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  1. Hookahset.com Review Thread.

    Been ordering from HookahSet for approximately 7 years on a regular basis. Things used to go well. We would get the correct items, and in a timely manner. Now? They either ship tobacco with items that were not ordered without letting us know that the ones we've put into our cart were out of stock. When confronted, they said it was of equal value and it kept the order from being held up. Why send flavours that weren't ordered? If I wanted to smoke those flavours, I would've clearly added them to the cart. Placed an order last week or so. They called to let me know that EIGHT....8 flavours were out of stock and when I mentioned that I tried ordering another flavour but it wasn't on their site, they told me that they had 6 and they didn't update the site to show the current flavours in stock. He asked if I wanted all 6 to make up for 6/8 that they were missing. I told him: No. I'm on my way to school, can you please e-mail me and let me know specifically which flavours they were unable to fill and which they had available for possible swaps. He agreed. A week later, no e-mails but my money had been fully refunded??? What kind of customer service is this? Are they crazy? That was a $300+ order of just Shisha. I'm almost out, thus placed an order. I didn't want my money back, I wanted them to e-mail me as per request. What kind of mickey mouse operation has this become? Done. If anybody knows another company with selection that miraculously never gets hit by border duty taxes, please send them my way!!! In desperate need of Shisha from a company that'll actually send out what I've ordered.