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    Hookah Music Mixes

    I usually smoke to Reggae, sometimes to relaxed Rap or even Jazz. My current Top-5 is: 1) I-Roy - [Original Deejay At King Tubbys Studio-CD #10] Roots Man Time 2) Redman - [Red Gone Wild #13] Blow Treez (Ft. Ready Roc & Method Man) 3) Damian Marley - [Welcome To Jamrock] All Night 4) Prince Jazzbo - [V/a - Step Forward Youth #06] Wood & Stone 5) Calexico - [Feast Of Wire #15] Crumble
  2. tesse

    "guten Tag!" Everybody

    Hey, that doesn't sound bad, where did you learn that?
  3. Hi everybody. My name ist David, I'm 17 years old and live in Germany, my parents are from former Yugoslavia. My english is not perfect but I do my best. I started smoking hoohak about one year ago and I'm the owner of a Nargilem TN-440, a popular better quality hookah in Germany. I heard about this board in a german hookah-board called shisha-forum.de I'm looking forward to find some good tricks and information here.