Firm Young Carrot

    Problem With Supplier

    Thanks for all that guys. I'll have a word with the bank. If I don't get my cash back, at least I can tip the bank off that there's something dodgy going on.
  4. I'm in Belgium, where al Fakher isn't distributed, so I've been buying it online from www.shisha-onlineshop.ch They've been good, friendly and prompt. Until now. I noticed their website was down for maintenance and emailed them about an order I wanted to make. They said it would be back up, but I could order by email. So I ordered and made the bank transfer to their German bank. I've heard nothing since, the goods should have arrived over three weeks ago and i'm not getting any replies to my emails. I've googled and have seen that others have had similar peoblems. So, what should I do next?
  5. Firm Young Carrot

    Hookah And Birth Control

    Hookah And Birth Control, Should I be afraid i wouldn't use a hookah for birth control, an IUD would fit better.
  6. Firm Young Carrot

    Recognising Genuine Al Fakher

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out. appreciated
  7. Firm Young Carrot

    Recognising Genuine Al Fakher

    apologies, Sonthert, I've edited the second link and it should work now. cheers
  8. Firm Young Carrot

    Recognising Genuine Al Fakher

    Thanks for that Jamal. I'm finding it hard to work it all out. Certainly the 50g packages were identical to the photos of the site and they were a fantastic smoke and the people I bought from are very friendly and helpful.
  9. I've heard all sorts of things about what is real and what isn't. I've been buying my smoke from here and it looks legit. But I also noticed these Al Fakheer 250g that don't look right, so what are the ways of telling the real al Fakher? I know this has been covered before, but some of it seems to be out of date and I am confused. Cheers
  10. Firm Young Carrot

    A Simple Question

    Ah yes, Prison Planet... Had some dealings with them on a blog I run. We finally booted them off as their gibberish was just deeply boring and repetative. They then started a campaign to blacken our reputation. It's all a bit 14 year old stuff isn't it. They have a habit of grasping the wrong end of the stick and refusing to let go, regardless of the overwhelming evidence shown to them.
  11. Firm Young Carrot

    Hi From Brussels

    Sadly not, it's from Withnail and I, I put the scene in the 'where did you get your handle' thread
  12. Firm Young Carrot

    Hi From Antwerp (belgium)

    greetings from brussels
  13. Firm Young Carrot

    The BBC is Biased

    There are some news outlets that are biased, Fox being an example, but many others, such as the BBC aren't biased as such, but they do have a perspective. I watch several news channels daily and find that almost all either have a bias or a national perspective. My favourite channel is very international, has the best presenters and journalists, matched with incredible technical standards. More importantly, it doesn't have a national perspective. That's why I enjoy al Jazeera International.
  14. Firm Young Carrot

    Who Makes The Very Best Shisha- Tobacco?

    iIve smoken on my trips round the middle east etc for a while but never took any notice of what was in the bowl. Only had a bad experience at a fishermans cafe in Doha. So I haven't filled in the polls as I've only tried a couple of brands since I got my own pipe. Nakla is good in a 'pint of bitter' way, as JD said, old school. I had a smoke of fakher in a shisha bar in Brussels (the owner got it from a friend who flew in from Dubai) and it blew me away. Strawberry that I could still taste the next day. Since then I've been importing it but never got the same strengh of flavour though, I need to practice more I guess.
  15. Firm Young Carrot

    I Guess I'm Doing It Wrong? :(

    two points: 1. i found that it took a few smokes on a new shisha pipe before i got flavour 2. wait for the coals to turn red/white before putting them on the foil - and certainly wait till they've stopped smoking.