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  1. Need It Gone!

    just an update, all the nakhla has about 210gm except for mint which stays at 240gm
  2. New Hookah Vid

    pretty neat video dude. like the fact that its black n white. havent seen you on here for a looong time whitey
  3. Can't Decide

    KM ICE FTW!!!! Seriously, the only difference between the 35" and 40" is height. Cant be happier with mine.
  4. ive made bowls out of: apple, cantalope, watermelon, lemon, pineapple, orange, peach (pain in the ass)
  5. finger coals - Nours are great but ash like a mofo jap coals - canary's are your best bet natural coals (the ones that look like wood chunks) - al fakher coconut coals - coconaras suck, i did like CH instant coco's though but IMO, Exoticas are #1
  6. QUOTE (Zinite @ Jan 4 2009, 07:36 PM) I don't know about any videos, but if you pack it very tight, leaving a hole in the middle (sort of mocking a phunnel), it smokes great. I just place my finger in the center of the bowl, and pack it tightly around my finger. When I lift my finger up, there's a tight ring of tobacco around it (with the top level with the top of the bowl), and a hole in center that goes all the way to the bottom, leaving a hole exposed. exactly what i do and it smokes great. you want to make big holes and make sure you poke all the way through to the bottom of the bowl.
  7. Want To Try New Tobacco.

    check out my for sale thread http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=27266
  8. Finally! Pics Of My Hookahs

    nice km dude just curious though, did your km come with a green hose and blue vase?
  9. Km Ice Worth It?

    QUOTE (SilentBob @ Jan 4 2009, 01:19 AM) Been looking at the KM Ice for my first KM. Seems like it's a favorite and the built in ice chamber seems cool. I don't know a whole lot about the different KM's but the ice seems to be the one I keep deciding on. Is it worth the money/best first KM in your guys' opinion? thanks! its definitely worth the buy. I personally think its the best smoking/loooking KM though they all smoke fairly good. i dont use the chamber much but when i have used it, ive noticed a slight difference. go get one!
  10. New Nammor Model

    i personally think its hideous
  11. Need It Gone!

    QUOTE (mitchard @ Jan 2 2009, 01:36 AM) QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jan 2 2009, 12:50 AM) How much for the shipping of the Sinbad lemon and the 210 of Af Cardamom to 07103? Also will they be sent in the original containers? QUOTE (racemyghost @ Jan 1 2009, 09:12 PM) -Will come in ziplock bags, not original containers. lol Mitch QUOTE (indian_villager @ Jan 2 2009, 09:27 AM) Note to self Don't mess around at 3am after a bowl of Naklah.....My bad. But is it possible for me to get any of the originals? Sorry dont have the originals bud. The sinbad lemon is pending to sixpacksun, if he doesnt get back to me by tom morning, you can take it along with the cardamom. QUOTE (patt2k @ Jan 2 2009, 10:11 AM) I might be interested in some but paypal would be great long story short, i dont have paypal anymore. PM me with the items you would like though. thanks
  12. Need It Gone!

    -Not interested in trading. -I do not have any online payment system, so I am only accepting Money Orders from United States Post Office (USPS). -No international shipping, will only ship to lower 48 states. -You are welcome to pick up, I am located near Northridge, Ca. -Must be 18+ to purchase. -No dibs or holds, first with payment gets item(s). -Will come in ziplock bags, not original containers. -All tobacco weight is measured by eye, not scale. -Prices do not include shipping. AF Cinnamon - 60gm - $2 AF Grenadine - 120gm - $4 AF Watermelon - 190gm - $5 AF Peach - 60gm - $2 AF Vanilla - 50gm - $2 AF Cardamom - 210gm - $6 AF Bubble Gum - 20gm - $1 AF Pipe - 50gm - $2 AF Caffe Latte - 50gm - $2 Layalina Peach - 180gm - $4 Nakhla Sweet Melon - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Mint - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Double Apple - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Mango - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Cherry - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Lemon - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Banana - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Tropicana - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Orange - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Pistachio - 240gm - $4 Nakhla Peach - 230gm - $4 Nakhla Caramel - 240gm - $4 Sinbad Lemon Drop - 230gm - $5 Sinbad Marilyns Melons - 80gm - $3 Sinbad Plum Crazy - 100gm - $4 Starbuzz Mango - 230gm - $14 Starbuzz Blueberry - 190gm - $12 Starbuzz Pineapple - 190gm - $12 Starbuzz White Peach - 200gm - $12 Starbuzz Wildberry Mint - 190gm - $12 Mya Bowl - Light Blue - New - $4 edit: font size
  13. For Your Viewing Pleasure

    My Nakhla Stash: Nakhla Double Apple Nakhla Pistachio Nakhla Caramel Nakhla Peach Nakhla Cherry Nakhla Orange Nakhla Lemon Nakhla Tropicana Nakhla Banana Nakhla Mango Nakhla Sweet Melon (not pictured) Nakhla Mint (not pictured) Nakhla Grape (not pictured) Nakhla Cola (not pictured) Custom labels...made by me