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    http://www.near-death.com/experiences/origen049.html ABRAHIM SIKH MOHAMMED JESUS http://www.near-death.com/experiences/origen049.html Dude.... PUNJABI...... grr...... Jesus's past reincarnation... one of them was in IRAN....... Oh man...... http://www.near-death.com/experiences/origen049.html I'm getting murdered buddy.... cuz jesus in the past was happy living in the land of the dead?? or.. well a persian land..... err anyway... i think im getting murdered shortly buddy... i won't try to peace anything together ever again...... none of my past posts........ nodda. I really hope JEsus shows up and gets the job done before Mohammed and Jesus kill each other or some shit like that.. cuz apparently these two countries now gotta fight, i hope they don't but.. well... i guess we'll see now right... unfortunately. All i know is this Sikh aint trying anymore.. and he ain't gonna go on happy quest hunting down mohammed for Mr and MRs. New age Judist... whom i know are gonna harm me. Have fun i hope the angels have fun killing each other for your two coins...... but i DONT want them to do it cuz i think they could have got along fine just alot of bad human influence man..... go back and read my past posts..... why did i bother.. honestly..... i want to be Mr. Ignorant now forever.. I really hope they do get along fine as Muslim and Chinese History kinda shows they did.. Next version of jesus... Ushers in the throne of david. Sounds like alot of fun.
  2. Brownman18


    QUOTE (AKammenzind @ Nov 1 2008, 10:47 AM) Holy hell brownman, that last post was actually more painful to attempt to read than those engrish/ebonics posts we get now and again... Doesn't matter they all piss me off, cuz the two deutchebags at my old job have no problem when i worked their for two years and got the job done.. but when they notice that maybe im rocking a bit more power then they are (i always got headaches at that god forsaken place)... then they open up with their bullshit new age crap. And i would follow them why? Because they said they were jews now they are new age crap ? so like....... Now your the new boss of the spirit world too.. oh wow thats amazing.. i wish i could pull up drivel all day whenever i felt like it and then when questioned provide half baked answers and then when i get served properly based on their past bullshit (based on the jewish experience i had with earlier jewish people and them) they made it quite apparent that they a) new jack shit about jewish people new jack shit about the jewish faith.. c) New everything about the spiritual world. Oddly enough they technically did all fucking 3 because they didn't resemble anything like humble jewish people that i had encountered... nope... they looked kinda like a bunch of idiots preaching all day to me when i thought they were apart of the a/b choir but nope.. now they are on top of c too..... well thats fine and dandy but your presentation skills suck shit so im going to tell you to go fuck off for life and what you did to me i'll do to you if you try to FOLLOW through. Cuz if that doesn't happen then one of all 3 has to be really fucked up cause honestly... they didn't quite stay in the jewish faith's lines but now they can jump into the spiritual lines and say they know everything when in fact they are now contradicting my beliefs and their own... aka.... they want to fight me for ? wasnt quite sure what exactly.... just that they were quite fucked up linguistically but very good at threatening me...
  3. Brownman18


    I was drinking last night So ignore my last post. Because nobody can fill in that blank. Another story of a free mason's son WHOM i also suspect was a member in this new order bullshit. A SON named Derrick HAMMOND told me that because the fact that IRAN was a coward and ran he has the right to harm them. or some fucked up shit like this. (NOTE: HE TOLD ME WHEN HE WAS DRUNK BUT WOULD DENY THIS TO HIS GRAVE BECAUSE HE CANNOT CONNECT TO HIS PAST LIFE BECAUSE IT WAS OBVIOUSLY A FUCKING RETARD AS WAS HIS paRENTS.) He also had the nerve to some fucked up thought relate this to a holy spiritual figure whom was harmed by the Roman empire. And your going to hate me for this but i am going to post this anyway for all the muslim bashers. http://www.near-death.com/experiences/origen049.html HE WAS A PROPHET OF PERSIAN ORIGIN AT ONE TIME PRIOR TO SPREADING THE MESSAGE OF LOVE AND PEACE TO CHRISTIANITY. You tell me now, if IRAN was the coward for running and why. NOW you tell me why J.C was the man who was double-crossed. By the ROMAN empire. now would he not go back to IRAN were he was treated better... in the roman empire he had to die horrifically, because he was claiming to be god............ something apostle JOHN agreed he never wanted. SOMETHING IRAN agrees he was never claiming to be. MERELY a SON. NOW WHAT DOES IT MATTER WHO IS 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/'s son if your only going to murder him in either of these stages when he gets "wise". Would i want to go back to IRAN and live happily and not be a sacrificial lamb... or would i want to go back to the Roman Empire and be a sacrificial lamb........... Cuz nobody owes me a reply to the above comment, because then it would be like i owe J.C an answer which i don't because i never would scream to him in Vain because he set an example in IRAN and unfortunately a president in the Roman Empire. Now again....... TWO FRIENDS & SEEDS inside Canaduh not Canada...... because both offspring were clearly fucked up because if their fathers or family want to claim unity they should probly comprehend that it shows very clearly that you may not actually want unity through the signs of your children........ and it also shows unfortunately in J.C's case that IRAN was the superior paRENT because they didn't have to do him like that........ aka massacre.... A MUSLIM owes me no RESPONSE to the above question because if you want me to be the GOD OF WAR then you must understand when i WARRED with MOHAMMED it was for the RIGHT reasons.. now when MOHAMMED is paying for all your damn industries your fucking up to make a dividend he is merely trying to BEAT YOU at your monetary game. SOMETHING that ISLAM has done as they own alot more then what you now own of your fair share... but they OWN IT through the CAPITALISTIC GAME AKA through your monetary game which we claimed was the answer all to everything... when unfortunately it only showed us how greedy we can be as seen by his 20% and 80% comment prior to my post. WHAT YOU SHOULD ALL COMPREHEND IS THAT THE AFOREMENTIONED FRIENDS AND FAMILIES OF YOUR SAID FREEMASONS WISH THAT I AS A SIKH WOULD WAR WITH THE MIDDLE EAST IN ORDER TO GET RID OF THE BAD GUYS SO TO SPEAK WHEN THEY HAVE CLEARLY TRIED TO IMPROVE BY FUCKING OWNING LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT YOU WILL SELL SO THAT NOW YES UNFORTUNATELY YOU DO OWE THEM A FUCK LOAD MORE THEN YOU PERCEIVE TO OWE THEM MR WORLD POLICE> THE VALUE OF A HUMAN LIFE WAS CLOSE TO 7.2 MILLION BY THE SOCIALISTIC/COMMUNIST portion of the G8 it was the AMERICAN CORPORATE GOVERNMENT which tried to altor that figure in the previous accounting THEORY LAWS THEY ATTEMPTED TO PASS AT THEIR FEDERAL RESERVE. AKA MULTIPLY ALL OF YOUR LOSSES OF YOUR SOLDIERS NORTH AMERICA THEN ADD THE DEAD OF THE DEAD NATION WHICH UNFORTUNATELY HAS TO BE THE MIDDLE EAST EVERY FUCKING 10 YEARS BECAUSE YOU REALLY REALLY NEED THAT OIL.................. now you tell me WHO OWES WHO MORE and if i am ____ reason right or wrong.......... IF YOU SAY I AM THE GOD OF WAR then NATURALLY AS THE THEORY OF THE GREEKS STATES HE DOES CONDUCT A THOROUGH AUDIT OF THE SITUATION PRIOR TO PICKING THE GOOD SIDE AKA HE AT LEAST HAS SOME SENSE OF MORAL CODE BEFORE HE GOES TO MAKE DEATH BECAUSE IF HE CANNOT AFFORD THE PRICE AT LEAST HE HAS A JUSTIFIABLE ANSWER THAT RELATES TO SOMETHING MORE THEN THE MONETARY VALUE OF THE RESOURCE I WISH TO STEAL TO CONSUME. and yes...... your fucked up enlightened individuals on this side of the coin ........... offspring told me those things........... aka....... their kids want to make war and die? MORE EXAMPLES CONTRARY TO CHRIST's EXAMPLE. or the CHRIST ENERGY/SOUL which chooses to REINCARNATE clearly from multicultural viewpoints....... and sadly the SUPERIOR rental body resides in IRAN. oddly enough....... am i the psychopath ? I don't want to make war with anyone............. i provided ample solutions which were stolen from the death youth of AMErica & europe's engineering, technology, biotechnology firms...... aka....... PEOPLE WHO INVENTED VIABLE SOLUTIONS BUT DIED FOR SOME OTHER FUCKERS PROFIT. now i speak like this because what everyone should comprehend is, i witnessed your fucked up visual which i don't know is my future or not but in both scenarios. THE PEOPLE IN THIS CANADUH FUCKING MURDERED ME like i was the Japanese in WW2...... because i was brown...... or thats the only contrast i could draw between my enslavement and your vision of a better world.... and again YOUR KIDS went off to fight the ones who choose too and got the fucked up end of the stick or something i dont know my point being WHY THE FUCK did i DIE... don't seem quite right. although this could have been a flashback too right.. who knows... to tell me of the aforementioned past life in which that death may have been when i was somebody else. \ but point was taken. MY LIFE is not a game nobody's is...... it is exactly that.. YOUR LIFE not the guy who made you stupid so you would die to give him a greater portion of the dividend. More importantly these people MURDERED ME NOT anybody else.... i ownly saw WHAT could happen to me here... and im fucking unable to comprehend WHY THIS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE WOULD HAVE MOTHERFUCKERS LIKE IN MY DREAM SCENARIO WHOM DESTROYED ME FOR THEIR CLEARLY FUCKED UP REASON because mine and that of an educated MAN or WOMAN from either religious section i would think would not wish that on me........ but low and behold.... DUMBFUCK does.... and he does....... because i told you the above and if i die and go to heaven fine.. if i don't you go ask GOD of me and then ask him to see everything i saw then you tell me how YOU would have felt in those situations which are pointing to my death.... well thanks a fucking lot.. i really wish i got to incarnate in India were they probly wouldn't want me to go ape shit murdering crap if i choose not to........ or think for some fucked up reason that viable alternative solutions are clearly prepared its just im the fuck up for researching them? when one of your offspring already made it.. but he had to die or they whatever the guy who did it was dead. almost always in all the above scenarios.........
