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  1. Al Fakher Vanilla Hookah: KM Ice Bowl: Egyptian Screen/Foil: Foil Hose: KM Coals: AF QL Base Liquid: Water Appearance: Mushy very goopy shorter cut Nicotine: 0.05% Base: Molasses & Glycerin Smell: Vanilla cake batter, its quite amazing Taste: Ehh slight vanilla taste, went away pretty fast. Iwas shocked later to find the room smelt so freaking good? Smoke: Good Clouds Buzz: None Duration: 1 Hour Purchased From: private Overall: 7/10 :: From the smell of this i was really excited but the flavor seemed a little off and to light. I felt like i was just smoking smoke after about 30 minutes. I was amazed to realize my room smelt so gooooood and my friends like the flavor. Its worth a try.
  2. I love it, pretty much only smoke af chocolate
  3. QUOTE (dizzbizz @ Nov 14 2009, 07:01 PM) http://www.alfakheronline.com/Item_Page_AF-TO-Mint1000g.htm they have just about every single flavor except the one i would have considered buying, chocolate.
  4. the few places i have found them is always a very very limit selection and there not much cheaper then getting a 3 or 4x 250g deal.
  5. if your techie pc all the way, i personally love pc and windows 7 has blown me away. I have a 3 year old laptop that i swear is faster then brand new ones i see people getting just cause i have it fine tuned. but dont get me wrong macs are very nice just a tad over priced in my opinion
  6. im a budget guy or atleast i have to be for the time being. ive been getting AF for like the past year, i know there is better stuff out there but u can't beat the price and i like it
  7. congrats, thats a beautiful pipe, hope it treats both of you well.
  8. i just keep mine in there packages in the box, they come like this and sit on a shelf like this for months and the open roll i have only last a week or two so keeping that roll out has never affected mine.
  9. Al Fakher Chocolate Setup : Mya 22"; Egyptian bowl, AF QL Smell : Smelled like milk chocolate, was tempted to eat it lol Flavor : wow, awesome flavor, tasted just like a milk chocolate bar, and filled to room up with its pleasant aroma Buzz : nothing Clouds : Big white fluffy clouds Duration : Just over an hour Overall : This will forever be in my collection, if you haven't tried this flavor give it a shot! 9.5/10
  10. It will take maybe 15 min, i have to ask a handful of questions, im sure it will be more of a discussion, but it needs to be someone from another culture, im a american, born and raised so im most interested in europe and other middle eastern countries. thanks i would greatly appreciate it, it will be questions about your opinions on american and differences that you like and dislike with our 2 cultures. thanks guys and i need to do this either right now or after 10 tonight, or tommorow morning.
  11. hmm thats actually prolly the most realistic and practical approach to it, has control and you should be able to heat manage it by moving it around, having half on half off, ect. i may get one to experiment with for 10 bucks? and that video review wasn't that bad, the thing is that other one is like a wind cover plus a bowl size coal lol naturally it overheats??
  12. QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Feb 3 2009, 08:23 AM) i dont see why everyone bashes the chinese. they heat up almost instantly and a tealight mod fits in there perfectly. i think people feels it goes against tangiers and he originally made it so naturally i bought his to support him
  13. Al Fakher Strawberry Setup : Mya 22"; Egyptian bowl, AF QL Smell : Smelled like a fruit roll up, very sweet and candy strawberry Flavor : Its not bad but personally i need a mint or something else to weaken the sweetness on this, wayyyyy to sweet for me Buzz : Ehh i hadn't smoked in a week so a little one. Clouds : Big white fluffy clouds Duration : Just over an hour Overall : It was decent but to sweet and candyish for me, i think i would enjoy it mixed with af mint. 7/10
  14. QUOTE (Cerberus @ Feb 2 2009, 08:42 PM) QUOTE (Hobbs @ Feb 1 2009, 07:54 PM) It's like asking the difference between the $3 packs of cigarettes, and the more expensive brands like Marlboro. Personally I think the main factors that give us our "Premium" shishas would be packaging, and advertisement. The lounge nearest me has a big cling on in the window that says "Starbuzz" and something about it being exotic, with a sexy half naked woman laying on some pillows. Basically though I don't pay attention to anything except for what I assess myself and what the guys on the forums think.. if someone can afford it, that's their choice. Ok, first off I have to say there is a huge difference in a pack of Grand Prix's and a pack of Marlboro's. They are ungodly rough compared to Marlboros, and second, why would you pay more than $3 for a pack of Marlboros? I can get em for $2.85 +tax which is about $3.13 total. But back on topic, I don't smoke shisha that is more than about $11 per 250g. I personally smoke 3 brands, Tangiers, AF, and Nakhla. Tangiers is about the most expensive shisha I will buy and its $34 for a 3 pack at hookahjohn.com. I've tried Starbuzz, Romman, and other brands like Fumari but I don't see the point in buying those when I can get something of the exact same, if not better, quality for $5-$15 cheper per 250g. sorry to be off topic but cigs are different every where, here in WI pack of marbs cost you 5.19 after tax, i work at a gas station back on topic, mainly you are paying for the advertising and packaging but that doesn't mean that it isn't quality shisha tho
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