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  1. hookahpimp

    Km Hookah Question

    dont worry 75% of them make that noise... just think of it as your hookah is a two in one smoking pipe, and dinner call bell lol!
  2. hookahpimp

    Going Up To Los Angeles

    Oh WTF eric Wtf! i come all the way down just to see you today and you are coming down here! wow thats all i can say is wow..... if you want i can name some placese were to go. i mean you are all welcome to come here if u all want. i mean its not much. but its not a jack in the crack parking lot! lol
  3. hookahpimp

    Favorite Mix Review

    ***Period on the Beach*** 3/4 Al Fakher Grapes 1/4 Starbuzz X on the Beach
  4. QUOTE (wuonice @ Jul 27 2007, 04:15 AM) i'm from ontario california. yeah like hour away from l.a. and 20 min away from anaheim. hookah pimp is ali baba tobacco any good? my local smoke shop sells it but i'm hesitant to buy it. dont waste your money!
  5. QUOTE (andreww @ Jul 26 2007, 04:19 PM) Lakewood/Cerritos/Bellflower area. Was just at Exhale (Downtown Long Beach) this morning (~1AM) with my brother and a couple of friends oh man exhale is the shit! no doubt about it! kareem and iden are my best customers oh and a little FYI Kareems brother is the owner of ali baba tobacco...
  6. arab-heim! in the house!
  7. hookahpimp

    My Hookah

    Al Fakher Grape All the way!
  8. hookahpimp


    QUOTE (anathema @ Jul 23 2007, 01:37 PM) So you're selling AF at $6 for 250g? 3K coals for $8? I'll just drive to your warehouse and pick up at least $80 in tobacco then. Thats when you open of course, and I hope its soon after that last reply ^^ Thats fine but if will have to wait till friday when you can atuly step in the wearhouse because you woulnt have room to stand.
  9. hookahpimp


    QUOTE (anathema @ Jul 23 2007, 01:29 PM) If you're talking about store, it's World Smoke Shop on Brookhurst and Orange. If you're talking about an online retailer, I usually order from hookahcompany.com. Cheap prices, except for AF. Cheap shipping, one day transit time for me also. By the way, to increase your professional look, don't misuse the words their/they're/there and threw/through. I hope it's not misused on your website. One typo is forgivable but two on a website raises a flag for me. i am glad that you are dealing with ALLA ( who is the owner) and World smoke shop but sorry my prices are at least 40 to 50% cheaper than him on everything excpt for starbuzz since that is a standerd price.
  10. hookahpimp


    yeah loved them and hated them because they gave me work to do. what did you all think of the site
  11. hookahpimp


    Oh btw i will need every one who has submitted a review for me to send me an email with your real names, forum screen name, and adresses send them to ( sales@pimpyourhookah.com)
  12. hookahpimp


    QUOTE (anathema @ Jul 23 2007, 12:47 PM) I never have to order again since I finally found a local shop that sells at the same price as the cheapest online listed price. They also have a larger variety than some online retailers. Unless online retailers have a sale, like AFonline, that's a whole different story. Oh realy what store is that?
  13. hookahpimp


    Hey all! Well I would like to let you all know why we did not open on time to clear any misconceptions. The only reason I have postponed going live is due to my Merchant Account. A Merchant account is the Company that takes care of the Credit Card Possessing on the site. The company that I decided to go with is taking longer than usual; it was a last minute switch from possessor to possessor. The company that I had last time change there policies on me and could not approve the sale of online tobacco. And the other way I for sure could have done it was go through a 3rd party processor, but I did not want to go that way. They are the ones who handle processing for porn sites and other garbage and they wanted 30% on all transactions. So the rout I decided to take is to go threw an onshore account which charges much less. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. I have caused you all, but trust me the prices on the site will make it well worth the wait. You can trust me on that.
  14. QUOTE (JonDubya @ Jul 20 2007, 01:23 PM) QUOTE (Allia22 @ Jul 20 2007, 03:01 PM) There's no combustion. It's the evaporation of the glycerine, and it's only natural that it'd recondense on something. What she said. Think about when you steam water. It'll recondense after it drops below a certain temperature, lol this reminds me of the water cycle in science class lol
  15. hookahpimp

    Best Hookahs?

    QUOTE (Sonthert @ Jul 19 2007, 01:34 PM) As I understand it, the jars are attached later...there are no official Mya jars. The shanks and hoses are what Mya make. I'm only about 60% sure here. I personally dislike three things about Mya shanks. 1. alot of them have a common chamber design that prevents you from clearing the smoke off the top of the jar. 2. I don't like the finish of the metal. 3 I don't like the metal inside them. It looks and feels like aluminum. I conclude its aluminum, but I can't say for sure. That being said, they are fairly good quality, slightly overpriced, especially the higher models, although the jars they sell do look good! yup you are dead on mya makes the stems and hoses, but the glases are attached later... except for the acrylic series that is made by mya in china