  4. Brownman18


    QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Nov 1 2008, 03:06 AM) QUOTE (erufiku @ Oct 31 2008, 10:38 PM) But I do concur with the Brownman on one point. North America (and Western Europe) can't be seen as this absoulte evil axis of exploiters. I mean, sure the 20/80 holds true, but pretty much throughout human history there have always been empires, rich countries, etc. that lived off the oppression of other countries. Well, the historical reality does support the argument that North Americans and Europeans are basically the absolute evil axis of exploiters Human history since the agricultural revolution can, indeed, be accurately and usefully described as a cycle of white people oppressing and exploiting brown people. We invented extreme poverty around the time of Rome's collapse, especially in the face of extreme wealth, and in the following 1600 years we've perfected this and spread it around the world largely as a control mechanism, and also as a sort of vampiric economics policy. QUOTE (erufiku @ Oct 31 2008, 10:38 PM) I know I am cynical for seeing the world this way, but let me tell you one thing - I sure feel fortunate to be amongst the 20% that consume the 80%. Any hipocritic ipod-toting, lululemon-wearing son of a prick that preaches charity and puts on a stone cold face when asked for a donation in order to ameliorate the less fortunate 80%, well that lad can print his tirades, roll them up and shove them up his arse as far as I'm concerned. To sum it up, I don't have a problem with the current state of affairs, but I do have a problem with the hipocrisy that permeates most, if not all, Western societies regarding the distribution of wealth in the world. I agree with you entirely that starbucks intellectuals, che monkeys, and pretentious twats that only care about these problems as distractions are worse than people who can't be bothered by the problems at all. Lululemons truly represent the pinnacle of the white man's deceitful practices. Pants... that automatically lie for you. Incredible. In the interest of full disclosure... I own an iPod... but I keep it in my pocket and use generic black earplugs, so technically I don't think that I "tote" it >.> And I believe that the proper term for what I am is an "auto-racist". Edit: and let's have a fucking spelling lesson Hypocrisy. Hypocrite. Hypocritical. (not hipocritic or hippocratic) Hahahahaha Bitch also alluded albeit veiled that reguardless of were i go she knows were my family lives, also alluding if i don't come to windsor which is were i am now something bad might happen to me. TO top that off my son of a bitch old CHILDLESS MOTHER FUCKER self proclaimed judist as well also stated that he was old and my organs seemed to be functioning.. he could also use my organs. Enjoying Canada Gaia ? lol honestly feed me more bullshit and then yell at me for a typo as a joke, its quite a retarded joke but still funny ? Besides i don't know why your all upset... from the history i researched on my brown muslim brother, KO appeared to have run away and only Sikh was left to fight then he died too entirely, Majority of our religious family. Your inferior muslims sat in Pakistan with punjabi blood and didn't really help us at all which is fine, cuz you sure loved to fight us. I suggest you be a Pakistani muslim for a few weeks, then go to saudi arabia and have them treat you like shit for being inferior. Or if you really got a pair, be a Somali Muslim and then go to Saudi Arabia and have THEM treat you like shit for being inferior. Or go as a Sikh and ponder why you died long before you even got close to mecca......... because we the bad guys... we not allowed in? so read my last line brother or read the whole story. I don't want to be rude it's my joke because its kinda relevent to the point too. But i don't want to offend either of the above yet i can only bring shame to both of the above. Why don't you tell us whose geneous idea it was to give african slaves away? The answer lies above Also before being labeled a Muslim or Arab you unfortunately were an Afro-Asian. That is a title that was included to all of our brown brothers. But idealy i think it was only SOME of our brown brothers karma but it appeared to go to all of us.........(orientals weren't spared either nor irish folk....... (term RED derogatory word......) Google if ya dare ! BTW wanna know what's really funny each muslim brother that dies over by those regions, the bomb that killed them went into a dividend for the profitable portion, that portion went to your self proclaimed RICH like SUPER RICH BRO kings.....).. not all of it just a portion........ but anyway point being, apparently Mr and Mrs's new age judist appointed that i was valuable dead...... so i am left to say only one thing on my last day as i said with courage within my Sikh tradition. FUCK BOTH OF YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMNED FAMILY TREES CUZ WHEN I DIE IM GONNA FUCKING GUN FOR YOU BECAUSE i can't seem to understand why THEY were motherfuckers..... Irony...... their tree didn't consist of any fucking children.......... So little Karma to redistribute, cuz i wanna be vengeful BRAH purely vengeful... but i don't wanna gun for all of em just the two that were self appointed good angels and i the fucking bad guy...... but i was somebody elses only SON too........ ohh how irony.. i suppose i should gun for the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia after perhaps ? you enjoy the double standard the most buddy....... you an arab or middle eastern or some shit right ? definately not from Asia...... oddly Russians kind of are....... hmm....... oddly they are kinda proud of that ? grrrrrrrrrr............ so many trees? which is the bad apple ? Uneducated dumb fucks who cower behind their MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and send their self appointed warriors to die for them everywere............... everywere........ leaving their wives to live beneath your web of bullshit, cuz they can't even remarry......... but they can be warriors too right ? You tell me then what's left for the son to do ? be a bomber too right ? surely with all that wealth could you not have emulated some form of rapid expansion within your wealth reserve to have SOMETHING else for him to do aside from welll waiting to blow up..... damn man.. even his SON can't be a good WARRIOR because you killed his paRENTS. but. you can guarantee he won't know why....... cuz the theocracy keeps him well feed in his religious school ? Mommy and daddy died right..........but were ? can't even tell me..... your self appointed foreign fighters LOL you mean the arabs around you who would annihilate you had they had a proper education knowing you were quite foreign as well in your ideals. How do you keep em blowing up ? THEY CAN NEVER FIND OUT WHY just well your father did it he was a brave man a true warrior.......... and he automatically wanted his son to follow him to die too ? Ask david ? Ask god? but which god? I think they'd all be very pissed off no? Especially the father who maybe found himself in an unfortunate circumstance... but he gets the surprise of having his son show up shortly after? that would feel good ? i don't think so... i think i would be not really wondering why i have 10000 virgins... nope.. probly wondering why my kid showed up awefully quick..... for 100 virgins ? or 10? maybe he might have seen his wife show up too... now he must really wonder which woman to take? his wife... the "1000" virgins... like which 1? or maybe kind of ashamed that he was such a brave warrior and his son was too.. right behind him.. the wife probly followed soon too.. who knows maybe somebody called her a whore and doused her with flames ? hmm? Don't you feel that warrior would want to really injure somebody.... maybe the wise one who directed his whole family to die... but never in saudi arabi arabia after all you have all the good war tech in that middle eastern place at your disposal. Ironically its disposing your self proclaimed brothers, just never in saudi arabia... only around it ? in some other Muslim guys country right.. I know lets join them all together then see what happens? I KNOW if that happens ill show up and preach the above.. O O anarchy would follow surely after and it wouldn't be much of a united country......... In this analogy you tell me who was the devil.. ME for coming into your wonderful arabia of united lands telling you all the truth veiled so well...... and then watching oblivion occur before my eyes cuz well the truth hurt alot of your brothers. or me being veiled and staying outside and watch you spread your loving unity all around asia, thank god I WAS IN CANADA and not born into any of your countries i probly would of died very young. Definately would of said the right thing... but oddly lol definately i think i'd be guaranteed i'd tell it to the one who needs to hear it the most. But of course everyone would watch me die miserably first... then someone with a pair would research a bit and realize i stoned that guy for the ______ reason. Fill in right or wrong.
  5. Brownman18


    QUOTE (erufiku @ Oct 19 2008, 05:47 PM) QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Oct 18 2008, 02:13 PM) QUOTE (cemab4y @ Oct 18 2008, 06:21 AM) BUMP You're worse than Hitler. Cold blooded~ I didn't want this to be bumped. In my defence. I don't think North America is the root of all evil, that would be Hippocratic to the core. I just don't want it to be like the old germany either... And if you believe in past lives, Brownman18 was a white, blue eyed man in the past who thought he was hot shit and could solve everything through war, before that he was Aries (god of war lol apparently) but that's if you believe those rampant new agers and the wonderful Illuminati families (its alot of fun especially finding one of your best friends is from a freemason family, but even he now is not someone i could call my best friend in good faith, too erratic seems alot like what i just wrote above) or in honest terms, he is doing everything i am ashamed of that i apparently was in the past.) Oh and i wasnt hitler back in the past either, i was younger i died at military age for some rich motherfucker who worked for hitler. (aka i didn't get the joy of raising my own family i had to die young so some rich motherfucker could ensure his were safe at home while he freely raped and pillaged anything he pleased in the name of being aryan (reguardless of it being Ukraine, Poland or well jewish or anything that displeased his appearance) or the true human which we should all know by now was enoch and the african kings btw aka Noah's grandfather) Oh and as for the new age bullshit, i don't want to comment on that thread but those guys are all motherfuckers too because one of them a woman at my past job (rich jewish company also oddly enough.... wonderful hook ups no ? not quite anymore.. or at least i don't ever want to work with them again through fear of reprisals for any more stupid shit they might throw my way in the name of self-defence from terrorism......