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  1. Why not internet and order it to be delivered to your hotel/apartment by the time that you are in NYC?
  2. I like the Fumari French Vanilla. The flavor is intense and sweet. It's a nice flavor on its own but also it is good when used as a mixer.
  3. Did you clean it properly? Also, you could try adding something else than water in your vase. See if that helps. Ice While ice is just frozen water, the effects it produces when used in a hookah base are different from those of liquid water. First, ice makes the smoke thicker which allows the avid hookah smoker to create different shapes and patterns with relative ease. Second, ice produces a cool feeling which is a welcome feeling, especially on a hot afternoon. Last, with ice, you get smoother smoke that is easy to draw from the hose. If you use a flavor with the ice, it is important to note that it will fade away as the ice melts. Orange juice This is arguably one of the best juice flavors to add to use with your hookah bowl. If you want a thicker smoke but don’t want to add ice, simply use juice that is thick. Coffee If you love taking your cup of coffee as you smoke your hookah, you’d be happy to know that you can combine the two for double the excitement. Using one part water with two-part coffee in your hookah then adding a flavor of your choice such as vanilla, guarantees an unrivaled hookah smoking session. Credit: https://www.besthookahsguide.com
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