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  1. supersubby

    Your Favorite Lucid Flavors

    mimoonnnnnnn is a very good flavor so is static starlight
  2. supersubby

    Best Eid Ever

    QUOTE (foibled again @ Nov 27 2009, 08:59 PM) QUOTE (supersubby @ Nov 27 2009, 04:03 PM) my test samples..a mini..."some" lucid mimon "some" og mimon One of if not the best mini too, much better than the original one he had set aside for ya IMO. it looks absolutely beautiful i tried calling him but the number i have doesn't work
  3. supersubby

    Best Eid Ever

    my test samples..a mini..."some" lucid mimon "some" og mimon
  4. I love this day so much...after Eid prayer i come home and my sister said i got a package from "Tangerine" i knew it was hookah products so i grabbed the box and ran upstairs and opened my box of goodies from Eric....Eric saved Eid love that man...i just love that man so much right now...
  5. supersubby


    do what i do establish a smoke for 3 bucks rule...if im throwing a party or randoms come buy 3 bucsk to smokes....coal aint cheap!!
  6. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    i ordered you love. ok take it or leave it.
  7. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    QUOTE (NIGHTS OF BAGHDAD @ Nov 8 2009, 01:55 AM) QUOTE (supersubby @ Nov 8 2009, 03:25 AM) don't judge me. if you wanted to keep us from flirting with you in the chat room you've succeeded..lol teee hehehehehe lollll Your Shopping Cart Qty Item # Description Total Price 086 Tangiers Lucid 250g 3 Pack Price Each: $47.95 Tangiers Lucid: Mimon Tangiers Lucid #2: Mimon Tangiers Lucid #3: Mimon $47.95
  8. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    don't judge me.
  9. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    it tastes like eric bathed in it and put it in little 250g bags for us to enjoy.... ok not so much but im really feening for it right now.
  10. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    i called it too i saw that i only had 1 bowl left and i said oh il just order more tom...it came and went turned into a week i forgot now im screwed.
  11. supersubby

    Finally Out Of Mimon

    i just wish a local shop carried tangiers lucid so i could get my hands on it asap
  12. I think im gonna cry....im ordering 750g of it from hj....i hope to GOD he sends it FAST!