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  1. Dude! Those are sweet! I want one. You'll never have to worry about pulling the hose too far and knocking the pipe over.
  2. wilbde01

    Reccomend Me Some Good Movies

    Try Children of Men. But whatever you do, don't rent, or even watch, Idiocracy. That's the worst movie I've seen in a long time.
  3. wilbde01

    Does Your Couple Smoke Hookah?

    My girlfriend has tried it a few times and doesn't mind sitting in on a smoking session, but that's about it.
  4. wilbde01


    Dude, just tell Ryan to bust his bowling ball out and drop it on them when they are sleeping. Or you could buy a padlock like previously mentioned.
  5. wilbde01

    Good Buy?

    Neal? Sorry, I'm somewhat of a hookah noob still.
  6. Don't buy the 13" hookah! Be a man, get a tall sexy bitch. Taller hookahs generally smoke better anyways because more room for water / smoke to cool in base, and a longer shaft for the smoke to expand and cool down in.
    Just sayin. a mya qt would be sexy though.

  7. wilbde01

    H-s 18% Sale...

    Maybe I didn't read it closely enough but I didn't see a discount code. Anyone else catch it?
  8. wilbde01

    Base Protectors

    Let us know who you get it from, if you do get it. Others, like myself, may be having the same problem. Thanks.
  9. wilbde01

    H-s 18% Sale...

    18% discount + tax return= me getting a new hookah
  10. wilbde01

    People That Should Be Systematically Exterminated

    Most anyone on MTV. Teenie Boppers. Celebrities who are filthy rich and haven't worked a day in their life.
  11. wilbde01

    Good Buy?

    I do like the Mya QT. Though, it looks like a little more than I'm wanting to spend. (Yeah, I know. It's only like $40-50, but keep in mind that I'm a poor college kid.) Maybe a good tax return can change my mind.
  12. wilbde01

    Good Buy?

    Yeah, I've been eyeballing a pumpkin for a while too. Seems like a pretty good deal for the size.
  13. Right now, I'm sporting a 24" two hose, but I really only use it when I'm smoking with other people. So, I'm thinking about buying a mini hookah just for my room since I find my current one a little too big for just a solo session. Looking around, I found this... 13" Green Aladdin Fatota What do you guys think? Is this a good buy? Any other sugguestions would be appreiciated. Thanks
  14. Wow. A lot a techno mentioned, yet I can't really see myself ever smoking to it. Modest Mouse is pretty sweet. Especially their older stuff from The Moon and Antarctica. Matisyahu for sure. I've always wanted to smoke to Pink Floyd and someday I probably will. The group I smoke with isn't into PF so much.
  15. wilbde01

    Hookah Music Mixes

    The Beatles never fails. Matisyahu is good. Even Red Hot Chili Peppers aren't bad sometimes.