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  1. 16$ for a hose?! i'll stay with my Syrian Aved.
  2. tkato

    Akhla Charcoal Briquettes

    yeah we've been using them for a few years now... they are very good, they lit up fast has great heat.
  3. if you smoke then one after the other they may have some laftover taste =\, other than that maybe the shisha sucks.
  4. I Bought another new hookah, now i have 4 Goliver, the huge one. Genie, the aladin one. Jenie, the traditional syrian. and a new very special hookah, she's quiet tall and she got no base, insted she is full metal, including the "base". i tried to think of names for it but i can't come up with nothing =\, we always give our hookahs names so she must have one .
  5. tkato

    Great Day With The Wife

    hehe most people who smoke hookah in the states love it thier first time, in israel hookah is common so whom never smokes hookah probably won't smoke it and if he will smoke it he won't enjoy it that much . glad to see your wife loves hookah hehe
  6. tkato

    The Big Lie

    I Never belived anything that this companys say... they are biosed. anyway, i belive that they lie alot and act out of good will and anything but im not stupid, i know that hookah isn't good for you. anyway no real tests have never been made on hookahs effects.
  7. tkato

    I Love This

    Double-Apple forever it got the taste of a classic
  8. tkato


    Yak Vodka i prefer Tequila with Sprite... that should keep my gears going but water is always good to have close to the hookah, just incase you get buzzed hard
  9. well a hookah lover would love to get a... fancy new hookah! ^_~
  10. tkato

    Better Than Tongs

    lol im good with tongs and placing by hand it's hot but if you practice you can hold coals for a few seconds before the heat really kicks in
  11. tkato

    Matisyahu + Hookah =

    QUOTE (ghostofdavid @ Jun 27 2007, 12:50 PM) You don't have to be from Israel to be Jewish. yes but i don't know if he can claim to be a real hasid jew if he's never been to his fathers land... i don't practice bible studies and i think im more jewish cause i live in the fatherland while he stays where he like and practice bible 0.o like those haisdim jewish americans who claim to know everything about israel when they don't really live here o.0 it's bizzare to me... plus i don't like his music bible+rap? 2 things i dislike .
  12. tkato

    Matisyahu + Hookah =

    lol Matisyahu, never liked his music =\ i don't think he's from israel aswell...
  13. put some cheap tequila with sprite or 7up in the base and nakhla double apple:) buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buz buz, but the taste is great aswell
  14. MYA's are well built... other than that i don't see a reason buying one...
  15. tkato

    Buying Hookah

    I Don't know about the american hookah sites that re-sell things such as mya and so, but i do know chinese hookahs by the brand AGER are way better than most hookahs you can get. On a side note, you all are crazy about KM and such... but the truth is they make medi-core traditional hookahs and you think it's an awesome hookah, while actully both KM and MYA's are made from low quality. If I was you i'd never get even one of them, paying 100$+ for a low quality hookah? scammed.