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    QUOTE (MechAnt @ May 20 2008, 06:02 PM) I greatly appreciate that you are still extending to us the forum discount. That is above and beyond what is expected of a vendor. However, I do have to say that you guys at Hookah-Life, Eugene and Mike were once very active memebers! You helped anyone that needed help and instead of just plugging your own business, you took the time to recommend and show what other vendors had to offer. I believe that the administration is doing this to you because of the fact that you were once active members and no longer are. I hope that you guys can stay and be active! MechAnt, You are correct in your observation that we were once more active participants on this forum. Do not however take our absence from this forum as a sign that we no longer care about the community, on the contrary. As we have seen our business grow over the last year (in many thanks to you guys) we have channeled new avenues of community participation. Through group sponsorship programs at colleges across the U.S. and Canada, article publications, interviews with media sources, and various events, we have worked hard to expand the hookah culture and unfortunately, in turn, have seen our participation dwindle on the forums themselves. We care greatly about this community and its members; unfortunately an ultimatum of this nature is unacceptable and unwarranted in our eyes. We apologize to those that will suffer from this decision, and because this is not the doing of the members, we feel punishing the members by taking away the discount would be immoral on our part. Enjoy your discount and drop us a line if you ever want to chat, we are always available by phone or email! Sincerest Regards, Eugene and Mike Hookah Life P.S. I apologize from posting under my personal account however I wanted to add a reply to your message, but our account has been terminated.