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  1. MitchRavenswyck

    Greetings From Texas

    Heyo Eli, welcome!! Greetings from New Orleans!
  2. MitchRavenswyck

    Hello from Winnipeg, Canada

    Heyo dude, greetings from New Orleans. I'd highly recommend looking at ebay. They have starbuzz, al-fahker, and fantasia for really reasonable prices. Mint is insanely cheap!
  3. Whassup folks, I'm Mitch Ravenswyck from New Orleans. Have been smoking hookah for 5-6 years, and am absolutely obsessed. It's turned from a fun pastime to a longlasting passion. Because of my love for it, I've been pondering the idea of opening an artisinal hookah lounge here in New Orleans called L'Amaranthine, where we serve house-made shisha and cocktails. We might sell local businesses' food items as well, but the focus is unique, homemade shisha with many poignant flavor combinations. Now, I'm a 22 year old guy, finishing up college, but this is my dream. And this is my passion. I need help figuring out how to move forward, what the first steps are, and potentially recruiting some help. I look forward to hearing from y'all! Happy Clouds, Mitch