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  1. Larrey

    Your Go To Pipe?

    For my ordinary Smoke, either St Bruno Flake or Dansk Royal naval force drop. In my battered bowed stem, non-intelligent pear-wood pipe. Now and again I celebrate by getting an arbitrary "appropriate tobacco" from Peterson, or Samuel Gawith. also, smoke it in my meerschaum pipe.
  2. Larrey

    Self cleaning hookah

    I clean mine for the most part after each utilization however now and again after two in case I'm utilizing a similar Shisha and don't feel it's that filthy. At that point once every week or just haphazardly when I have an inclination that it a give it a significantly more intensive cleaning.
  3. Larrey

    Hookah Travel Kit

    The Scarab hookah is the main legitimate hand-made Egyptian hookah on this rundown. On the off chance that you lean toward the craftsmanship of a high quality hookah over a machine made model, at that point, this is the novice hookah.