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  1. Hey Guys, Since I'm back from overseas, I've been trying to learn about making my own shisha. The shisha quality here is sh*t, so I feel that I can do better by just making it myself. The question I have right now is with the molasses. Since people here are not well educated in making shisha, molasses sold here are usually for industrial purposes (farming). Is it okay if I use this type of molasses? Is there different types of molasses i.e. can I use any type of molasses? If anyone can answer my question, I would be very grateful. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Newbie from Indonesia here. Been intensely smoking shisha for two years now but mostly smoking in shisha cafes. Since I'm back in my home country I've been trying to learn more about preparing and making my own shisha. If you bros have any suggestions and tips, I would love to hear them! Peace
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