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  1. MR Bubble

    Some Nakhla Questions

    You may want to check out Nakhla's new "Mizo" line. The stuff is dripping wet. The apple Mizzo is like a double apple and so juicy red, it looks like someone slaughtered a hamster . However, it takes less heat. With normal Nakhla, I usually use a 3 kings disk, broken into quarters. With Mizzo, I quarter a 3 kings, and use only 3 pieces. When re-coaling time comes, I use 3 more quartered pieces. By the way, I've been hookah smoking for almost 10 years, and I consider Mizzo to be the most successful re-coaler. For a bigger bowl, like the ones that have the built on wind cover (which I tear off and throw away) I use 3 each 1/2 pieces of 3 kings with normal nakhla. With mizzo, I use 2 each 1/2 pieces. So, in a nutshell, I generally use only 1/3 the normal amount of coal for mizzo that I would for regular Nakhla. But no matter which nakhla you smoke, I would always recommend breaking you coal into pieces, as this helps keep it from burning, and distributes the heat more evenly. Nothing is as nasty as burning Nakhla. By the way, Nakhla is my #1 tobacco. If I could have only one tobacco, it would be regular Nakhla apple. Yes, I like the absurd. MR Bubble
  2. MR Bubble


    Second recommendation for them. I've made half my orders from them for the past 8 years. Never a problem, and they answer their phones. MR Bubble
  3. MR Bubble

    Drunk Hookah

    QUOTE (Apets22 @ Sep 19 2008, 10:42 PM) No chance of a headache happening, chills you out, tastes fantastic, even if your heat manegment isnt great, you dont feel the tickle unless its really bad. I just cant think of a down side? Do down side? Really? You want to know a down side? I'll tell you a down side: A bad batch of Nakhla strawberry after half a bottle of ouzo and and a 6-pack. MR Bubble
  4. MR Bubble

    Coal Rumbles Off!

    One of the issues can be how you set up your bowl. When you lay the foil over the top of your bowl, grasp the sides of the bowl and wrapped under foil with your "holding hand," while lightly pressing the heel of your palm on top of the foil over the tobacco. This will make a slight indentation (or concaved shape) in the middle of your foil. That ever so slight concave indentation on top should help keep your coal pieces in the middle. One of my problems is the foil dancing to the side due to my bowls not being level to the floor. I just need to periodically shift the bowl around on the stem to get them dancing back the other way. No big deal. MR Bubble
  5. MR Bubble

    Natural Coals?

    Sorry for stepping on you stuie, I guess we responded at the same time. MR Bubble
  6. MR Bubble

    Natural Coals?

    I imagine you break them up (or saw them up with a serrated steak knife) into 1 or 1.5 inch pieces, throw them on the burner of the stove until WELL lit. They should be on fire. Then place them on your bowl. You will have to experiment to find the optimum heat for your smoke. That's the plus side of cutting them with the knife, as you can be consistent. MR Bubble
  7. MR Bubble


    It really mellows the flavor. My favorite shisha in the world is plain Nakhla apple. When dry, it still tastes right, but is only good for about 15 minutes. With the glycerin, it extends the smoke for a few minutes (maybe 25 minutes) but the taste of the Nakhla apple is only about 70% of normal. Someone on the board once mentioned something about a half-and-half mixture of the glycerin and honey. Haven't tried it, but may do so some day. MR Bubble
  8. MR Bubble

