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  1. And also the simple fact you say it tickles your throat shows you know nothing of how to pack a correct bowl FYI. That burn=to little baccy.
  2. So here is the deal...for all of you calling me idiots and what not. I just posted and said hey whatever works for you works...yet im still being treated like a fucking idiot. Also if you have a problem take it up with Eric I go step BY step of how he showed me to load a bowl and it was exactly the same as ive been doing for a fair amount of time. People on this forum are immature and need to grow up. Instead of you thinking im trying to be an ass, just realize im trying to help you out. I am NOT trying to be an ass in any way shape or form, but if you guys think that go ahead and have at it.
  3. No need to be a smart ass I just gave an opinion man. I think many methods do work and hey if it works go for it, but I like the method ive had going for 3 years now. And when I do post my video in the next couple weeks im sure you will be the first critic. QUOTE (ilikemyusername @ Jul 17 2009, 07:09 PM) I like all videos posted up here, but I wish you would have made a REAL video
  4. Oh I must know nothing I'm only smoking with him right now.... QUOTE (Arcane @ Jul 16 2009, 07:22 PM) QUOTE (boulderkid303 @ Jul 17 2009, 11:17 AM) Go all the way down with the fork should be the first lesson. 2nd that is way to little in the bowl. 3rd it should not have to warm up. By the 4th hit I get huge clouds always. I'm going to post a real video soon enough. 1) have you even talked to Eric? he's the one that says you don't need to poke all the way down. 2nd) the bowl smokes fine with that amount of tobacco. it really isn't the amount that is the main issue, it's the density in which all the tobacco is packed 3) if you're only getting clouds on the 4th, guess what? it's warming up...FAIL 4) whoopty doo for you! what i just did works...so, why are you questioning it? also, since you just said "go all the way down with the fork" already tells me you're not totally in the know with tangiers...sorry. maybe next time, eh?
  5. Go all the way down with the fork should be the first lesson. 2nd that is way to little in the bowl. 3rd it should not have to warm up. By the 4th hit I get huge clouds always. I'm going to post a real video soon enough.
  6. boulderkid303

    Smells Like Bs To Me

    This is awful to hear. I manage the hookah house and have been there from the start. I'm not currently in boulder as im in San Diego, but I wish I could of been there for this at the moment. I don't understand some people. Well see what happens down the road, but man o man we would never ever ever do anything wrong. We treat our customers with pride day and night. Thats all that needs to be said about this topic.
  7. boulderkid303

    Km Hookah Paint

    Paint the Barca symbol on it of course
  8. Those are great points. I use 3 packing points. Start in the container and use the phunnel as if it was cone for ice cream, I will have a fair-good amount of blueberry compressed into the corner of the container, then I will lift it up. At this point you have a lot of extra which is good because you can't have to little. I compress it now with the fork until its dense in the bowl as it was in the bag it came in. I make mine personally a tad bit tighter, but thats just me. And Hi to everyone...I haven't been on in awhile. QUOTE (Sonthert @ Apr 22 2009, 05:13 AM) When I make it, lets say the dewpoint is 35F. I seal it up. It gets to your house, the dew point is 60F. Humidity shock. Its not that your humidity is unstable, its thats its different than when the tobacco was sealed up. That being said, the problem you guys are talking about where it smokes fine and then gets worse comes from a particular problem, you stir the tobacco up, and only take tobacco off the top. You need to think of that tub of tobacco as a cake, cut a square piece out in your mind and put it in the bowl, top and bottom. If you only use tobacco off the top, some flavors will fade quickly, since some float to the top. It can also come from not stirring well enough, too. The tobacco is cookd to drive off the excess water...lower water content. The lower water content also makes the flavors separate a little more...its not pre-stirred and it won't stay that way. It forms into thin, little layers of different densities of flavors. If you use a long, shallow container, it will reduce this separation effect. If you use a deep, tall container, it will make it worse, if its a problem for you. If in doubt, use a container thats large and way too big, allowing the tobacco to spread out across it.
  9. boulderkid303

    Favirote Tangiers Flavor

    Blueberry Whitegrape K-Cherry.
  10. boulderkid303

    Fantasia 250g Tubs

    is that the display for sale or after you bought them?
  11. boulderkid303

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    you can kick me.....but i got this friend named Eric (cough cough) president of a baccy company and well i wonder what he could do with his 6'6 frame .......... he would toss some salad!!!! QUOTE (Stuie @ Jan 3 2009, 02:57 PM) QUOTE (boulderkid303 @ Jan 3 2009, 04:22 AM) I told Narg to put up a few blurred pics just to tease you guys. Anyone close enough to kick him in the shin?
  12. boulderkid303

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    I told Narg to put up a few blurred pics just to tease you guys.
  13. boulderkid303

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    hey look its one of my 9 mini phunnels.