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  1. Tati

    Whatever I feel like putting here...

    I think the title says it all.
  2. Tati

    Drunk Posting

    Long time no post. Tati is smoking hookah and drinking wine. We like to keep it classy.
  3. Tati

    What Are You Reading?

    I feel like I read a third of the books on the list when I was in high school. Right now Im re-reading the Harry Potter series. Because I want to get ready for the movie.
  4. Tati

    Not That One Again!

    This is exactly why I have a little thing in my car that lets me play my Ipod. I feel like no matter what station I put on, its always the same stuff.
  5. Tati

    Ryno, The Dad

    Holy crap! I have been away for too long! Congrats Ryno!!! She is beautiful! I know you will take great care of her.
  6. Tati

    My Little Girl...

    I'm sorry to hear about that, my best friend of over 10 years had that as a kid, and now she is in medical school and loving life. I hope and pray for the best for you and your little girl. She is the cutest girl I've seen in a long time!
  7. My boyfriend. He is dumb. Lol My last apartment, almost $600 a month for a little shit hole.
  8. Tati

    Still Just 4 Females Here?

    It's true. I am actually a guy. I have a huge schlong. It's this big [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/greeting.gif[/img]
  9. hey hey haMFy bday girl!!!

  10. Tati

    Iphone 4

    The doctor I work with brought his to work today. He was taking videos and photos left and right. Super clear screen, beautiful design. We did the Facetime thing with another guy who got his too, and it was freaking sweet! I want to get it after all the bugs are fixed and I can update my cell plan.
  11. Tati

    World Cup!

    I am super excited for Brazil to play tomorrow. Too bad I'm gonna be busy. Drinking! I haven't been able to watch too many games because I've been busy, but hopefully tomorrow I can catch a break to watch. If not get updates on my phone.
  12. Tati

    Balisong Flipping

    That is sweet! Interesting hobby!
  13. Tati

    You Gotta Be Shitting Me...

    [quote name='Jeff_T' date='02 June 2010 - 02:32 AM' timestamp='1275460352' post='470254'] Wow, appalling. Title completely sums up my thoughts... [/quote] +1
  14. Tati

    Minimalist Runners?

    Those are so funny looking! I got a shoe catalog (for some strange reason) and those were in there. I didn't think they were real shoes until I saw them at the local sports store.
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