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  1. cuu

    Chicago Meetup?

    The place you're thinking of is Ultimate Cigar. It's a few blocks west of North/83(Kingery), on north. It's a really nice place, really friendly. Tony, the owner, is a really nice guy. I'm at school though, so I won't be back until summer. They serve Al-Fahker, Starbuzz, Nahkla (only seen Double Apple though), and... some other brand I've never heard of. Something with a ZZ at the end. The humidor is massive, biggest I've ever seen. They have a little seating area separate from the smoking lounge for cigars, but you can also smoke cigars in the hookah lounge (massive non-intrusive fan system, cigars don't really stink up the place). There website is here: http://www.ultimatecigarsmoke.com/aboutus/aboutus.html
  2. Sam Cooke - Smoke Rings. I chuckle every time. ..puff... puff..
  3. cuu

    Hookah On Tv

    The hookah in Aladdin is awesome. Combo Hookah and Coffee maker... also cuts french fries!... or something. Of course, as a kid, I had no idea what a hookah was, but I rewatched it recently, and my jaw dropped.
  4. For all these reviews: Hookah: Mya Gyro (3 hose) Bowl: Tangiers Medium Phunnel Hoses: Nammor Coals: Exoticas and Three Kings quick lights - (tried each flavor atleast once with both) Lemon Blossom: Smell: Me and my friends call this flavor Grandma's pussy. It's not bad, but very floral. Flavor: Tastes like what it smells like. Very florally with a bit of lemon. Smoke: One of the easier tangiers flavors for coal management. Huge clouds if you get the coals right. Buzz: KO'd a few of my friends. Best buzz I've ever had with hookah... and I really only smoke Tangiers now. Overall: 7/10 - The odd flavor is made up for by the quality of the smoke. Very interesting flavor, and interesting after effects to newcomers. =D Quicktip: Using Mango/Lemon teas in the bottom made this flavor twice as enjoyable. The tea flavor helps overpower the floral scent and gives an excellent smoke. Kashmir Peach: Smell: Very interesting spice scent with a hint of peach. I originally loved the smell, now I can't stand the stuff. Flavor: Same as the smell Smoke: Huge clouds, very easy to smoke without burning. Buzz: Tangiers... Overall: 5/10 - I'm personally biased. I can't stand this flavor anymore. If you like the smell of it, buy it. It'll taste the same. Melon Blend Smell: Deliciously melon. Flavor: One part of the melon flavor stands out the most... one of the favorites of me and my friends. Smoke: Decent clouds, needs good coal management to smoke well. Buzz: Tangiers... Overall: 9/10 - Very nice flavor, good buzz, doesn't suck. Maraschino Cherry Smell: AMAZING. Best smelling shisha I've ever encountered. Flavor: Not there. There's a slight cherry taste, but it's more like robotussin cherry, or some very dull cherry flavor. Smoke: Decent clouds, needs good coal management to smoke well. Buzz: Tangiers... Overall: 6/10 - I was not impressed with this flavor at all. Maybe I had a bad batch... every else seemed to have loved it on here. Quicktip: Mixing with a lemon flavor is delicious. Lemon/Mint Starbuzz is especially good.
  5. cuu

    Broken Nammor

    We had one of the tips of our nammor hoses crack like that. I think someone stepped on it. We glued it back together, but it broke again... we're on the second glue now.
  6. I've found the exoticas give off a slight coal taste when all sides aren't lit fully, but it goes away quickly for me. Haven't really had any problems with them otherwise, probably my favorite coals that I've used. I usually make sure that I blow on all the sides (especially the one I'm putting face down on the foil), and make sure they're completely red with no black spots.
  7. Of those that I've had - White Peach mixed with SB Marguerita is amazing. A White Peach Marguerita would be a good "exotic" flavor to add Tangiers Passionfruit is amazing, tastes like candy. =D Kashmir Apple is ok, but I didn't think it was too amazing.
  8. cuu

    Passion Fruit

    Tangiers Passionfruit First review, so bear with me here... Setup: Freshly cleaned Mya Acrylic 3 hose, Ice Water, Nammor Hoses, Tangiers Bowl w/ mod, Stargate Coals, Straw Mod Smell: Smells amazing... like candy, unless you get too close and get a strong tobacco smell. My room still smells like candy. Cut: Long, thin cuts of tobacco Smoke: Not the thickest I've had, but was very enjoyable. Length: Only smoked for about an hour with several friends, afterwards I got kinda tired (the good kind). The shisha seemed pretty moist still and probably could have gone much longer. Flavor: I was kind of expecting this to kick my ass like other tangiers flavors have in the past, but I think with the new stargate coals I got, it was perfect. I've never smoked a bowl of tangiers as well as this one. The flavor tastes exactly how it smells - it tastes like I'm eating some kind of candy. Buzz: Best buzz I've had in a while. A very lingering buzz, never really HIT me like tangiers has in the past. Really nice. Overall: 9.5/10 - Best tangiers I've tried so far. Very very nice flavor.
  9. cuu


    From what I have had... White Grape, Orange, White Peach, Winterfresh, Were all really good.
  10. cuu

    Just Smoken

    Going back to school on Thursday, hopefully going to pack a few bowls that night. =D I cant wait.
  11. nice setup. Looks like a high-end hookah lounge in your house =D
  12. My first shisha came straight from Egypt. No idea what it was. Didn't know much about hookah back then. I voted Tangiers, but was tough. I like the buzz of tangiers, the taste of starbuzz, and the price of al-waha. Al-Waha used to be my favorite, then I got Fumari, then Starbuzz, now Tangiers. Seems like whatever new brand I get has been better than the last. Then again, I started reading here after I got the Fumari so my choices have hopefully improved =D As for: Al-Fahker and Nakhla - Only probably smoked a bowl of each. Both were excellent. As soon as I find some better prices around here, I'll try them again. Hookah Hookah - just doesn't do it for me. The flavors taste overly fake. Grape was good, imo. Romman - I'm kind of scared of this brand. Had Strawberry and it tasted like ... crap. Haven't tried the other brands. (Al Amir, Fusion, Layalina, SOEX, Smileys)
  13. I just ordered a sampler pack from Hookah-Shisha of 12 different Al-Waha flavors for $20. Hopefully that turns out alright. Generally pleased with some of the al-waha I've had in the past and I like trying new flavors too. Also got some Tangiers just in case the al-waha is a bust =D
  14. I got the guy in a headshop to sell me a bowl like that off one of the other hookahs for $5. Although, he had no clue what the difference was. =D
  15. cuu

    Shisha/base Liquid Mixes

    My friends and I started using tea in the base of the hookah last year, has pretty much become regular as long as we have some available (as I drink tea, it's pretty common). Using the same flavored tea with the flavored sheesha is great. My favorite combo so far was Peach Tea + Peach Al-Waha. One of the best hookahs I've ever smoked. Delicious. One thing I've really noticed though is that the hookah always smells better than it normally would with just water. The base was starting to get a very "old hookah" smell to it. Using tea prevents that.