(still military age again yipee! ) Anyway this woman asked me why i had a black aura and that the white aura or white skin was the best skin, she told me it was god's chosen form because he wanted us to be co-creators with him and all this jazz, even mentioning that i would be reincarnated as a truly enligtened being in my next life with white skin...... I didn't have the heart to tell her but that bitch can go fuck herself, because if she truly was a jew nobody should be claiming they are numero uno or on par with god because well wouldn't that defeat god's purpose and leave us stuck with their bullshit forever? Doesn't seem like a very enlightened being, it would appear i would actually be a slave to my new puppet masters? well oddly enough I don't see anything wrong with God's sons like JEsus, Mohammed or Buddha's message. Or The Sikh message at all i just have come to terms that you can't blame the son if other sons are deutchebags and refuse to follow his good example can ya ? afterall all these wonderful guys kinda' died ? so it would be very wrong for us to forsake their name in the name of terrorism. Well new ager..... why wouldn't we apply the same concept to your fucked up self-appointed spiritual message.. (oddly enough which doesn't quite function with Buddha's message or the Sikh message or even the Hindu message more or less it pretty much appoints them as the new boss of the spiritual religions when well.. wouldn't it seem rational that any of the above were clearly superior.......(for thought provoking spiritual knowledge not better then anybody elses religion (i don't want anyone to think i am playing the ranking card with any of your faiths) Oh and if you disagree with the above that's all fine and dandy, but now your saying Jesus/Mohammed/and well god were full of shit too ? seems like a slippery slope that i would rather not be apart of.. fuck i'll take judism this time around or any of the above and they can have new age spiritual enslavement bullshit..... Especially if they wanna add the old race classism card to spirituality and call it the 'new age of love' when it's just plain out fucking the holy spirit left and write and then claiming that yes in fact we the white guys are superior to all your spiritual guys or some fucked up message like that i don't quite get it..... Why not just take messages from the holy spirit religions and include them into your own religion so as to not fuck anybody over (especially your own kids you fucked up new age retards, if god wanted the white skinned to be spiritual masters wouldn't we have buddha and the spiritual religions jesus ? afterall you really can't claim it both ways lol.. especially since im willing to wager all my life that Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and well any spiritual diety of the spiritual religions would probly just be pissed the fuck off at all of us cuz now we are stealing their messages and stamping it our own........) Oh and the relevance to my freemason friend's family i don't hold any ill will against them they never told me that i was inferior kind of treated me nicely, like i was someone else's kid who mattered to somebody else and they were well nice mannered and we got along fine.. But then my buddies grandfather died and i see the difference between him and my friend who was his son's step son. And as for the new ager lady well i don't quite see were she fits into judism cuz i don't think my friends' jewish grandfather and her would of got along at all, fuck especially if i had to quit after that bullshit. I just kind of view her as a jewish person who really isn't orthodox at all just kind of claims judism while holding the new age belief in higher reguard when in all truth the orthodox jew's and the spiritual messages kind of have ALOT in common. Oh and i don't wanna bash christianity catholicism or any of your varients or islam as in past discussions i have had a good experience argueing with the ones who actually knew their shit and therefore could apply me better concepts then some of the self proclaimed catholics and islam kids i run into school. Afterall how could i ever learn anything without questioning you and then having a knowledgeable counterpart give me their 2 cp as it often times i have found functions much better with my side of the 2cp then whatever the kids around here could tell me (i dont blame them for that either they just didn't really pay attention obviously at all or forgot whatever they learned at their sunday school/religious schools or somebody their fed them an aweful lot of bullshit or some shit i have no idea but whole point being they weren't taught by the guys who could preach it without having to have me join your side lol )
  6. QUOTE (giant ninja robot @ Sep 9 2008, 12:22 AM) This whole mortgage crisis makes me think of the banks as represented in the Grapes of Wrath. No one person can be held responsible, it's a faceless monster. "The bank is something more than men, I tell you. It's the monster. Men made it, but they can't control it." - John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath I love and hate that quote for the truth represented. "...when a majority of the people are hungry and cold they will take by force what they need. And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed." - John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath Indeed.. They had to bail out Freddy and Fanny though, since the European Union, Japan & China would have freaked out if they didn't and you would have seen a firesale of all u.s assets worldwide which would cause a panic and destroy the north american economy as well as damage the world economy, same thing with AIG if it does go under, then we are all in alot of trouble as well, it's good that the government is bailing them out as well. Even though i hate the fact they are doing it those three banks needed to be saved in order to keep the economy afloat although it looks shitty if the above two were to have collapsed then we'd have a world of pretty much mercantilism as the whole capitalist/economic model would crumble. http://www.bloomberg.com/index.html?Intro=intro3 Only one thing is certain in all this, once the slumps stop only the super-rich will be further enriched as they pick up stocks at bottom dollar prices, while everybody else is stuck holding the losses, i hope though that we can come out of this without any more bullshit.....