    Random Headaches After Sessions

    Maybe this can help. I ordered some "Natural coals" and they turned out to be the NOUR "Finger" coals. So many people call these things "Natural." "What the hell," I thought and went for it. Smoked great. However, I got a massive, furry-tongued headrush, and a mind-splitting headache right afterward. I tried again a couple days later and the same thing happened. Nobody on the forum could help me out. A year later, I saw "natural coals" on a site. They were described as "Natural olive wood coals," so I decided to try them. I can't remember the brand, but it was a silver-grey bag that said "Olive coals." they were like the fingers, but you could snap them apart into thumb-sized chunks. When I lit them, they gave off a pungent smell of olive oil. I thought I found something good. Smoke was great, but the massive, furry-tongued buzz and mind-splitting headache came on. My heartbeat went through the roof, blood pressure was like a pressure cooker and I thought MRS Bubble was going to have to call 911. The next day I had to call in with a migraine. Flippin great... The bag had "Bilal Olive Press Works," or something like that on it. Olive press..... Hmm... I did some research and found a grilling article discussing the different coals out there. This Journalist took a tour of an olive press company in Jordan or Syria. I can't remember because it was a few years ago. Anyway, while the actual technique is a guarded secret of these companies, the basic process calls for a massive collection of olive pits (residual from oil processing, pitting for olive exports, etc...) to be ground, packed in metal tubes and cooked to create coal. This explains the "finger" shape. And being that these aren't actually wood from the tree, it's understandable how they may effect some people. I'm just one of those folks. Something to do with being some cellulose byproduct, or waste. Think of it as the hotdog of the olive industry (for those of you familiar with The Jungle by Upton Sinclair So, the question comes back at you: Exactly what type of "Natural" coals are these? If they looked like a black tree branch, then I'm out of line here. But if they were a finger type, you may want to keep your distance in the future. MR Bubble
  9. MR Bubble


    Try this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glycerol Interesting reading here. I have a bottle of glycerin I use to "wake up" dried and dead Nakhlas. Your father may be refering to the last paragraph toward the bottom of the page. Diethylene Glycol sounds pretty bad. But I've never had any problem from good old regular glycerine. I think it's overrated though. I think it only gives a coule minutes of better smoking from tired shisha. I notice a sharp reduction in taste and I'd rather just chuck the dried stuff and get a new box.
  10. Really, the secret is finding a liquid (booze in my case) that goes well with the flavor of the tobacco. White zinfadel (had to find some use for the crap) with strawberry or mixed fruit, ouzo for apple and douple apples (Nakhla), and cold coffee for licorice, cappucino, coffee flavored. Once you match things up, they can become enhanced, though the coffee didn't do much for me. The ouzo was the best so far, but that is a 15 dollar smoke. I'll see if I can find the review of that one. MR Bubble
  11. MR Bubble

    Cleaning Ceramic Bowls

    I use Polident/polydent (however you spell the damn thing), you know, the denture cleaning tabs. No dentures here though. Cuts the niccotine stains in my vase really well. Just use about 3 or 4 tabs in hot tap water. MR Bubble
  12. Here's a fun project: 50-50 mix of water and ice-cold ouzo. I'm talking about the ouzo kept in the freezer for a week. Smoke Nakhla double apple. Brings a nice buzz and the ice crystals in the ouzo look like a giant snow globe. Have a beer with it. Whatever you do, don't smoke strawberry with it. MR Bubble
  13. MR Bubble

    What Is This World Coming To?

    If I remember right, (many years since) you can file the sere down a little to get full auto on an AR15. No, not the ideal sniper setup (full auto), but he may be thinking of full auto to escape and evade. May be a smart little shit. MR Bubble
  14. MR Bubble

    Nakhla Flavours

    Oh yeah, Nakhla is definately my favorite! I've been smoking hookahs for Almost 9 years and no other shisha out there satisfies me nearly as good as Nakhla. I love the off-flavors. Makes you sit there and scratch your buzz infused brain, just pondering what you're smoking. MR Bubble
  15. MR Bubble

    Bad 3kings?

    I really don't think natural wood coal (lump) will go bad from moisture. It would just need drying out really good. As for the 3 kings, I can see if they become permanently damaged. Some places offer a coal named "3 Queens." These seem to be produced by the same folks as 3 kings, in the same box and all, but their presense on the market isn't consitant. I have a feeling they're 3 kings that have been moisture damaged, since they're a little cheaper that 3 kings, and act the same as damaged kings, with crumbling, poor lighting, etc... However, once lit, they seem to smoke fine for me. MR Bubble