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  1. BrotherBuford

    New Röka Hoses (preview)!

    What is the actual hose made of? From the pics it looks like 1/2" ID silicone tubing (which is flexible and heat resistant up to around 230 degrees).
  2. BrotherBuford

    $55 Bottled Water

    QUOTE (Vladimir @ Apr 30 2009, 12:56 PM) I thought about drinking more bottled water after I found out most scientists seem to think fluoridation of the water is baaaad. But I was raised on well water without fluoride anyway so I figure a few years worth won't hurt . That may or may not be true. Fluoride is naturally occurring in some aquifers. The well water I used to drink back home I think has more naturally occurring fluoride in it than some treated city waters.
  3. BrotherBuford

    Getting Kicked Out Of My Apartment

    Alcohol regs are really just stupid BS. Alcohol production and consumption has been around since the dawn of human civilization, and no teetotalers are going to change how ingrained it is in human society. That being said, if it was in a contract then you're bound by it.
  4. BrotherBuford

    $55 Bottled Water

    Only time I buy bottled water is if I'm on a road trip and need something to drink while I'm in the car. I drink a lot of water, but it comes out of my kitchen tap. Hell, I don't even filter it or anything when I use it to make beer. Only thing I do is add 1/2 Campden tablet (sodium metabisulfite) per 10 gallons to neutralize any chlorine that has been added.
  5. BrotherBuford

    Wedding Test

    That wouldn't work on me anyway. I've got three words for my wife's little sister: OH HELL NO. So NOT my type.
  6. BrotherBuford

    Hookah And Diabetes

    Even if it did, I don't think sugar can be absorbed by the lungs.
  7. BrotherBuford

    Anime Movies

    Funimation isn't nearly as bad as they used to be about that. It could be much worse - look what 4Kids did with One Piece. I don't care for One Piece myself, but they really boned that series with their edits.
  8. BrotherBuford

    Anime Movies

    One of my old favorites as far as series go is Slayers, it's a comical fantasy series with serious moments. The first series had some pretty low-budget animation, but Slayers Next really upped the quality. Next also has one of the best endings I've ever seen for a series, hands down. Slayers Try was just kind of "meh", and the animation took a downturn, but it's not bad. The new Slayers series (Revolution and Evolution-R) pick up where they left off and reference a lot of the old stuff; they're really just fanservice for people who liked the old stuff 10 years ago. The novels (yes, novels - it was based on a series of books) are pretty good too, but it's effectively a different continuity. The TV series use a lot of the plot threads from the novels but go in very different directions. Basically start with the concept of several 20th level characters blowing crap up. They start out huge at the beginning and stay that way. English dubs as of the past few years have gotten really good, but I still prefer Slayers in Japanese as that's how I first heard it. I tend to watch a decent amount of recent stuff dubbed, though. My cousin is actually a voice actor in LA, but he hasn't really got much but bit parts in dubs, he prefers doing western animation and video games. If you've played Warriors Orochi or Dynasty Warriors 6, he's Guan Yu; if you're familiar with the webcomic Looking for Group he's Richard in the animated stuff they've put out.
  9. I got a job before I finished college, and just quit school (I was going nowhere anyway). Really, looking back, I'm glad I did it. I'm still working there over 9 years later.
  10. BrotherBuford


    I'd love to get a waffles or what.cd one, I used to be on Oink before it closed shop - had just got an invite about a month before it shut down.
  11. BrotherBuford

    Beer Advocates!

    I completely revamped my brewing process and got back into homebrewing after about a 6 month downtime. I spent a butt-ton of cash on new gear, but the system works so much nicer now. Thus far I've made 15 gallons this year. It's so nice to have beer on tap in my kegerator again. Some of this stuff is pretty cool, and I manage it all in my kitchen. A 950W low-density heatstick (had to build this, can't buy the things): 10 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker (these things ain't cheap!): New 10 gallon mash tun (for converting grain starch to sugar) made from a cooler: March pump: The boil! Plate chiller: Hops, after the boil: One day into fermantation:
  12. BrotherBuford

    Gun Control

    There are more gun rights groups than the NRA, all with slightly different takes on how to handle things. The NRA is just the most well known. Others include JPFO, GOA, CCRKBA, etc. And that's just at the national level. Many states have state-level orgs that work on their own state's issues; Virginia has VCDL, of which I am a member. A good state org can get lots of things done locally; many of the national orgs are far removed from that. VCDL has done a lot of good work in the past two decades in VA, getting anti-gun stuff off the books and getting good pro-gun laws in place, as well as taking localities to task via lawsuit, threat of lawsuit, or helping with lawsuits when they decide it's okay to do what they feel like rather than follow state law.
  13. For the legally inclined, the full text of the bill as passed is here. One thing to note, though - the only penalty is a $25 fine.
  14. 7. Any restaurant during any time in which minors are not permitted entry into the restaurant. was struck from the bill before passage. I think or the lighting, inhaling, or exhaling of smoke from a pipe pretty much covers a hookah.
  15. Can't edit my post, so: US Code Title 26,5702: (n) Pipe tobacco The term “pipe tobacco” means any tobacco which, because of its appearance, type, packaging, or labeling, is suitable for use and likely to be offered to, or purchased by, consumers as tobacco to be smoked in a pipe. By that definition shisha may qualify, as it is smoked in a pipe, albeit a water pipe.