  7. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (judgeposer @ Sep 10 2008, 02:33 AM) To share, while I was raised in a Catholic home, I had come to reject my faith, though I never rejected my belief in God. I meandered some years before I returned to Catholicism. I went through what some would call a reversion. It really sucks, but i vocated it, i sincerely hope nobody tries to destroy someone else's vocation that would probably be an eternity of something i don't think any of us want to be apart of . I never intended too probably why it made everything all the more difficult for me to reach that state, im looking forward to fifty or eighty lol (min/max) good years ahead. Mortal years i might add.
  8. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE P.1 God allows numerous religions to exist P.2 Religions have "moral codes" C.1 Moral perfection comes from taking from the numerous religions' "moral codes" C1. If Morally i have done good things thanks to having a good system in place i could go into any temple i choose and read any of the texts (maybe even copies rather then hiding them in cellars and only allowing the 'prestige d' in to read them), even if i read some bad things that some people had done at least i could learn from them and do only good things because i had a good conscience. Now if religion X sends missionaries to regions all over the world and those missionaries are trying to do good things but are really actually hurting those they are trying to help, maybe they should just try to help them rather then tie that help into some form of "join our team" type of vibe which that visual was trying to point out, [b]i don't believe that you viewed it entirely. And i think we both aught to know by now that going around saying join our team isn't really what christianity was all about anyways, now was it ? QUOTE Also, don't confuse the behavior of Christians for Christian ethics/morals. All of the 9/11 hijackers were self-professed Muslims, but it doesn't follow necessarily that Islam encourages hijacking or suicide. Even if Islam did (which we know it really does not), we could not conclude that it did merely from the behavior of some self-professed Muslims. Now lets take my C1 and draw a parallel to your quote from above. I think those missionaries did some very bad things in the name of their religion which is causing alot of anger and confusion from their fellow man whom they have injured unnecessarily, i also think they are very poor at learning from history as, actions such as those ultimately lead to more death and destruction something none of the prophets wanted.. And there is alot of history to support my claims, too much of it in fact which is not very comforting considering everybody has kids and wants them to live in a better world do they not ? I don't think the above is spreading the message of Jesus, and i am perfectly right in that reguard. (this would apply naturally to all religions) Perhaps ? it seems to make common sense..... QUOTE Major premise: All humans are mortal. Minor premise: Socrates is a human. Conclusion: Socrates is mortal. Yes but Socrates Soul was not mortal, neither is a humans.
  9. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (aleemkahn @ Sep 8 2008, 12:58 PM) Ok, I do not know why he was renamed or what his name was or anything. All I know is that he was invited there, as he was a respected person. Renaming him has pros and cons from my point of view pros rebrands him as a muslim hides a path by causing confusion through rebranding him cons well oddly enough they are the same.
  10. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (judgeposer @ Sep 7 2008, 11:03 PM) judge poser I don't need to write a whole lot to debate what you said, my only point was that the common things between all those prophets/holymen/gurus whatever you wanna call them was that they were all in a sense humans, and all of them generally pushed for the well being of the common man in each respective region. It also wasn't taking pot shots at christians moral code, as i was also looking for some answers, which didn't come from my own background because it was a different geographic religion. And i just read your last paragraph so it has me perplexed, i'd prefer a systological answer but i don't think i will get one lol send it via U2U if you can. QUOTE I understand the conclusion that you're trying to reach, but it unfortunately does not follow from your premises. I'll also agree with that 1, but unfortunately my premises or geographic region generally has not had someone with your moral ability to answer questions more clearly, but if you look back through my postings generally in each topic, i didn't really come up with bad solutions, good ones that work, and would work today but still can't. And in each of those posts i was looking out for everyone in my geographic region not just myself....... aka i hate seeing dumb asses being lead off a cliff. Also i wrote it like that Judgeposer because when i have a tendancy to write it or say it the nice way in my geographic region i often get a very stupid response. But when i write this way at least i get an honest response from each region or table.
