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  1. So I just switched over to smoking Hookah and love the experience- but I really miss my pipe tobacco flavors. So to try and remedy this I made my own Shisha from a fun blend of of a Burley/Latakia/Virginia tobacco. I used USP grade Glycerin, molasses, honey, and soaked it all in warm water. When I tried to smoke it however, the water immediately turned brown and I got a very poor draw. How can I make a shisha from my pipe tobacco without losing the flavor? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys I just ordered my first Hookah to get started. Up until now I've tried smoking in different ways but I really crave 2 things. Flavor and Ritual. For a while I smoked cigarettes (Cloves yo) but they're pretty nasty to me now. Tried pipe but that's high maintenance. They're really nice though. (A pipe is for thinking. a cigarette is for panicking) But I like being eccentric and thought...Hookah, let's do it! So I'm here to get some good information on expanding my knowledge and getting tips for accentuating my smoking experiencing, moving it from a habit into something I do for pleasure.
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