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  1. booya

    The Day The Music Died...

    ah, drugs and music... my favorite subject. alright... first, i strongly agree that drugs make artists make better music, as long as they are intelligent enough to take the knowledge one gains from drug use and integrate it with sound. thats what jimi did. jim morrison did, tho he was a drunk way before he was a druggy... morrison reminds me of the romance associated with good writers and drinking. john bonham was a drunk. cobain was a speed baller, and had he not been such a fiend, his music wouldn't have that stinging pain dripping from every single lyric. lane staley is another example where hard drugs made music better, this guy was on the same level as cobain for sure. how about scott wieland? hard drugs definitely made that music good. so even though in the 60's, drugs may have had a huge influence on music, drugs in the 70's/80's (coke) influenced the sound, heroin in the 90's, ecstasy in the new millinium... so to end this completely disjointed post, i would like to say that music would be no where with out drugs. at anytime... look back to the golden age of jazz... the vipers and their tea... john coltranes battel with heroin... drugs and music go hand in hand... and one is never the same without the other.
  2. booya

    Your Musical Guilty Pleasure?

    i love dirty nasty hard drum and bass.... no one will listen to it with me so i keep it a secret....
  3. booya

    Nammor Hose Problem!

    i just used crazy glue... just don't smoke out of it for a day or two, or you'll burn your throat from the chemicals...
  4. booya

    Gaius Samples

    any canadians get a shipment?
  5. booya


    i love chamomille tea, i sometimes even throw in a tea bag in my base, i find a get a really interesting buzz! but loose chamomille is the best for drinking....
  6. QUOTE (lp640man @ Jan 30 2008, 11:21 PM) I just ordered some white grape al-fakher from southsmoke. Suppose to be comming in tuesday tho..I'll post my date and batch quality. whenever it comes in tried my white grape last night, got it from HS, date was oct 2007, still smelled a bit like ketchup, more vinigary.... tasted ok. so i'll probably keep smoking it...
  7. QUOTE (QuiltedMaple @ Jan 30 2008, 03:40 PM) Regular white grape. After a little searching, I found out that the date for shit smelling grape were Aug. 2007. Looked at my grape, Aug. 2007. Damn, -QM aright i'm hijcking for a sec.... wher did you order your shit from? and where did you find the date? i just got some in from h-s and the last golden af grape i got smells like ketchup, so i ordered the regular grape and haven't opened it yet....
  8. QUOTE (QuiltedMaple @ Jan 30 2008, 03:36 PM) Maybe you don't want to taste it, my AF grape smells like ketchup ass, makes me scared thinking about how it'll taste. -QM is your grape the golden af or regular?
  9. booya

    Fantasia Shisha

    just tried the white grape last night, i thought it was pretty good. good smoke, flavor lasted a while (~1.25 hrish)
  10. http://www.nancarrow-webdesk.com/warehouse...img.81013_t.jpg
  11. QUOTE (gaia.plateau @ Jan 29 2008, 12:25 PM) (Because they're almost certainly wearing pants on their head). this needs an emoticon! hahahahaha!
  12. QUOTE (manic007 @ Jan 25 2008, 10:07 AM) Just to break up the flow a bit. . . I dont agree with the Christian fanatics. But I have a seroius grip with the presenter in the video, Louis Theroux. He's easily the most annoying person I've seen on TV. He had a series called "Louis Theroux's weird weekend" or something, where he would go around meeting "interesting" people (porn stars, swingers, gun nuts. . .), I'm sure some of the Brit guys might remember this. What irritated me the most about him is his smug attitude towards everyone. He genuinely believes that he's morally superior to the people he interviews and goes to such lengths to make them look bad. Like in an episode about swingers, where they were buying food/drink for a swingers party at the supermarket. Louis Theoux goes up to the checkout girl and tell them that they're having a swingers party and would she like to come along, he says it loudly and embarrases his intervewees. And when in the car park the swingers tell him nicely that he shouldn't have said that, he acts all child-like and say "but why? are you ashamed to be a swinger? why are you ashamed?". He's really annoying. I've seen the Youtube vid on TV aswell as his other shows and Louis Theroux is such a snake, he really likes winds people up by trying to act all innocent and child-like while maintaining his air of aloftness. I wouldn't be surprised if his attitude brought out the worst in these people, granted they weren't the nicest people to start of with! /end rant ya mr. theroux is a dick, but he does do some funny shit! i just watched a show of him following around body builders and man, i was sure he was going to get is ass whipped! i can't wait to see that happen!
  13. booya

    Internet Radio Anyone?

    QUOTE (Shakes @ Jan 25 2008, 10:15 AM) QUOTE (nitrousconsumed @ Jan 23 2008, 08:09 PM) pandora is the only thing i need agreed PANDORA WON'T RUN IN CANADA!!!!! i hate this shit. first demonoid, now this...
  14. i picked up a few boxes of the 3Ks a while back and they are may 2007 ones. i also found that they were better coals over all. they light better, burn longer and are better over all then the nov 2006 ones.
  15. booya

    Canadian Smokers