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  1. kngfisher

    Blue Mist

    Starbuzz Exotic Blue Mist: Setup: 23 inch mya acrylic with one hose Smell: Great smell, and the blueberry and mint really stood out Cut: Good cut, really juicy Smoke: Thick clouds Flavor: Great flavor, no harsh aftertaste Buzz: minor buzz, but I smoke everyday few weeks or so Im probably not used to it Overall: 10/10 something I will buy again. Place of smoke: Fairouz Mediterranean Cafe Cost: $20 per 250g
  2. kngfisher

    Acrylics (Odyssey, Artoo, Threepio)

    I currently own 2 hookahs, one being the MYA Acrylic the other..well not the best and now the MYA Acrylic is all I smoke out of. Some features pointed out by other reviewers; The screw on stem can be used with a rubber grommet to sit in MYA glass bases incase down the line I want to upgrade the unit. This hookah consistantly gives an air tight pull, simple to clean, also extremely tough to break (one of reasons why I bought this....have dog,cat, and small kids). I have a chrome stem w/ capability of connecting 4 hoses (so far only connected 3 max and w/ the MYA auto sealers, all worked great) w/ purble base. I did change the bowl to a small tangeersw/ scali mod because the standard bowl was too big when I smoked alone....would take me over 60minues to finish a bowl and sometimes, I do not have that kind of time..... Compared to the other pipes I have smoked from, this one of the clear winner. It would be hard to improve it or expect a better smoke then from the Mya Acylic. 9.5/10. not sure how to improve it but there is always room to do so. bought mine direct to Mya Saray out of Sterling VA
  3. kngfisher

    Hookah + Airport Security?

    I had no issues.....bought hookha in turkey w/ coals and 250g of tobacco and packed it and the case in my checked bags. Had no issues w/ customs when entering back into USA
  4. you can find some at Madina Market 374 Elden Street Herndon, VA 20170 1.703.904.7000 just picked up a few myself. (orange and cherry)
  5. kngfisher

    Mya Saray Direct

    what was ordered: Mya Acrylic Hookah (purple w/ chrome stem and ) customer service: could not have been better. I walked into the store looking for replacement parts for my sub-par hookah and after talking with the staff and seeing their product, I ended up buying a new much better made mya hookah right then and there. The staff did not make me feel stupid nor did they talk down to me but rather took the time to demonstrate how well made they product is and how they stand behind everything they sell. delivery: I got the hookah same day, no waiting. in-store pickup was great. The staff even took the time to setup the unit and make sure all the gaskets were there as well as gave me pointers as to proper cleaning and setup proceedures. delivery process could not have been better. over all satisfaction: 100% satisfied. I didn't know what to expect and this experiance was beyone expectations.
  6. Post your reviews below for Global Tobacco Co. Flavours. Questions and comments should be posted in seperate threads. Non-review posts or parts of posts deemed not part of the review will be edited out by Mods. For other items purchased from his site, please post in the Vendor Area. For ease of using the search engine, each review should start with: Global (flavour) Global Tobacco Co. Ltd. - Apple i took a trip to turkey and aquired a 200g pack of Global Apple when I bought my mya bohemian knock-off. setup: mya bohemian knock-off qt with 3kings coals. cold water in base. appearance: red in color and very juicy. fairly average cut lots of stems, very sticky, almost need gloves smell: like apple lifesavers. smoke: nice clouds, fairly average density. flavor: nice smooth flavored, little sweet, almost candylike. buzz: not much buzz, very smooth and mellow duration: around and hour and a half. need multiple pices of char to get thew bowl. overall: very pleasant i would give this a 9/10. if youre looking for a nice apple def give this a try....if you can find it.