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  1. You're not alone! I was never satisfied with charcoal so I just ended up creating an e-head altogether. I'm launching it on April 4th @ SmartRauch.com
  2. Have you ever been able to get a good taste out of that hookah? --- Smart Hookah Head @ SmartRauch.com || 100% Convenient || 95% Safer || Lasts 1.5x Longer
  3. For traditional hookah, I personally like Guava and mint. My company is launching e-head with glazed donut, fruit loops and milk, strawberry watermelon, raspberry blackberry, and vanilla custard flavors on April 4th (SmartRauch.com). Might want to upgrade from the traditional
  4. Hello everyone! I'm joining the community to answer any questions related to my company's products! Thank you, Adam
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