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  1. wow that looks gorgeous!
  2. MandirnOrange

    Storing Your 250g Of Nakhla

    i also asked this question a while back, but with tangiers. You could go with mason jars too... they work just as well and look better... just a thought
  3. MandirnOrange

    Xbox Gamertags

    FLATTOP 47... Add me. I've been playing COD:WoW nonstop. I also play halo 3 on occasion.
  4. MandirnOrange

    Bowl Vs Phunnel

    theres so many threads about the phunnel... search it up. Also, foil... better for managing your heat and a must for fine tuning your pack.
  5. MandirnOrange

    Strongest Flavors

    tangiers has GREAT flavor if you can get the pack down. Look around the forums on how to do that. But if you want something easier to pack, get AF... HUGE CLOUDS and GREAT FLAVOR. Watermelon is probably my favorite. Also, if you are all about flavor... check out SB. Some people may say its too sweet and what not, but you cant deny that the flavor is EXTREMELY POTENT
  6. MandirnOrange

    Strongest Flavors

    are we talking bout flavor or buzz?
  7. So, I'm smoking my hafa today with a couple of buddies and the smoke gets a little harsh so i go to blow it out of the purge valve and nothing blows out. So I open up the purge valve and take out the ball bearing. However, I blow out again and its still not blowing out, so I look back in the valve. I think theres just a clog or something, but there is anoter ball bearing in there. I dont know how it got in there, and all of my other hookahs' ball bearings are in their respective places. So, I dont know why theres another in the hafa. It seems to be really jammed in there, so I was wondering if any of you know how I can get it out?
  8. After a couple of failed attempts at packing tangiers... I FINALLY GOT IT!!! You really have to pack that tobacco in there to get it going the way its supposed to. I was really surprised at how much you actually had to pack. It seemed like it was overkill but instead, PERFECT! We smoked for about an hour before we had to call it quits cuz of the enormous buzz. The flavor was Orange Soda and it tasted amazing. The clouds were huge and puffy. Overall, great experience with tangiers, but gotta work my way up to outlast the buzz lol.
  9. So, I use igoogle, which gives you all of these gadgets that are on your homepage, much like apple's widgets. Has anyone thought of making a hookah forum gadget? I have a whole bunch of other sites on there and searched for hookah forum and didnt find anything. What do you think? good idea? bad idea? lets hear your thoughts... and if it is a good idea, could anyone make it?
  10. MandirnOrange

    Whats You Daily Set-up

    Hookah: KM Pharonie (Khadija) Hose: KM Ultimate Hose Bowl: Small Phunnel Coals: CH Foil/Screen: Reynolds edit: favorite shisha: AF Watermelon at the moment...
  11. So, I've been using coconara and just bought some CH coals when the cocos ran out. However, the CH coals dont seem to stay lit. I leave them on the stove for about 15 min and they are fully red with fire on the sides of them. But within like 30 min they stop staying lit. Am I doing something wrong? Anything I can do to help?
  12. MandirnOrange

    Wanted: N64 Stuff Buy Or Trade

    Hey I am looking around for some N64 games/accessories as I am busting out the 'ol system and playing again. But I only have one controller. I am looking to buy a couple of controllers. And the game I'm mainly looking for is Smash Brothers. I can trade a nammor hose and maybe some tobacco, if I have any lying around. But preferably I'd like to pay with money. Hope you guys can help me out.
  13. MandirnOrange

    Tangiers Storage Containers

    What size tupperware do you use?
  14. What does everyone store their tangiers in? Do you just use tupperware? Also, for those of you that do use tupperware, can you use it multiple times for different flavors or does the tobacco leave a scent that affects the next flavor?