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  1. Regarding Opd

    i hate robbing banks
  2. Regarding Opd

    yeah, let's keep the forum open for all the random "what hookah should I get?" "what shisha should I get?" "what hose should I get?" "Why is my bowl harsh?" "how do I use a phunnel?" posts.
  3. Another Diy Diffuser

    This mod also removes the gurgling feeling while inhaling, making it verrrry smooth. I also haven't had to reposition coals once from harshness, though I don't chalk it up to this specific change.
  4. Due to the crisis at work today, where I destroyed the straws I was going to use in order to improve my last diffuser idea, I had to come up with something else. I noticed the plastic hoses we use to drain water out of the trays for our sculptures (I am an ice sculptor), and came up with an idea. Instead of drilling 1/8" holes into crappy straws, why not drill into something that has a backbone? I sliced off a bit of the hose and went to work drilling a hole pattern. I then took another thin bit of plastic and hotglued it to the bottom. This was the result: I havent tested it yet. I'll edit this post within the hour when the water I put into the freezer comes to an appropriate temperature. EDIT: It works great. Doesn't restrict airflow/flavor/smoke density. I'm very satisified and I would suggest everyone go to home depot/lowes and find equivient mats to create one. Happy trails.
  5. Simple Bottom-stem Diffuser

    Okay I used a nail+hammer and was able to pull it off. I used a hot knife to melt the end of the straw shut. too bad I only took 3 straws into work and messed up 2 of them drilling :[
  6. Simple Bottom-stem Diffuser

    Well, I just tried to drill holes. the straw keeps collapsing and ends up wrapping around the drill bit. Mission failed? Maybe ill use the plasma cutter for this...
  7. Simple Bottom-stem Diffuser

    I'll be doing the holes in this pattern
  8. Simple Bottom-stem Diffuser

    I havent tried blocking the ends of the straws and poking holes because I really feel like it would restrict the airflow. Right now i get no restriction in airflow and no reduction in flavor or smoke thickness. I will, however, drill some 1/8" holes in some straws tomorrow at work and then try the idea out. pinholes wont cut it imo.
  9. maybe he is bad at english and when he said he wanted to get you a fresh batch and it would arrive on the 18th, he meant HE was getting it on the 18th?
  10. this thread is useless without pics, who is with me?
  11. Your Favorite Mint

    p.s. if you have a subpar mint, just put a cap full of pure peppermint extract in a bowls worth of shisha, mix and let set for 5 minutes. Then smoke. You will feel minty goodness from your lips to your lungs haha.
  12. Your Favorite Mint

    AF Mint truely is the best, i've tried them all. If you ever come across any mint that's green, just say NO! lol. red colored mints are where it's at.
  13. The Big Lie

    Yeah Romman and Layalina isn't washed. They claim 0.5% nicotine, as compared to Al Fakhar, which claims 0.05%. But, addiction factor aside, nicotine in itself causes no longterm harm to the body. It's just a lifetime of forced smoking caused by a nicotine addiction is the issue. I'm okay with smoking shisha for the time being because I don't smoke cigarettes and over the past six months of smoking, I have developed no signs of dependency. There was even a month or two where I just stopped cause it was boring, haha. Besides, to get tar and other carcinogens into our body, the shisha must burn. I don't know about you, but I never see white ash in my bowl when i'm done. It's just black dry shisha. Take SoEX for example. It's just shredded sugar cane with flavoring. You smoke it and you get TONS of smoke but no tar or nicotine. Just because it's smoke doesn't mean you're inhaling all the 200+ same additives that are in every cigarette. Generalizations such as that make it very annoying being a shisha smoker. I'm always schooling people that know no better than to think I am smoking the tobacco from 10 cigarettes that I put into a bowl.
  14. This Sucks

    sorry to hear bro, im smokin it up for ya :]