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  1. Are you sure you're packing right? Or maybe youre not letting your coals up heat up until all the black is burned off. Cause then when you blow your coal, it turns red. I've NEVER had a problem with too little smoke unless the coals were gray, looking like they already died out.
  2. I'm very familiar with the Paan Raas flavor as well but that isn't it by itself. It has to be mixed with something else in order to make that taste. I'm just trying to find out what to mix
  3. Anyone who is Brown (paki, Indian, Bengali) knows how Meetha (Sweet) Paan tastes like, the actual leaf you eat. I went to the lounge the other day and ordered Meetha Paan and it tasted so good and authentic that it reminded me of home, Pakistan. I asked how they made it and they wouldnt tell me. I'm very into hookah and have tried a lot of flavors including almost all of the paans from Afzal. Thinking that the lounge was using Afzal: Sweet Pan, i bought That mix but it doesn't even remotely taste the same. Does anyone happen to know how to make the real Meetha Paan? The one that tastes like the actual leaf Meetha Paan you can buy from Brown places? I want that taste at home very badly. Thank you for help everyone.
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