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  1. What do you guys use to clean the tray? Mine is building up alot of black and brown marks on it from bits of shisha that falls in there and then gets burnt by old coals
  2. i've never had to acclimate any of my tobacco, i guess if you open it up and it doesn't smell right you should
  3. You mentioned that you put coals on top of the bowl while they were sparkling.. that sounds like you were using quick lite coals, if thats true, that could be the reason you felt sick. quick lite coals have chemicals on them that cause them to light up quickly causing the sparking, I'm pretty sure while its sparking it gives off carbon monoxide and other chemicals which aren't very good for you to inhale. always wait until the coal is completely lit up before you put it on the bowl
  4. i've smoked outside while it was snowing and didn't need any extra coals
  5. fedaykin

    Happy New Years

    QUOTE (r1v3th3ad @ Jan 1 2009, 11:21 AM) meanwhile...everylast one of my old crew of friends back home, 4 keg kegger.... ^ Tragic
  6. fedaykin

    First Bowl Of 2009

    AF Rose, right now. nice way to get away from all the shitiness that was new years eve. Kind of suprised I didnt smoke last night
  7. fedaykin

    Hiding The Hookah

    unfortunately, i'm in the military and i'm not even allowed to own a hookah, so I have to hide them :|
  8. I've had that same experience with every starbuzz shisha i've tried. the first smoke is amazing and then everyone after that just sucks.
  9. fedaykin

    Good Arabic Movies ?

    hmm.. don't know many arabic movies. saw a couple on tv when I was in iraq but don't know what they were. only one I can think of is Battles of Algiers though that is half french/half arabic. Old, dry but interesting movie, especially looking at the parallels between the algierian and iraqi insurgencies and the tactics used by french and american militaries dealing with them. actually has some of the insurgents playing themselves as well.
  10. fedaykin

    Best Shisha Flavors

    AF Rose AF Double Apple Nakhla Orange AF Mint Nakhla Caramel
  11. fedaykin

    Epic Hookah Setup!

    if it actually did smoke, i gotta think that he actually did it right, but his grasp of the language maybe not so much
  12. nice, i got the same hookah except for the bowl and the hose. different designs on the base too. love mine
  13. fedaykin

    Other Kinds Of Tobacco

    Occasional cigar and dip very frequently, specifically Copenhagen long cut or straight
  14. Last show I went to was Vampire Weekend in Honolulu a while ago. Was a pretty good show, got a real nice photo as well with my new camera. Oh and very jealous of the two that saw Born of Osiris and Tokyo Police Club.