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    Hello all

    Hey nice to have you here
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    need help

    Why not what is your experience/the problem with it?
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    Middle East Hookah

    Hey there! Just adding anything but glycerin wouldn't make it cloudy. The glycerin does. Of course nowerdays there is an option for pg too but what seems more intersting right now; glycerin is actually some kind of alcohol not active for a human being but it is a kind of alcohol. And this alcohol is like I just read a product which comes after adding sulfites to the alcohol generation. So if there was honey and a realy bit of water mixed to the tobacco and sulfites in which might have come out of a sugarcane melasses which we know now as blackstrap they might have just had glycerin by natural in. Maybe just ad glycerin to your leaf by a 1:2 ratio (tobacco:glycerin). By myself I use a 1:2.25 ratio and glycerin was mixed with honey with a 1(honey) to 2(glycerin) ratio and a few drops of water which i just drip in from my hand. Don't let confuse yourself from the strange ratios that's just the results of the tests I made by myself. If you would like to get it to glycerin by nature I think you need to store it quiete warm but I never tried . If you would like to test this glycerin honey thing - give it a month because glycerin needs time to eat the honey but it does.. somehow xD really sweet after a month. And... you know tobacco raw leaf is a very quality product with many good resin and if you wash it you make a quality product quiete worth- and tasteless just let it be the pure power of tobacco and get yourself a leaf in that strength you like. No wash. ;D Greetings from germany man dominik
  4. Dominik

    Hello everyone

    Edit And give 'gummibärchen' flavour a try, I think one of the most used smells in the world for everything but as singlenote brilliant
  5. Hey Friends! I need your help now please does anyone have made any experience with the tobacco leaf shop leafonly.com? I gave up all the leaf shops we have in germany because they all sell moldy leafs and my self gardening project is stopped because I don´t have space anywhere to hang up the leafs I need - you need so much space to hang up just a kilo I can´t do that at all. Please help now I realy want to have some good quality tobacco leafs and I don´t know whre else I can get them. Is the leaf quality worth buying there or is it not? I try since times to get original egyptian Nakhla but I can´t, there is no shop - I ordered in USA and it just has not the original quality, I ordered in turkey and get ripped off by the shop, I ordered in europe and swiss and got no original quality Nakhla stuff, so I decided since times I do that my own but how to get leafs? German leaf shops they rip you off how is it about leafonly.com? Please help me anybody? thank you Dominik
  6. Dominik

    Hello everyone

    Hey newman! Feel welcome and just ask everything you want to ask. Just feel free My own experience with diy hookah is that you can have problems with getting strong flavours where you don't need that big amounts of to get them right. Herrlan shop got very clean strong flavours for vaping they work best for me. So never give up with flavours start herrlan around 7% for hookah. While mixing flavours you might get a need to increase the ratio up a bit and giving every flavour the same content needs sometimes one flavour to put in foreground. Greetings Dominik Ähhh man say, is it right you in the uk stopped by law selling leaf? Where do you get yours from?
  7. Hey guys I don't. After having a fast talk on phone with the team and no possibillity for cheap shippings to europe I did another little research for shop and finally found tabaccomania in italy where I feel very welcome. For information you lucky americans send packages to fife time higher prices to us then it would cost from here germany to you. Unbelievable haha ^^
  8. Hey! I just buy there now. All I found on reviews was very good - unboxing videos on youtube good reviews in cigar boards, so I´m in with them and post a review on my own as I got my stuff. Bought Burley Organic Burley Dark Air Cured Izmir And some Semi Oriental Tobacco Leafs let´s have a look if that was luck to do, I´ll post some pictures too then Greets
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    Hi Guys

    Hi Connie! I think we would love to listen to your ideas too! Just write all of them down Greets Dominik
  10. Dominik

    need help

    Hey guy! All tips I ever heared at once 1. Heat up Tobacco slowly, put coal on, a heatshield (or however you call this thing you can put uppon the bowl) and wait fife to ten minutes than remove the heatshield 2. Don't do much and don't do to less tobacco in the bowl 3. Maybe add a glass milk to the water 4. Maybe heat up your bowl before put tobacco in 5. Don't use much or less foils 6. Maybe have a realy little space left between foils and tobacco That's it but if this can help you out I don't know Ah another thing left If you smoke cigarettes you might not get it to a smooth smoke but that's your habit how to breath in smoke then Good luck ;D Dominik
  11. Hey there I don't know which tobacco you got. You reduce nicotine by adding mollasses for example but that's more a procentual reducing than reducing what it does to you. Smoke less. Never wash if you got good. Tobacco tobacco. You know what?? The whole world is asking just like me for good unwashed shisha you can't get it everywhere where I live and you ask for washing man... Look Sugarcane sugarcane or thkngs out the park go and search for plants in the park next to you and smoke it. But wash it before
  12. Dominik

