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  1. Need Help With Milk In Base

    dry creamer works realy well, and does not bubble as much as milk
  2. Anyone Here Name Their Hookah?

    i call my favoret peice of shit.... if you build up there ego, they will turn on you.
  3. Quicklights

    QUOTE (MechAnt @ Aug 14 2007, 05:15 PM) Ok so it seems like 3Kings would be the winner here. Who sells them at great prices? 40mm or 33mm? Should i just buy one roll of EVERY QL I can find and just try them out? 33 mm on a regular size bowl, the 40 mm can make too much heat if you are not carfull
  4. Quicklights

    QUOTE (boomhauer @ Aug 14 2007, 01:30 AM) just buy a propane torch and stay with naturals, quicklites while convenient suck generally on flavor better yet, invest in a hot plate. ql are great on the go though and i do like both goldens and 3 kings. we use 3 kings exclusibly at work for quicklights, but when there is no burn ban going on in texas, we use naturals
  5. Frukah

    QUOTE (bigcam112 @ Aug 13 2007, 07:37 PM) i went to a hookah lounge and they actually did a fruit bowl... it was a mango but they do all diffrent types of fruits... it was a pretty good smoke but it was pretty expensive it was 20 dollars yeah, not as good
  6. My Custom Wooden Hooka And My Mya Hookah

    did you seal up the inside to prevent wood rot? if you do, how much for one
  7. Voting: Hookah Convention

    QUOTE (taiwontonboy @ Aug 11 2007, 09:29 AM) hahaha, Texas state troopers?? i sure do hate me some state troopers. but to keep on the subject, lets have it in texas trxas has a shit load of convention centers right out side of dfw airport. for example, the gayloard, wich has a realy nice out doors area.and i know atleast 15 hookah bars in the dfw area. there was 4 alone on one street in denton. as for costs, costs for most things are cheeper in texas then in both new york and cali, i mean, realy guys, you are not the most afordable places in the us. and just think of food costs alone... prity sure if we give every 2 people a brisket, trhey can eat for days.
  8. Head Design

    it is kind of like the aluminum ring idea already in the how to fun box. should work just fine, but the only problem is that you need head moving past the coal, or it a may go out, b, not preduce enough heat, and c, by pulling the air around the coal, you are also pulling the heat around the coal. but you could make a replacable thing like that from aluminum. all you need is a milling mechean and a lathe. have two screans that screw together with .25-.5 inch seperation. stainless steel would be better. now all you need is a lathe and a mill..... well, and a good chunk of metal..... but it woulf be nice
  9. My Hookah

    QUOTE (tmaxxrookie @ Aug 10 2007, 04:03 PM) hey guys i made 3 hookahs already in 4 days and theyre holding up pretty nice. my sisters consists of(dual hose): Cut pepsi can-bowl, big glass bottle tea-vase, copper tube-arguile(spl?), and 3/16 hoses (lol petite hose for a petite person). Also some JB weld and electrical tape. my sisters boyfriends hookah is made of: a glass vase from the thrift store(used a glass drillbit to make the holes for the hoses), copper pipe, electrical tape w/ teflon tape, 1/8 in vinyl tubing, and some JB weld. my hookah was made from a dual hole(double hose hookah) novelty spongebob bottle from kings dominon(lol), copper pipe, 1/4 inch tubing(big tubing for a big boy), JB weld, a copper jellow mold for the bowl, and some electrical tape. ill post some pics of all 3 of the as i get them. they all smoke very well and are sealed very well with the teflon tape, electrical tape and JB weld. if you need some creative inpiration, feel free to PM me. thanks word to the wise, on the inside of cans, there is a plastic liner. in other words, toxic gass if you heat it up.
  10. Convention

    hence reganal conventions break it down into 3, calli, texas, newyork?
  11. Monster Hookah

    QUOTE (nicayotte @ Aug 10 2007, 03:49 PM) I am in the process of building a 6ft hookah, yes 6 feet ladies and gentlemen, I will post pictures when it is complete! what would be awsome is ifyou coil the steem and put the intire thing in a ginormas ice chamber!
  12. check this out

    QUOTE (MatthewLee @ Aug 10 2007, 02:57 PM) Figured I do a search-a-roo before I started posting E-Pay links...and sure enough this topics been covered. However the links dead so here's and update...Hookah Backgammon/Chess Table Pretty neat...thought those that missed it might enjoy! that thing just looks like a bitch to clean,not that i don't want it though. i do....
  13. Grape Tobacco

    white grape from fantasia is good, starbuzz is a little too sweet in there white grape for me, but they are good as well
  14. Convention

    QUOTE (pboyle @ Aug 10 2007, 02:32 AM) well, you'd have to get a solid national meet first. The only issue would be that you can't really have conventions for smoking at a convention center, depending on the smoking laws in the state. Unless we did it at like.. a major hookah bar. I won't make suggestions, but possibilities exist Even before national meets, you'd need regional meets. If there were three major regional meet ups, then we could consider a national. Once a few national meets were started, it would become a convention on its own and people would come in internationally anyway. But this is me speaking from a US perspective. I'm sure the same thing could get started outside of the US. But thats how it'd have to work. gradually larger and larger meets i already talked about some thing like this withmy boss, and he said he would hevaly discount such a meeting in his bar, for reganal a meeting
  15. if there are cigar conventions, and wine conventions, is there a hookah convention?