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  1. Fusion Tobacco

    Owh, I'm not getting it for personal use. I'm a wholesale and retailer here in Malaysia hence why I'm searching for the company itself. Hope that there's someone that could help me with it. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, Tried searching Fusion Hookah Tobacco main website and I couldn't get any. Are they close? Trying to get some for the Malaysian market. Please advice. Thanks!
  3. Is There A Fantasia That Doesnt

    Here I go again. NAKHLA is _____________*discouraging terms*!!!! FANTASIA >9000!!! NAKHLA <0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASIA FTW! NAKHLA FTL.. FANTASIA RAPES NAKHLA!!!! DOUBLE KILL!! TRIPLE KILL!! GODLIKE!!!!
  4. A New Story....

    Hi guys, I'm from Malaysia. I feel the pain of what their trying to do to you guys over there. Would definitely take note of how this pencil neck do their things. Good Luck guys and Keep on Smokin'!
  5. Wow, that's how the Mid East does their business. Low price here and high price there and than the market get f'd up.
  6. Malaysia Smokers

    Johor Bahru, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. 2 so far, another will be joining in soon. MSN: barrenwizard@yahoo.com
  7. Phunnel Project 2009 Malaysia

    Yea, its been changed, I just don't have the latest photoes with me yet.
  8. Phunnel Project 2009 Malaysia

    Don't worry guys, this are still under process of heating up and it isn't complete yet, it will expand and the hole will get bigger. This is still in it premature form.
  9. Here's the pics for my Phunnel project. What do you guys think about it?
  10. What Brands Do You Avoid

    Nakhla - Unaccurate Flavour, After Taste, Serious Buzz Al-Waha- Unaccurate Flavour, After Taste. Side note: Why headaches? I believe you're smoking in an enclose area such as in a room or something? Without proper airflow? Cause only that would make get headaches due to lack of oxygen. Only Nakhla, that would seriously makes my heart pumping, casued by the niccotine level.
  11. Who Has The Best Orange?

  12. "premium" Tobacco

    That's just the way it is here in HF, you're lucky he wrote premium brands. Some thread just states down "AF Mint gone bad?' and such, and just brainwash everybody, its like propaganda instead of an opinion because of their deep vengeance against a shisha, I think its because they use their life savings to get it than ended up getting bad session, that's why their so mad at it. Come on guys, be neutral to your comments against a Shisha. Damn!
  13. Dubai Tobacco

    Its fake...
  14. Hi, if any of the appointed person seen this message please pm me and I'll reply to you shortly by using PM. If you are a SKYPE user, please do let me know by PM. Will be glad to contact you. Thanks!
  15. Editing Posts.

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Nov 28 2008, 10:27 PM) QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Nov 27 2008, 01:36 PM) What about 5 minutes? It takes longer than 2 minutes to read over a lot of my posts for typos. Alternatively, I'll set you up with a daily subscription to my PM newsletter, which consists entirely of requests for typo corrections Um..how about reading them BEFORE you hit post for errors. Just my opinion. "Human Errors?"