    HUGE Tangiers Cane Mint Issue

    We talked about this earlier but I want a giftcard or a coupon or things. I want things so Your problems might all get solved if you trust alot. Have trust, have patience. And don't pray om in you're meditations pray ähh or öhh or things you laugh about That's all problems solve.
  13. Hey there! They can get dirty and the burner as well if you left it in kitchen while cooking, fat in the air sinks down and... dirty than. I recommend all coals from shops, didn't find the good or bad one - but I'm only known with coco charcoals and quick lightnings and with quicklightnings i recommend three kings all the time they have a clean taste. To get dirt away if there is fat on the burner you can try to use things like alcohol because it gets fat away very well. How does soy sauce smell come into your shisha. You did no in did you xD Maybe you just never use tobacco from them again if they are not able to make the same product again and again. They are able they just don't want these... ... xD
  14. Dominik

    Please help!!

    OhI'm sorry for that. Maybe you take a phone and csll the shop if they can have the broken thing to you And if not.. call other shops.. maybe... or just.. throw away .. maybe.. better not..
  15. Dominik

    Coconut coals

    Hi you First very nice that you are pleased with them. Which one you use or are all good the same for you? Sounds you got an working setup with them or how do you use em? In an high tower high class high society tower bowl or one of the traditional ways? Greetings
  16. Hello! The Candy Cane helped you allot that's very christian haha. Have you tried a different charcoal? It might be dirty, same for the burner. Clean up. Try to create a bit space between the tobacco and the charcoal a few milimeters might help. Write again after fixing those things. We look than. Greets
  17. Dominik

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl

    Yah good idea my friend I do boil it too else, but boiling it takes so much time - do it until the water is clear and it takes hours and hours but may be my fault becaudse I never do often but smoke alot. I added soda in the water once that was an idea too but hm.. water should be enaugh
  18. Dominik

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl is special. It soaks in the molasses gets dirty and stink. So what you do to clean up? Heat up. Heat your Bowls up in your microwave and the stink gets out, black burned molasses soaks out and you're able to brush away. Greets Dominik
  19. Maybe you wanted to dance and didn't recognise. Seems for me you should have been dancing in side out that moment Maybe you drink cacao with honey and some cardamon in that's nice and dancie too ;D
  20. Dominik

    Smoke eaters

    With what do it eat smoke? Ist that sth like this carbon stuff things or very different? Charcoal charcoal I mean
  21. Than you get the europe fumari version won't risk that haha ;D Just for information if you wonder what I mean, there of course many different production ways each caused by the legality rules of where you get it from You can read for that in some turkish hookah blogs
  22. Hello! (You know abe from oddworld hehe ) I improved. It got these flowerie smells in now that come from tobacco. Today I want introduce to you my new inventions: The Roasted One What you need: 100gr Tobacco (leaf, cut down, quiete dry) 130gr Honey 160gr Glycerin (Vg 99.5%) 40ml Water 20ml Aroma (the most intense you can get or just no Aroma) Roasting Bag Microwave Heating Plate Smsll Pot 1. Step Put the Tobacco in the Roasting bag, roast for 20 - 30 minutes on lowest level (125w is mine than) until it's quiet not smoking - look carefully after it: no smoke is no good, smoke is bad. 2. Step While. Put all liquish ingredients in a small pot, heat up until it's cooking, don't burn your honey 3. Step Put the sauce over the ready roasted tobacco and do that mix in your roasting bag again. Put it in the microwave again on smallest level and give it up to 15minutes. More and my honey burns, but as long as possible. Let the shisha cool completly down, takes a few hours. Ready. I had to wait something like a half year because I can't get tobacco leaf in germany and so I gardened a bit. I gardened Baffra Basma, Samsoun, Burley and virginia but the last not for shisha. It all grows very very vell, tastes great. Thank you for listening, just try. And be carefull, while shisha is in the microwave the honey can burn the tobacco that's no good and which is also a no good situation is when honey starts caramelizing in the microwave. Dominik
  23. Dominik

    Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

    Last post - you can do that. Half and half tobacco glycerin ist good if your tobacco is wet enaugh. Hot Honey at least is good and to kill the honeys piss peak you can add a hint of blackstrap melasses
  24. Dominik

    Liqour flavors

    Hey I searched google for myself and what the first entry was is that conquito is some kind of longdrink or how you like to call it, a mix of coconut rum vanilla and (condensed) milk - mix up. Greets
  25. Dominik

    Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

    I want to hold this roasted shisha thread up to date and please don't forget I'm always a bit improving my recipes and techniques. What we can try is (and I do that right now) is just roast with glycerin and flavpur in, then nothing could burn (honey) and give warm honey to it when I stop roasting - that's a bit like close up the tobacco. I want to have the most dry tobacco at the end I can have without having a hard smoke and so I try next sth like one to one with glycerin and quiet dry tobaccos. I think that can be absolutely enaugh glycerin and give sth like half the weight of tobacco of honey on it to close. Takes a while like a month or sth cause I need to harvest tobacco and dry and so on but than I can mske another try of improvement Greets Dominik