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  1. tj154906

    Quick Question!

    I really can't recommend herbal shisha at all, whatsoever, for any reason. It's pretty awful. I know it's not what you want to hear, but if you don't want to smoke tobacco, then smoking the hookah probably isn't a hobby for you. Herbal shisha = Sticks and goo.
  2. tj154906

    Ohio Smokers Oh

    Athens. Go bobcats.
  3. tj154906

    Grey Goose Hookah

    I wonder. Would it be easy to make something like this?
  4. tj154906

    It's Been So Long!

    How do you mean? And happy 8888th post!
  5. tj154906

    It's Been So Long!

    Thanks everyone. It's good to be back.
  6. tj154906

    It's Been So Long!

    really? It looks pretty original. I think I might give it a shot. I smoke in the car anyway (my seats are thrashed from flying coals) so this might be a worthwhile investment.
  7. tj154906

    It's Been So Long!

    Thanks man. I lurk from time to time, but tonight, I decided I'd start posting again.
  8. tj154906

    Hookah Health Risks!

    As far as I can tell, smoke itself doesn't cause ones lungs any lasting damage. It irritates them, sure, but after not smoking for a bit, they'll be back to normal. So, one should worry less about the amount of smoke they inhale and more about what's in it.
  9. tj154906

    Tubs Versus Boxes

    For me, typically, the tubs are better. The one exception would be AW Double Apple, which was great when I had a box; The tobacco in the tub has too much anise flavor for me.
  10. tj154906

    Art Or Animal Cruelty?

    I'm disgusted.
  11. tj154906

    What Are You Currently Smoking

    Tangiers Orange Soda, 32" Egyptian, Large Funnel, Shitty japanese coals...
  12. tj154906

    Anti Starbuzz?

    I think it tastes like candy... which bothers me.
  13. tj154906

    New Order

    Wow. I just ordered Tangiers Orange Soda, some Tonic (Fruit Pizza) and a Nammor hose. Strangely coincidental.
  14. tj154906


    Tonight I had a cup of iced vanilla chai. Loved it.