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  1. Traditional Flavoring

    First to what I said - yes you can, but you die. After three days it seems realy to be in the tobacco and that's no good. How to sweeten up? Add honey. No sweet enaugh? Add more honey. If honey burns, use different setup with less heat.
  2. Traditional Flavoring

    So what I never knew is that I can give Tobacco a hard flavour/scent by just storing it with fragranceoil. Not adding fragranceoil just storing it near by - maybe in a closed box.
  3. Hey dominik good talk! What I think is it was maybe just too much tobacco in my bowl but I don't know now. I cleaned my bowl with soda lemon juice and ethanol. Soda cookout, lemonwater cookout again and again and flooding it with ethanol. Maybe it was just too much tobacco now is good again Have a nice day Do you're tryin best
  4. By the way. If you clean your knife with soda and lemon juice and you cleaned the part you hold it and it's out of wood - clean the wooden part at least with ethanol and it's good again - pure wood after that. Sorry for late information ^^
  5. I cook my bowl out with some soda in the water. Let's have a look 'tired'
  6. Hey there. It's a new year and seems to be a good day to start this collection of tips and tricks for DIY shisha - like a small knowledgebase. Let's do it good and write down what we know together. Maybe about tobacco itself maybe about doing molasses and maybe about other things e.g. ingredients - things that give it a good go and things you should never do two. I will start writing down.. and write it as understandable small list My DIY expirience - You don't have to wash out tobacco. - You can wash it out. - Glycerine makes good clouds but needs a flavouring like honey or flavours. - Adding about 25 to 30percent honey to glycerin makes the glycerine taste pass away. - Honey and Glycerine will taste like what you did in your shisha if you allow it - give it a two weeks go and you'll be wondering what this does - Cacao is good for your shisha (give the honey and glycerin a chance to have that taste, wait two weeks) - Dark tobaccos are able to put you down cryin in bed want to go to toilette and you can't - don't challenge a dark to tobacco in shisha he win xD - 1/3 Tobacco 2/3 Molasses is a good go if you like tobaccos taste. - THE MOST SENSEFULL THING IF YOU WANT TO DO BEST SHISHA FOREVER IS TO KNOW HOW TOBACCO(!) TASTES IN YOUR SHISHA. TOBACCO WITHOUT EVERYTHING BUT HONEY AND GLYCERINE. THAN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE WORKING WITH. NOT BEFORE. - a rich taste is created by give every ingridient a chance to be a tasty flavour. Tobacco itself is a flavour. Honey is a flavour. Cacao is a flavour. Glycerin is necessery ^^ - but flavours itself by being around tasty stuff. - clean everything you use with soda and after that lemon juice then water. Knifes and all things you use. Every taste get's in shisha if it gots enaugh time. A good shisha needs time. - if you maybe sweat in your tobacco while cutting you can spray ethanol over it and wait half an hour. Ethanol kills bacteria and it's clean again. I don't know more right now but if I remember more I write it down. Greetings P.s I hope you will help make this list great for all who want to learn. Hard times to learn about tobacco and that's the truth.
  7. Hey This is very important question. You might go to your local hookahstore and ask for hookah charcoals. There are quicklightning charcoals which light up quick and easy and on the other side there is charcoal from coconuts and it's more hot and harder to light up. There are many many brands so you can have fun while find out what's worth for you. Maybe buy all of them and try many years My favourite is three kings 40mm. Better not use charcoal brickets for grills but you can - better don't. Or try to do a brick charcoal by yourself I'm very happy with do it yourself project people. Greetings
  8. Hey there! Since a few smokes my hookah started to smell like a burning tire. I first thought it's the tobacco I got but I used an other one and it smells also like that. I clean my hookah after every use with lemon juice and a brush. The next possibility I saw was that my bowl is dirty - I got an egyptian standard glazed bowl - and cooked it out in water for about 2 hours in which I put three times fresh water in. There was a lot dirt to wash out what I know now.. A day later I tried again and it's still a burning tire. I didn't chsnge my setup I smoke always like this and now it stinks. How does that come? My setup is like this Egyptian glazed bowl Tobacco filled to the top 2 layers of foil (the one I always used not an other brand or things like that) Lot's of small holes in the foils 40mm three kings (the ones I always use) I even cleaned my hoses very carefully. Please help what do I do wrong? Thank you! Edit And I changed the top grommet to a fresh one - no difference
  9. Traditional Flavoring

    Hey So right now I bought a little strange or I better say tobacco I didn't know yet - I bought half a kilo to a kilo of a burley comes from italy. Very very aromatic with lots of different smells in. There is a scent of mint there is a scent of cacso and a scent of something that is not a piss - I can't give a word for that smell. Once I bought a kentucky tobacco and it was near to the smell I can't describe maybe you call it nuttie (but it doesn't smell like nuts smell I don't know). I'm going to give it a chance and I mix it up as a quarter in my shisha with virginia mix. I decided to add lot's of cacao as I found out you can use grounded cacao as cacaoflavour - it makes the smoke smooth by makin your lungs wider or something like that - tastes good in cigarettes I just tried before to be sure that it doesn't make my tobacco bad. So here the little recipie for 250gr 20gr italien burley 65gr virginia 35gr honey 125gr glycerin 12gr cacao I'll give you some feedback in a few weeks because I don't want to loose a word before it is a bit older than new.
  10. What means 'with volume'? Soundmachinetobacco ^^ xD
  11. Skittles flavour

    Hey that's what I don't know too. Heating it up together with honey is a bit a waste, I tried and the flavour of honey was gone. If you heat it up it gets in, if you don't it does also. So.. maybe don't do that - it takes always like two weeks to get all in with unwashed tobaccos and so it's a step you can leave out. If you wash your tobacco it soaks faster and you can also leave heating up glycerin out. It might get some water in because of heating it and that's neither good nor bad for it.. choose yourself xD
  12. My favourite was 'car - the hookah deliveries' xD They smoke hookah in canada that's good. Easy way to get good tobacco in canada or also a country with hard rulings for pipetobacco? My favourite in charcoal is always a three kings 40mm - enaugh heat but not too much. I wish you all the best - very nice thing you're up to do there Greetings Carbopol eg is too much heat and starts to smell bad if it lays open some days. Instantlight was a bit low heat in my oppinion. Maybe you give the people a choice of charcoals or don't you?
  13. By the way which charcoal do we get? That's the most interesting question I think, so please which charcoal do we get?
  14. Which Al Waha should I take

    69 is like I know always a menthol thing. Know if you like menthol or not... crappy stuff.
  15. For some reason I think it should be a name your customers can use while ordering. E.g. you name it 'hook me up' your customer can say that on telephone. Maybe not cool enaugh so... Hookah delivery service Or Jam Hookah Or Hookah DIE, because it's cool Or Hookah on demand Hookah Blaster Or Car - the hookah deliveries What do you think is a good name for your service?