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  1. My current favorites would be Vampire Weekend, The Beatles, The Mountain Goats, and The Killers. Mostly chiller stuff, sets a good mood for me to relax and socialize around the hookah.
  2. Signed. And only the 45th from Indiana... we're slacking.
  3. Fiddler On The Roof

    I actually played Tevye (the father) in my 8th grade production of FOTR haha. It was probably about as good as you could expect of any middle-school show to be... Anyways, I've never seen it live but the movie is a classic, I have it on DVD.
  4. Lets Count To A Million

    So 1337...
  5. Lets Count To A Million

    Hmmm, whats next???
  6. Twitter

    QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Jan 6 2009, 02:38 AM) QUOTE ([Elmo] @ Jan 6 2009, 01:00 AM) Haha, for a my public speaking class this semester my TA made everyone get a Twitter. A handfull of us still use it, but none of my other friends do, so I don't do much with it. My name is Jweingartner if anyone cares. how can they do that? if i was a ta there id make everyone buy me 1 beer Well there was a large lecture with the professor and then these smaller discussion groups lead by TA's. He made it an assignment because he wanted to try a new way for the class to stay in-touch instead of through mass e-mails or whatnot.
  7. Twitter

    Haha, for a my public speaking class this semester my TA made everyone get a Twitter. A handfull of us still use it, but none of my other friends do, so I don't do much with it. My name is Jweingartner if anyone cares.
  8. Share Your New Year's Resolution!

    Stop thinking so much. Take advantage of more opportunities. Love more.
  9. Layalina closely followed by Al Fakher. And some Tangiers and Romman. I'd say I probably like Al Fakher better than Layalina... it's just what I have the most of right now =P
  10. Need Help With Term Paper...

    QUOTE (QuiltedMaple @ Dec 17 2008, 07:38 PM) I remember this paper having some info in it, totally forgot what, but it might have some relevant information for your paper. http://www.harmreductionjournal.com/content/5/1/19 -QM This is a good one. Talks about the level of carcinogens in the lungs of cig smokers / hookah smokers/ non-smokers. Used it a few weeks ago on a similar paper.
  11. Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

    QUOTE (Hojo @ Dec 11 2008, 10:32 PM) In the episode of The Office that just aired, Creed was smoking a hookah at the Moroccan-themed Christmas party. I think I got a little TOO excited when it showed up on screen. Haha I think we all did the exact same thing. My second thought after being so excited was "I should post this on Hookah Forum!" but then I was like "It's probably already there." And it was. kudos.
  12. Vote!

    I voted because as my generation enters into power, we’re facing a lot of shit. And we have to let everyone else know that we won’t sit silently by while older generations fuck up our future. I voted because my friends and I are all at the prime draft age. I voted because I’d like to have a good-paying job when I get out of college. I voted because my parents and their Baby-Boomer friends have let their own needs outweigh the needs of their children and grandchildren. I voted to prove all us young'ns aren't full of shit and we can make a difference. Hopefully several million of my peers did the same...
  13. Places You Have Smoked

    My favorite place so far was last summer in Chicago. My friend's uncle had a condo on the 30th floor with a balcony over looking Lake Michigan and downtown. There were clear skies (Well, clear for a big city) and a full moon, it was absolutely beautiful.
  14. 500 Question Purity Test!

    78.4% Damn, I'm the best so far haha And I don't consider myself to be that pure. You people are horribly sick individuals.