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  1. rrrrramos

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    I just moved back to Oswego. The only somewhat decent lounge I've been to around here is Dhuwan but I've yet to venture into the city yet. Anything worthwhile within driving distance?
  2. rrrrramos

    Good Times

    Romman Good Times Appearance: Nice size cut, few stems. Setup: 30" Stargate, Cored apple for bowl, 2 layers of HD foil, ice water in the base, 2 Japanese Easylites Smell: I could smell all the flavors in it. Flavor: Tasted all the fruity flavors on the inhale, and a minty undertone on the exhale. Perfect combonation Buzz: No real buzz Overall: With our setup and using the apple bowl we found we got huge blinding clouds full of flavor till the end of the bowl. This Romman was no different. If our local shop didn't charge so much for it or I could find a tub of it, I'd be getting this stuff more often 9/10 only because it's so expensive and still difficult to find. But tastes amazing!
  3. rrrrramos

    Naming your hookah

    My roommates and I have all the hookahs in our place named after superheros (or supervillans) So far the list is as follows: The Green Lantern: 3 hose Syrian from SocialSmoke, green base and green hose covers Magneto: Silver Mya Acrylic Mr. Freeze: 2 hose 20" Modern w/ light blue base The Punisher: Gunmetal Stargate Flash: Tiny 18" 1 hose, red base and red/pinkish colored hose. So far thats it, but I'll be picking up another this week, and will thus have to pick a new superhero. Also. I had a little hookah before I moved that I didn't really like but it got the job done. I called it "Squeak" as in "I heard your sisters going out with SQUEAK!" If you've seen BASEketball I'm sure you'll get the reference.
  4. rrrrramos

    Peach Fuzzy Navel

    Fantasia Peach Fuzzy Navel Appearance: Nice and fine cut, a few more stems than I'd expected Setup: 30" Stargate, Modern Bowl, 2 layers of HD foil, ice water in the base, 2 Japanese Easylites Smell: I wanted to eat it it smelled so good. Flavor: It was amazing, I'll have to buy more of this brand. Buzz: A little buzz actually, nothing too intense Overall: I wish it'd have less stems, it took a little while to start up but once it got going it was amazing. I'd say 7/10 for it. I'm also really impressed with the design of the tubs, it was one of the reasons I opted to try this brand.
  5. rrrrramos

    Is There A Website

    I've decided just to go with the SocialSmoke for now and save the phunnel for a later order, only becuase SS has their Christmas Blend in and I'm quite the fan of it. I'm buying 6 tins of it so the whole order is like, $95 after shipping+discount, so I'm saving like $25 more than I would buying it locally or individually, or basically getting a tin of it free of charge. A few places have the 3 pack deal for $50, just most of them don't have as large a selection as SS does.
  6. rrrrramos

    Is There A Website

    Yeah the only thing is HookahCompany doesn't have the 3-pack, or if they do I just can't find it.
  7. I'm trying to get all my shopping done in one place, and I'm looking for a site that sells both the phunnel bowl & mod, and the 3-pack deal of Starbuzz that most places seem to have. The only place I've seen so far is MNHookah and they have a very limited selection of Starbuzz for the 3-pack. Anyone know of any other place that would have this deal or is my best bet just getting the phunnel on its own and the shisha from SocialSmoke, as they have the largest selection of Starbuzz I've seen? Thanks!
  8. rrrrramos

    How Many...

    Depends on who I'm with and where I am. Right now, living in with my family in Chicago, I will usually smoke once a day, if that, a 20g bowl usually as long as the coal will last, sometimes only half an hour if I get bored. Now when I'm back home in Texas it's much different. I'm with my friends and if we get bored, hey, toss in a movie, light up the hookah and we're going. That'll usually last the whole movie. So we get bored again, decide to go to the local hookah lounge. After that we got nothing to do, and tobacco at home, so we load up another bowl and smoke some more. It's not always like that, but its safe to say at least once a day when I'm not living with my family.
  9. rrrrramos

