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  1. pfgannon

    Team Fortress 2

    Ya TF2 is badass. Its the only game I still play from Orange Box. steam id: TheTemp
  2. pfgannon

    Yay Obama

    QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ Feb 14 2008, 01:43 AM) It seems as if he has a counterpoint to Hillary's every single point. He has a plan and has debated it with Clinton on every level. He's charismatic, very educated, and counter to everything that we've known for so long as Americans. He isnt a career politician. He isnt running attack ads at her. He isnt smearing. He gives out a vibe of hope for our country. He'd actually shake things up in Washington. It wouldnt be the same old bullshit rehashed and with the OTHER party. There may be a lot of rhetoric, but it actually gives people pause to think there is a possibility that the US could be better. That's what the people who stand with Obama's side like. Ya but how is planning on changing the US for the better? So far it just seems like increased spending is his only plan. Obama isn't the only one that has this problem. Almost all the candidates do. They all seem to have a magical way of paying for all this shit while lowering taxes at the same time.
  3. pfgannon

    Yay Obama

    I'm not really a fan of Obama's. Little too liberal for my tastes and his health care positions are gonna put us in even more debt than we're already in IMO. Welfare needs to get under control before we start handing out more free shit. Since Ron Paul obviously isn't going to make it now, I do think Obama is our best choice at this point. Now I've gotta get back to figuring out why anyone would vote for McCain.
  4. pfgannon


    I've been meaning to go for at least the last 3 years now. Never had to money to make it. But I'm definitely gonna go this summer. Does anyone else feel that the lineup so far is lacking? Sure, I can name at least 15 bands that I'd love to see. But Pearl Jam? Metallica? Not really who I want to see at Bonnaroo. Bring back Beck and the Flaming Lips. The current headliners don't really fit the festival IMO.
  5. pfgannon

    My New Favorite Band...

    QUOTE (Shakes @ Feb 8 2008, 08:59 AM) Speaking of Against Me!, these guys will be with Against me @ Bonnaroo this year. I'm getting my tickets Feb 16, they day they come out. I'm bringin the hookah, it's gonna be amazing. I'm heading down to TN this summer too. Gogol Bordello is badass. If you can find their music check out J.U.F. sounds a little more "ethnic" than Gogol but still badass.
  6. pfgannon

    What Your Listening To Right Now?

    QUOTE (Sethram @ Feb 13 2008, 02:20 AM) Skindred - Selector Good effin band. Haven't listened to em in a while. Thanks for the reminder. Currently listening to: Twist 'Em Out - Dilinja
  7. pfgannon


    Dogfish Head Guiness Stella Heineken But to be honest I'll drink anything. As for the Keystone and Natty debate.... I gotta go with keystone.
  8. pfgannon

    Hello Hello

    Whats up everybody? Apparently I signed up a while ago but obviously today is my first time posting. I sadly have to admit that I don't currently have a hookah. I have however owned a few in the past, but moving back home and what not makes it hard for me to smoke at home. I used to live in Maryland but am now living in Virginia. Up until recently I pretty much only went to Prince Cafe in DC. Now I try to avoid them (a friend of mine/former employ of theirs got screwed over with his pay) and typically hit Alladin's in Alexandria. I hope to get back into hookah as well as promote the site in my sig. Yes I know its kinda a shameless plug, but I do hope to help out here when I can. I just wanan make it clear I'm not here to whore out my products. Cheers Paul
  9. pfgannon

    Virginia Smokers Va

    Woodbridge. I only know of one hookah bar actually in Woodbridge. So I usually make a trip up to Seminary Rd. or DC.