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  1. Hey Im new in Toronto and I need a hookup for shisha cause most of the shops charge excessively. Are you willing to sell? If so for how much?

  2. First Smoke Session

    My first session sucked cause my hookah was kinda primitive, but i slowly learned how to do it. And it became awesome i must highly recommend the Phunnel Bowl!
  3. Smoking Tricks

    Ghost trick hmm, o's get easy with practice i self taught myself those thanks to these forums.
  4. I'm looking into buying some new shisha, i've decided to go with AF cause its like the best bang for buck. I had Tangiers previously and did enjoy it too. The only thing is i live in Canada and taxes kinda suck. Anyone reccomend a vendor that will discretely move my stuff. Getting hit by the duties isn't a big deal i think its 2.65cents per gram which would still bump it up significantly as i plan to get about 750g. Anyway help is appreciated i was looking into maybe MNhookah any other suggestions?
  5. Selling On Ebay

    PS3 will more than likely sell pretty quick depending on how reasonable the price is most people are looking for bargains.
  6. Jfaltous

    Just a heads up if you ask him for stuff, he won't give you waht you ask for instead he will go up and beyond what you asked for and give you more. I am as happy as luke69 is to have this guy as a canuck, and i will defintely continue doing business with him he is friendly and trustworthy and continue to do business with him. Great trader
  7. Sealed Shisha For Trade

    How much you for AW A9 and Bounty, living near carling ave.
  8. Monthly Samples

    Yeah well i got my slot recently i know theres 200 i think but im sure neal may still have some open this months is Wild Mango
  9. Metal Bowl

    I've been using a metal bowl it works good but i dont have it to compare too and smoke gets extremely harsh eventually.
  10. Dreamz Tobacco

    Well if you don't get enough smoke indication you may need more coal.
  11. Holy Wow Batman!

    Same no perfect pack yet i do have it ocassionally some good solid smoke but sometimes just not there
  12. Al Waha Tobacco.........?

    Whoa bounty chocolate and coconut interesting, I'm interested in the After Nine one would there be any supplement to it?
  13. How Often Do You Smoke

    Yeah watching on the sunset in my backyard enjoying my deck, good to go outside sessions.
  14. Wild Mango

    I think since it was local it was semi acclimated.
  15. Wild Mango

    I can't wait to get mine, from what i read its supposed to be amazing and acclimate thanks for the heads up on that.