  11. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (aleemkahn @ Sep 7 2008, 09:05 PM) First Of All, I would like to point out that True Jews and True Christians are not Idolators, as they worship one God and do not worship Idols. Idolators worship objects that are visible and that are tangible. Secondly, I would like to point out that the person asking the question would like to 'bow to Mecca' in the place of the Great Prophet. So he/she obviously has great respect for the Prophet, so why does he/she not follow the Prophets religion? Also, the Sikh did not seak into Mecca, he was invited there. Thirdly, Many sikhs follow the 'Panjtan'. The Panjtan are a group of people, who included the Holy Prophet (SAW) and 4 members of His household, his daughter, his son in law, and his two grandsons. I am pointing this out as I am aware that Sikhism has a bit of Islamic aspects embedded in it. Fourthly, There are many hadith (quotations from the Prophet (SAW) that will tell you that a rich man will never enter Paradise and a poor man will enter the highest levels of Paradise. Rich people may not even be considered believers in most cases. Corruption and Poverty have existed over thousands of years, in every community, even Sikhism. And they will exist until the end of the world. Extreme Corruption and poverty are signs of Judgement day becoming nearer. Fifthly, I don't even want to discuss racist names, as i'm sure that its a pointless and futile topic. They don't exist between believers. The first caller to prayer was called Hazrat Bilal (a great companion of the Holy Prophet), who was a black slave and who was bought by the Prophet to become a free man. So there is no racism in Islam, all believers are equal. So theres my response, and all i wanted to post up on this topic was some help for Canon, not to point out bad things about someones religion. Thankyou. TY for the history lesson. My only point of confusion was that, that guru already had a name, so why was he renamed ? And my point of view was that he was a Human Guru much like the others. Also if you could answer the above it would be appreciated. as for the corruption thing well yea i agree with you on that one.
  12. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (aleemkahn @ Sep 7 2008, 06:30 PM) Canon, all I gotta say is that if you're really curious about religion, its a good sign. Maybe you've got loads of questions about religion that you need answering. But normal people like me can't answer them like converts can. By converts, I mean people who have changed religion or even reverted back into what they once believed. You are more likely to get better answers from a person who has taken up a religion as they will have all those answers that you are looking for. I am muslim myself, and one thing I would like to state is that the US has the fastest growing muslim population in the world, so there are loads of people talk to. Being a Muslim, it is obligatory for me to point you in the right direction, so pm me if you want anymore advice. Peace p.s. I hope I havent offended anyone in my post. If i accidently have, Please PM me and I will take my reply off And as a Sikh i would like to point out the following http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qi...04110430AAX5d3K POint 1 they made this change after the first Sikh Guru snuck into mecca to make a pilgrimage and to point out how fucked up the Monarchs were because they horde all the wealth while many muslims are poor and will have their hands chopped off should they try to steal The first Sikh Guru now is also mistakenly viewed by some muslims as a muslim diety which contradicts actual events. Also Aleem Kahn maybe you should point out the racist names for a Bengali Muslim.. or for a Pakistani Muslim, or how about a black muslim ? well you get my point, quite the theocracy cooked right into each arabic region as well.. lol Mohammed did cleanse it of idolatry though, its just such a shame that anyone could make the argument the way that money and wealth is displayed while people starve on the street is also a sense of idolatry except now their idol is their beloved dollars which helps them by the fancy lifestyles they find themselves so requiring. Feel free to add anything to this, i don't mean to cause any offence just trying to point a counter - opinion from another point of view.
  13. Brownman18

    3 Abrahamic Religions

    QUOTE (judgeposer @ Sep 7 2008, 04:02 PM) QUOTE (Brownman18 @ Sep 7 2008, 04:19 PM) QUOTE (judgeposer @ Aug 22 2008, 02:42 AM) QUOTE (Scoop @ Aug 20 2008, 03:49 AM) 100% atheist here. i believe in the spirit of humanity...being good to people because its the right thing to do as a human, not because ive been told its the right thing to do. Nicely said. I think that any theist, as myself, should agree with you on the second part of your post that we should be moral simply because it is the right thing to do; choosing good, over evil, remains eminently rational. You would then also tie into many religions seems like a good plan! I also strongly believe that man was not intended to bend over and take it just because another man said that is the way it goes or you'll burn blah blah blah, often why i find myself very conflicted with many of todays clergy and financial elites and that last statement applies to almost all religions as it seems everyone is a bit off lately... oh well more death and destruction to look forward too on monday.... wonder who the bad guys will be this time! What do you mean by "tie into many other religions"? - Catholics submit their consciences to instruction from their Church's teachings on morality. This stems foremost from the belief that Christ, God in human form, founded the Church, that Christ had promised to protect her, and that however the Church defines sin, He will so too. I don't know on what or how other Christians form their consciences, but for Catholics, in other words, conscience takes its guidance from Church teaching because we attribute supreme jurisdiction to them. We can always recognize similarity, and truthful teachings of other religions insofar as they resemble our Catholic ones, but our adherence to a moral code remains with whatever our Church defines. We can use our natural reason and practical judgment in discerning these teachings, but as fallen creatures, we possess damaged faculties that need to be repaired, retooled, and refined. In the case of Catholics--and while this may not be a shared impression--that the Church says do X and not Y does not equate so simply in some man "tak[ing] it just because another man said that is the way it goes or you'll burn blah blah blah" because we believe