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  1. How To Make Your Own Flavors!

    QUOTE (dyzel @ Dec 26 2007, 01:46 PM) Ok!!! here we go!!! If you ever wanna make your own flavoured tobacco, here is the easiest way to do it ever!!! Al Fakher has a tobacco "special flavour" This has no distinct flavour of its own, but is just a tobacco that produces a thick, dry smoke, no real flavour To this, add (to a full 50gms box) about 10 drops of any flavour extract and about a teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly, put in a cloth, leave outside overnight, and there ya go!!! you will have a new custom flavoard shisha the next morning... try it out!! Where can i get this "Special Flavour"??? I have searched with no luck....
  2. Tangiers Help

    QUOTE (Bushbr @ Mar 10 2008, 09:43 AM) Voski, everytime i glance at ur pic i think its Thomas The Train Engine lol only just now did i realize it wasnt Thats funny becasue i too just realized it wasnt thomas the tank engine either....lol
  3. Fs: Custom Mya W/ Extras

    ill take one of the scalli mods..... i live in belmont, ma.... how much do you think it will be for the mod and the shipping????
  4. Hookah For Your Car

    QUOTE (SafeSearchOff @ Nov 24 2007, 12:41 AM) witch + glass bottle + combo bowl + cupholder. no mod req'd. approx price: $18 - witch $10 - Combo Bowl $1 - Coke or Boylans or Stewarts bottle $8,000 - $250,000 - Car I did it with this setup in my lexas and im not gonna lie....IT WAS FRICKINN SWEETTTTT I drove around and i had the witch in my cupholder and the best way to keep your coals from shuffling is making a crown....... I learned this from the guys at hobohookah http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QerE2cbDi_g This is how i do it babyyyyyyyyy except with a witch hookah witch i found is great after you get the rubber smell out after u smole a few time lol
  5. Im Looking To Buy/trade For A Funnel Mod.......

    ok thanks guys btw mods move this to completed because i am getting a mod off a Tanik at MNH........
  6. Im Looking To Buy/trade For A Funnel Mod.......

    oh that would be sickkk How could i get in touch with this "mn hookah" guy???
  7. Hey guys, I just bought a funnel bowl which works great btw and I was reading online that the mod makes the smoke even better..... Im looking for one to buy off of someone so i was wondering if anyone had one that i could buy for under like 8 bucks shipped..... Thanks Again......
  8. Hobohookah?

    yo get the witch from thehookah.com its only 18 bucks and its the same shit and it smokes greatttttttttttttttt
  9. Fs: Large Stargate**new**

    is it silver or black/steel??? I will take it either way but im just curious......
  10. Fs: Large Stargate**new**

    is it used???? Im interserted becuase i was thinking of buying a stargate.......but i actually wanted a two hose but for that price im really considering it.......
  11. Fs: Smiely's Mod

    ill take it!!!!!!<br />I can send the money via paypal when you respond......just PM me with the info and shipping info to belmont, ma
  12. Hookah/ Small Phunnel For Sale

    ok just let me know if ur going to split them up..... -Thanks
  13. Hookah/ Small Phunnel For Sale

    can i buy just the funnel off you????
  14. Mnhookah Discount Code

    i tried searching but i didn't REALLY look that hard but thanks for finding them so fast.........
  15. I have been looking around for this code and everyone mentions it in their posts but i can't seem to find it anywhere........ Could someone please "enlighten" me with this code????? Thanks........