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  1. It's not letting me upload. Saying the file size is too big.
  2. Good evening all. New to the forum. A quick question for the room. I'm not new to smoking hookah at all. Been doing this for probably 10+ years now. Just got a new Mitsuba Zinc hookah. Looks nice in my opinion. Vase is strong. I love the fact that it screws on and I do get good smoke. Only issue is there's no downstem. I'm used to that bubbling noise of the smoke going into the base and getting smooth. I was wondering if this is a new feature on some hookahs as there seems to be no place to even put a stem. Also I have a deezer frozen hose. That seems to be the only way to cool the smoke because putting ice in the bottom and using a regular hose didn't seem to work.
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