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  1. I've been smoking from a small Mya bowl for 3 years, it's awesome, but it likes to tip over a lot. So I decided to make one from plexiglass, that's bigger and "tip over" proof. After I get everything set up and going, the base doesn't fill up with any smoke. The draw on the hose is only air, no bubbling in the water at all. I have checked the stem for leaks, and it has none, neither does my hose, or the purge valve. The top to the base is able to be taken off completely. It doesn't exactly seal the base, but it does after I wrap tape around it and blow to see if any air might be coming through or not. The tape is only for the mean time until I figure out what exactly it might be. Hopefully y'all don't read the taping around the top of the base and automatically say that's what it is lol because I close that off and make sure no air is escaping lol So yea. Please help lol