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  1. peridon18

    Easy-Lite Japanese Coals

    I just ordered it and waiting for the shipment.
  2. peridon18

    Glass mouthpieces

    Were you able to make one now?
  3. peridon18

    Adding Nicotine Glycerin

    I never thought that a nicotine can be that lethal on a skin.
  4. peridon18

    California Smokers

    Stockton, CA Anyone from Santa Cruz?
  5. peridon18

    How To Vape Like Hookah

    I'm actually looking for more video about this.
  6. peridon18

    Steampunk Hookahs

    I can't see where the photos are.
  7. peridon18

    Ways to make thick smoke

    I watched a lot of videos of those on Youtube.
  8. peridon18

    Diy Metal Safety

    For starters, this is a good read to follow. Thanks for sharing information.
  9. peridon18

    Hello from CA

    Hello, my name is Peter from California. My colleagues introduce me to hookah years ago but I didn't take it seriously but now I'm enjoying it and would love to know more how can I maximize the fun in experience.