our Church is of divine foundation. The lived reality may still be said to be some man, say some pontiff, saying to do X and not Y, but instruction contains more than a mere earthly component, for it contains a metaphysical one of divine inspiration and enforecement. So, to continue, a Catholic who disagrees with her Church's teachings on matter Z disagrees with much more than the specific teaching. She has a foundational misunderstanding of ecclesiology--the study of the Church proper--and how her conscience must submit to it because, while that teaching may disseminate from an earthly man, say a pontiff, that teaching on Z comes from a man who occupies an office that affords him the jurisdiction/power to make definitive teachings that God himself said he'd honor. I should add that the Church cannot teach on any subject, however, as that subject must have to deal with faith (as in the Church should be able to define for itself its own parameters) and morals (acts/behavior) - since those are the two components on which a person will be judged. 1) CHRIST WAS NOT GOD IN HUMAN FORM period, he was the son of god (kind of like every other HUMAN on this planet, praying to christ is fine and dandy, but one should also pray to HIS FATHER on a regular basis, and probably hold him in HIGHER reguard) 2) Look up the roman catholic church's actualy history, they by your own definition of christianity have a very very shitty moral code, i will include a visual for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71O8LzOWaWo 3) every single man on this planet and woman is born with a conscience 4) Christ opposed the christian church so by your own basis he was a sinner then because he went against the status quo and said pretty much "hey you assholes that is not the path to god he also had a great deal of divine intervention aiding him from his FATHER" 5) All the abrahmic religions are very similar, Muslims, Christians and Jews at their core of moral principles 6) All the hindu religions and buddhist religions along with many others such as mine Sikhism also have a conscience, they also have tales of Jesus Christ visiting them (google jesus in japan/india etc) 7) God by definition allowed all religions to exist, and they all have prophets for you to say Jesus was greater then mohammed or buddah would be flawed, also saying it in any other way with mohammed or buddah in front would also be flawed as they all had wonderful teachings and were deemed required (all 3 having had much divine intervention) 8) Women are actually meant to be fully equal to that of a man in all 3 abrahmic religions this however has never happened because of backwards social stigmatism which was always inforced into each culture many times aided by kings and clergy alike in order to maintain their positions and a certain status quo 9) My religions does not pray to brah it prays to brah's daddy which would be the omnipotent positive aspect of our spirtual awareness or the source of your conscience along with everybody elses (J/M/B/Hindu Deities/All other apostles and deciples who have had divine intervention) i also didn't mean any disrespect and i didnt capitalize to convey yelling just to point out areas of interest in my writing which i was too lazy to put into bold due to having a hangover. My main point i am trying to convey, more then likely by allowing all to exist if one were to take a bit from each they would be perfect in essence morally as they chose to learn from all of them rather then play the blame game and my prophet is bigger then your prophet. Also a verbal situation which may enlighten many of you and it also conveys a great deal of common sense If i were to die having had killed 7 men based on me believing that they were inferior and their religion was evil and mine said that i must get rid of them. Now lets say hypothetically i enter the gates of heaven and get my judgement if i were to say that one of my prophets told me to do it, i probably would get a great deal of ass kicking from that prophet because no were in any scripture did they specifically say GO AND KILL THEM (them being the religion in question being attacked) I also would expect to find myself much worse off then i was in this life because i clearly made a bad decision which i would then have to live with, that is the essence of reincarnation which is in many eastern religions (non abrahmic) i can clarify further if required, i also am not singling anyone out or attacking anyone just trying to get my point across with some very basic analogies
  14. Brownman18

    Art Or Animal Cruelty?

    the messed up part is if somebody tied him up to the same poll then didn't allow anybody to feed him so he could also experience first hand what that dog went through they would be considered the bad guy. Also i just wanna throw in that my dog would probably take a bullet and or fight a bear for me if he sensed i was in danger, for that basis alone i treat him as my pet but i would never consider him inferior to a human, just different. And yes stray dogs do exist, but taking another dog and having it killed in the hopes of bringing attention to the problem is the most fucked up ideology i could ever imagine, and if anyone truly finds this as art, you need to have your head examined and or see a psychologist for your own personal health.
  15. Brownman18

    California Wealth Tax Proposal

    well the problem lies in the fact that the government was kinda put in place to make sure the corporations wouldn't bend everyone over too much and screw them just to get a tad richer. I think the inherent problem is that when the corporations and the government often have the same financial interests, well that just seems pretty fucked up. It's all in loyalties, and people are only loyal in todays world to money and they will do almost anything for it, even write off all those humans working down the street because an automated system is cheaper. (My buddy's dad is in the oil business, automated gas stations are not too far away ) and were does that leave every other human......... who isn't so blessed to be on the top of the financial pyramid, i guess its not all bad afterall alot of free time on their hands would be wonderful.............. but in the financial world that usually means your ass goes broke which isn't much fun at all. Better education would probably be a good start but the whole problem defined above makes it very hard to fix, since if i was a business mogul i wouldn't want everybody to be as smart as i was cuz then it sure would be alot harder to in rich myself. Even playing fields are often bad, everybody wants an absolute advantage and education is that asset.