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  1. Dominik

    HUGE Tangiers Cane Mint Issue

    We talked about this earlier but I want a giftcard or a coupon or things. I want things so Your problems might all get solved if you trust alot. Have trust, have patience. And don't pray om in you're meditations pray ähh or öhh or things you laugh about That's all problems solve.
  2. Hey there! They can get dirty and the burner as well if you left it in kitchen while cooking, fat in the air sinks down and... dirty than. I recommend all coals from shops, didn't find the good or bad one - but I'm only known with coco charcoals and quick lightnings and with quicklightnings i recommend three kings all the time they have a clean taste. To get dirt away if there is fat on the burner you can try to use things like alcohol because it gets fat away very well. How does soy sauce smell come into your shisha. You did no in did you xD Maybe you just never use tobacco from them again if they are not able to make the same product again and again. They are able they just don't want these... ... xD
  3. Dominik

    Please help!!

    OhI'm sorry for that. Maybe you take a phone and csll the shop if they can have the broken thing to you And if not.. call other shops.. maybe... or just.. throw away .. maybe.. better not..
  4. Dominik

    Coconut coals

    Hi you First very nice that you are pleased with them. Which one you use or are all good the same for you? Sounds you got an working setup with them or how do you use em? In an high tower high class high society tower bowl or one of the traditional ways? Greetings
  5. Hello! The Candy Cane helped you allot that's very christian haha. Have you tried a different charcoal? It might be dirty, same for the burner. Clean up. Try to create a bit space between the tobacco and the charcoal a few milimeters might help. Write again after fixing those things. We look than. Greets
  6. Dominik

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl

    Yah good idea my friend I do boil it too else, but boiling it takes so much time - do it until the water is clear and it takes hours and hours but may be my fault becaudse I never do often but smoke alot. I added soda in the water once that was an idea too but hm.. water should be enaugh
  7. Maybe you wanted to dance and didn't recognise. Seems for me you should have been dancing in side out that moment Maybe you drink cacao with honey and some cardamon in that's nice and dancie too ;D
  8. Dominik

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl is special. It soaks in the molasses gets dirty and stink. So what you do to clean up? Heat up. Heat your Bowls up in your microwave and the stink gets out, black burned molasses soaks out and you're able to brush away. Greets Dominik
  9. Dominik

    Smoke eaters

    With what do it eat smoke? Ist that sth like this carbon stuff things or very different? Charcoal charcoal I mean
  10. Than you get the europe fumari version won't risk that haha ;D Just for information if you wonder what I mean, there of course many different production ways each caused by the legality rules of where you get it from You can read for that in some turkish hookah blogs
  11. Dominik

    Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

    Last post - you can do that. Half and half tobacco glycerin ist good if your tobacco is wet enaugh. Hot Honey at least is good and to kill the honeys piss peak you can add a hint of blackstrap melasses
  12. Dominik

    Liqour flavors

    Hey I searched google for myself and what the first entry was is that conquito is some kind of longdrink or how you like to call it, a mix of coconut rum vanilla and (condensed) milk - mix up. Greets
  13. Dominik

    Roasted DIY Shisha Recipe

    I want to hold this roasted shisha thread up to date and please don't forget I'm always a bit improving my recipes and techniques. What we can try is (and I do that right now) is just roast with glycerin and flavpur in, then nothing could burn (honey) and give warm honey to it when I stop roasting - that's a bit like close up the tobacco. I want to have the most dry tobacco at the end I can have without having a hard smoke and so I try next sth like one to one with glycerin and quiet dry tobaccos. I think that can be absolutely enaugh glycerin and give sth like half the weight of tobacco of honey on it to close. Takes a while like a month or sth cause I need to harvest tobacco and dry and so on but than I can mske another try of improvement Greets Dominik
  14. Dominik

    New member

    Hey! If you got some question feel pleased to ask them. We actually are an active board here greets dominik