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  1. Sorry you were unable to get your pipe, hope you get it all worked out. What was the name of the company/website?
  2. Beginner Needs Advice!

    If your hookah has 3 hoses and when he tries to draw it just pulls air in from your hose it doesn't have autoseal. Everyone will need to get in the habit of holding their thumb over the end of the hose when you're not smoking.
  3. Hookah Base Question

    See my signature... Also, I STILL have to use a bit of vegetable oil to get it to go in.
  4. Help From The Tangiers Folks

    Ok, so a mini necro here but I ordered two and a half months ago and it seems the online vendors still don't have Tangiers yet. Anyone have any insight? I'm digging deep and smoking stuff I don't want to smoke because I can't have my favorites.
  5. I used to average 12-14 on a small Tangiers Phunnel with Kashmir Peach. I think that was with CocoNaras. Now I probably do around 8 or so.
  6. Lets Count To A Million

  7. Haven't Been Here In Forever...

    I sneak in here every once in a while.
  8. Hookah Homes

    I plan on making a hookah table sometime in the nearish future out of an older end table. The kind that have a door underneath and are hexagon or octagon so it looks nice all the way around. I want to be able to have somebody fall on the thing and not have to worry about much. Those look nice and may help certain things but dogs and drunks are hookah nightmares.
  9. Written By A Kid

    Did everyone just overlook Joss Whedon? Firefly? Best show ever. Fuck Fox!
  10. Looking For Some Glass Cleaner

    Yeah, I figured they were smaller bottles, and idk what the tablets are like but I imagine they could be broken up smaller.
  11. Lets Count To A Million

  12. Lets Count To A Million

  13. Looking For Some Glass Cleaner

    Read Mush uses the denture tablets on bases and it works great. Maybe try that?
  14. [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1342617809' post='551978'] [...] a smiley [...] [/quote] My goodness I haven't heard that name in a long time! Can't smoke it out of a cereal bowl! Or popcorn bowl, or toilet..
  15. Buy Al Fakher In Montreal

    When I saw Chinamon's avatar I immediately thought "Oh, another thread necro"