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  1. All the tobacco is now gone ... just the hookah, bowls, and hoses remain
  2. I am moving out of the city for school andneed to sell off my hookah and supplies before i leave gold mya diva nammor hose black x 2 1 large phunnel 1 small phunnel 2 mods carrying case 1.5 boxes of quicklight coals sealed SB 100g wild mint SB 100g apple SB 100g rose opened SB 100g grape (smoked 2 times) SB 100g orange (smoked 2 times) thats the majority of what i have ... there are a few other odds and ends ... looking $150 CDN or for best offer and will only sell local in ottawa (current offer of $100) Thanks
  3. does anyone know of any good arab / hindi music that really sets the smoking mood? thanks
  4. QUOTE (fineout @ Jul 11 2009, 01:33 PM) yes it will, id suggest getting a vase brush and clean it out more often as to make sure that it doesnt happen again yeah i was just rinsing it out after each use with hot water and lemon juice but i guess i needed to be scrubbing it down as well actually on that note ... for cleaning a nammor hose ... is the best way to rinse it and let it air dry? thanks
  5. QUOTE (ryno @ Jul 11 2009, 01:22 PM) QUOTE (dank7oo @ Jul 11 2009, 02:18 PM) wait ... so how would i bleach it so its safe to smoke from again?? You can always use a little bit of bleach and swirl it around, or you can dilute it with water. Just make sure you rinse it out really really good and will thebleach also get rid of the discoloration??
  6. wait ... so how would i bleach it so its safe to smoke from again??
  7. cool thanks ... i have an other base ... ill start using that one instead
  8. I have been using the same base for about 2.5 years now and I noticed a couple months back there were some black spots on the bottom, inside the base tghat wont wash off ... i was wondering if anyone would know what they are and if they could be dangerous??? thanks
  9. Hi There!! So after about a year I have decided to dump some of my older baccy and am buying 3x250 or SB. I am settled on Blue Mist ... I think the grape is supposed to be superb, but I need help choosing a third flavour. I want something that I wont get sick of and I am thinking along the lines of Lemon Mint. Any suggesstions? Jason
  10. Thanks a bunch everyone. Jason
  11. dank7oo

    Anyone Get Neals Email?

    QUOTE (mattarios2 @ Jun 16 2008, 11:57 AM) It goes something like this ... Neal has invited you to join worldhookah We are one of the leading Hookah sites on line so now we are bringing you a new social Network. Hookah sales, Reviews etc... We just opend a hookah forum. Stop on by. See the new lounge pics. This will be a vendor friendly forum but not a vendor spamming forum like HD is. Thanks, Neal heh just thought it was funny, he once again is calling out a competitor such as hookahdomain i almost puked when i read it ... honestly i have tried to deal him with twice to purchase a KM and the service was horrible ... i am going to pay a little more elsewhere just because of that ... and then he wants my suport LMAO
  12. QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jun 17 2008, 01:06 PM) Well it was probably that or bristles from your brush or someone has been putting shit in your pipe! uhh ok no ... picture i thin plastic ruler that was curved and put into the downstem ... it was not britles and im the only one here so no body put anything into my pipe lol
  13. QUOTE (racemyghost @ Jun 17 2008, 11:57 AM) down stem is metal.... do you have a diffuser at the end? i was using one today ... yes
  14. QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jun 17 2008, 11:55 AM) What did the plastic bits look like? they were clear ... and curved like as though they were conformed to the inside of the stem