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  1. im looking for a good price on a SB flavors cause the local shop/louge is out of them and i have a massive amount of money coming my way so i wanna get some more great SB flavors. this is what im looking for: choco mint white peach blueberry orange and maybe some tangiers too: watermelon orange soda thanks for your time JROME
  2. QUOTE (Calcartman @ Jul 10 2007, 11:35 PM) For a first smoke?! tangiers? are you nuts? SB X on the beach gets my vote. You want a light, fruity, easy to smoke flavor! no i know no tangiers on a first try lmao
  3. my girlfriend is on vacation right now in ocean city,anyways she wants to try hookah for the first time when she gets back (like 5-6 days) what flavors do you reccomend that i get for someone new to enjoy it thorughly. right now i only have: SB x on the beach SB wildberry mint Tangiers cocoa Havana rose Havana raspberry or do you think these flavors will be okay? see i just dont want her to dislike it and possibly never try it again.
  4. JROME1028

    Money Orders =(

    yea i try to track it or whatever and it just says "n/a" so i guess this means that there was no progress in the order yet i just want my effin phunnel thats all. see i have a credit card but my mom needed it to buy stuff for my grad party so its maxed out at the moment so this was my last resort. well i guess until he just told me about the visa gift cards i have no idea why i didnt think of that myself. thanks you guys
  5. okay so heres the deal i have recently ordered and sent a money order in to hookahcompany.com okay i sent the money order in about 10 days ago. i called today and asked if they have recieved it by now and they said no, now im getting worried i mean yea it was only 30 for a phunnel bowl and a glas mod and something else but i was just wondering if i should be worried yet. the part that really pisses me off is that i have about 700g of tangiers and starbuzz i wanna smoke but refuse to without the phunnel bowl (i know im effed up) i just really wanna save it for that glorious occasion when i get it. the guy on the phone told me HC is in CALI and im in MI i have ordered from them before using a credit card but it only took maybe 5-6 to get my order. HELP =(
  6. JROME1028

    What was your last smoke??

    my last smoke was yesterday i smoked starbuzz sex on the beach mixed with SB wildberry mint which was really good tasted like berry candies =)
  7. QUOTE (frankenstein_666 @ Jul 7 2007, 10:50 AM) Of course I would say hands down my new inventive product!...The Hookah Hose holder badass!!
  8. what are some of the best purchases and you've made for your hookah? would you reccomend it?
  9. JROME1028

    Phunnel Bowl And Glass Mod

    thanks thats what i thought cause i smoked it to try it when it came in and it was effin strong. but then i read that you have to acclimate it also so i did this for about 7 hours then smoked again with my friends and it was much better but still trying to get used to it.im still waiting for my phunnel bowl and mod tho in the mail. i ordered it from hookahcompany.com but i had to use a money order which makes me wanna shoot myself.
  10. question from a n00b... i was wondering that if you use the phunnel bowl and mod will it make the shisha less harsh because i smoke tangiers and i can only smoke for about 15 mins cause i am then at the point that i can only take small hits. i guess basically my question consists of this: if i use a phunnel and mod is it easier to smoke tangiers than without it? you guys are prolly thinking what a dumbass, but ive checked all the posts on the phunnel bowl and none of them really answered my question. thank you guys
  11. i live in shelby township and its like every tobacco sore i go to has the same flavors/brands. i sometimes buy from hookah louges/cafe's but they are very overpriced for the same stuff i can buy online for half of the price. i just wish there was a store that sold other flavors than havana. i was reading about 2 days ago or so that someone was talking about buying hookah-hookah shisha at their local tobacco store. this saddens me its like why cant i have that =(
  12. JROME1028


    Tangiers f-line cocoa Smell/Flavor: smell was very nice, almost like a chocolate bar. tastes like hot cocoa/smores very good! Cut: standard tangiers cut, big leaves and very juicy Smoke: nice puffy clouds, but im not used to this stuff so i can only take smaller hits =( Buzz: this hits hard IMO i mean after 3-4 good size hits in a row i was almost glued to the chair i felt very relaxed and mellow. i loved it. once again this is my first tangiers so i didnt really know what to expect but damn it was good. Amount(approx)/Duration: about 1 hour 30 mins then i threw in the towel cause it kicked my ass! Bowl: standard clay bowl (but my phunnel bowl is on its way! im pumped!) Foil/Screen: double cheap foil Coal/Amount: 2 quicklites broken into halves Liquid in Base: chocolate milk and water = very good. gave it more of a rich thick smoke very tasty! Overall satisfaction (scale 1 to 10): 9/10 only because i am new to tangiers so im not that good at smoking it. but i will master it soon.
  13. JROME1028

    Do These Exist

    haha a friend of mine was being a complete douche (he was drunk) so we wouldnt let him smoke he was mad to say the least, however me and a couple of other fellow smokers were relaxing enjoying all things hookah, when we hear coughing like crazy...we go into the other room to see what was up only to find him spitting in the sink and coughing. at the same time holding a blunt filled with shisha. we laughed our asses off for like 10 mins cause he thought he would be slick and show us up but instead ending up burning it and coughing up a lung. lol. ill never ofrget that.
  14. you guys have helped me out alot so thank you! does anyone live in michigan because there doesnt seem to betoo many local places that sell shisha. like at best the places i go to only sell havana and only like 5-6 flavors of that. so if you could help me out that would be amazing.
  15. what is the best buzz you have ever had with shisha? and from which shisha is it from? i am newer here and i was wondering because i really like the buzz it really relaxes me. thanks for your time