    Multiple Reviews

    Starbuzz Lemon Mint Set Up Hookah - 32" Stargate Bowl - Bowl that came w/ it Foil - Metal screen Coal - Japanese Easy Lites Appearance/Cut - Very nice, very liquidy, just like all the other Starbuzz I've had Smell - Smelled a touch of lemon, and a touch of mint. Just as expected Flavor - Tasted just like it smelled. And that was amazing. Nice and cool on the draw, with a lemony fresh exhale. Smoke - Just like all other Starbuzz I've used on this hookah, smoke came on the first hit, and blocked out the whole couch. Buzz - No buzz really Duration- lasted a good hour and a half, maybe more Overall - 10/10, if I could have bought a tub I would have, but they only had 50g bags. One of my new favorite flavors! Starbuzz Apple Cinnamon Set Up Hookah - 36" Egyptian Bowl - Combo bowl w/ windcover Foil - Metal screen Coal - 1x 3K Appearance/Cut - Had it at a hookah bar but I"m sure it was just like all other Starbuzz Smell - Smelled like cinnamon apples, so amazing Flavor - Wow, it was SO good. Tasted just like it smelled, was awesome Smoke - Same as all Starbuzz, great smoke, was awesome Buzz - No buzz really Duration- we had it last the full coal, probably could have lasted one or two more Overall - 10/10, when I find a tub I'll buy it.
  10. rrrrramos

    French Vanilla

    Fumari French Vanilla Set Up Hookah - 20" Egyptian Bowl - The kind that the ones that come with the windcover attached are, but, without that windcover Foil - Reynolds HD, Doubled up, random assortment of holes Coal - Single 3K, split in half after the bowl started going Appearance/Cut - Same as my previous review Smell - Honestly, it smelled kind of fruity, like, grape or plum or a flavor like that. After loading the bowl though there was a very strong vanilla scent coming from the towel I washed my hands off with. Flavor - Most vanilla I try tastes just bland, none of the flavor they will usually add to a mix. This one was different, I smoked it by itself for the sake of this review, and it tasted creamy, and you could really taste the vanilla. Smoke - Smoked right away and smoked really well. After moving the coals around I started to lose smoke though, but I guess thats to be expected Buzz - I think the buzz was more from the mint then from the tobacco Duration- I didn't smoke it all the way through, so I can't say anything here Overall - 8/10, its GREAT as a mix, and not that bad by itself. I'd probably just buy a cheaper brand though
  11. rrrrramos

    Been Here A Bit

    Hey everyone. 20 year old guy here I live just outside of Chicago currently, moving back to Denton Texas in about a month. As far as hookah goes, I've been smoking for a little over a year, left most of my stuff in Texas so I'm stuck with this crappy 18" Egyptian till I move back. As far as preferences go, ever since the first time I smoked Starbuzz I fell in love with it. Here in Chicago I can't find any close to me so I stick to Layalina and Fumari's. Anything else, or if you live near Denton, IM me, sn is in my profile.
  12. rrrrramos

    In Texas, Bordom

    Never been to Hookah Hookah but my buddy Madison used to work there. I'll see if I can make it there while I'm in town.
  13. rrrrramos

    In Texas, Bordom

    I'll be in Denton from thursday to monday if you aren't from there let me suggest both Eisleys on Hickory and Bagheri's on University I'll be at either one of those each day I'm there
  14. rrrrramos

    Body Adornment

    Currently have only my tongue pierced, at a 10g and will most likely stay there till I end up taking it out. Also have a tattoo on my left arm, nothing big, just something the family designed. Though in the past, I've had multiple piercings, list: both ears, 0g at the highest, second hole in left lobe up to 6g labret @ 14g for a little bit eyebrow at 16g for a few months one nipple done, for like, two weeks As far as I can remember that's it. I'll probably repierce the ears (they've since closed up) and maybe go back to like, 4g, just depends on where I am career-wise at that point in my life.
  15. rrrrramos

    Pierced Lip + Hookah = ?

    You can smoke right after you get it done. When I got mine done, I didn't smoke, but my roommate got his done and a friend of mine the same, we came home and smoked, and it was fine. Just make sure to rinse your mouth out (mouthwash, the kind they should have given you/offered you when you got it done, or any kind without alcohol) Also, don't drink any alcohol for like, two or three weeks after you get it done. That'll lead to a yeast infection, and you don't want that. I've seen the aftermath of those. So smoke right now! Just clean up. And don't drink!