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  1. Important Message

    QUOTE (MechAnt @ May 20 2008, 06:02 PM) I greatly appreciate that you are still extending to us the forum discount. That is above and beyond what is expected of a vendor. However, I do have to say that you guys at Hookah-Life, Eugene and Mike were once very active memebers! You helped anyone that needed help and instead of just plugging your own business, you took the time to recommend and show what other vendors had to offer. I believe that the administration is doing this to you because of the fact that you were once active members and no longer are. I hope that you guys can stay and be active! MechAnt, You are correct in your observation that we were once more active participants on this forum. Do not however take our absence from this forum as a sign that we no longer care about the community, on the contrary. As we have seen our business grow over the last year (in many thanks to you guys) we have channeled new avenues of community participation. Through group sponsorship programs at colleges across the U.S. and Canada, article publications, interviews with media sources, and various events, we have worked hard to expand the hookah culture and unfortunately, in turn, have seen our participation dwindle on the forums themselves. We care greatly about this community and its members; unfortunately an ultimatum of this nature is unacceptable and unwarranted in our eyes. We apologize to those that will suffer from this decision, and because this is not the doing of the members, we feel punishing the members by taking away the discount would be immoral on our part. Enjoy your discount and drop us a line if you ever want to chat, we are always available by phone or email! Sincerest Regards, Eugene and Mike Hookah Life P.S. I apologize from posting under my personal account however I wanted to add a reply to your message, but our account has been terminated.
  2. Hookah-life.com Official Announcements

    QUOTE (wuonice @ May 10 2007, 12:57 PM) replacement bases? Wuonice, Currently we don't carry replacement bases or stems, we will however, pick these items up in the near future. We are constantly looking to expand our product line, and replacement parts will be a large part of our expansion, so stay tuned!
  3. Hookah-life.com Official Announcements

    QUOTE (freepain @ May 9 2007, 09:24 AM) Looks like you guys have a great site The only thing that i would really like to see added would be a option to view shipping charges to different zips in the basket. So that say im a new customer trying to just see prices and everything and would like to know the total cost including shipping without registering and everything But you will be seeing some biz my way for sure Hey Freepain, To check shipping, you don't have to register as a member, in fact you don't have to be a member to purchase through our site. All you would need to do is add your items to the cart and enter the state, zip, and country and you'll get the shipping rate, if you want to check for a different zip, just refresh the page and reenter those 3 things. Hope this helps.
  4. Hookah-life.com Official Announcements

    QUOTE (NorthEastSmoker2 @ May 8 2007, 07:07 PM) Site looks great, and glad to see such openness with the online hookah community.. It's always good to ask for and to give feedback one way or the other.. My take on the Egyptians.. I'm a traditional guy.. I love the look of a single hose egyptian, and I think many online sellers are concentrating too much multi hose Egyptians that can begin to look hokey, IMO.. If you're going to carry Egyptians, I would love to see a large selection of good looking single hose pipes.. just my 2% of $1 Hey NorthEastSmoker2, Thank you for your feedback regarding our site, we worked hard on it, and its nice to hear all the compliments . Regarding the one hose egyptian hookahs....I personally have a 1 hose egyptian as my main hookah and I absolutely love it (it looks absolutely stunning as well). However I have to say that when you have many guests, it does seem to lose its benefit as compared to other more modern models (i.e. not having multiple hoses). With my personal hookah, I am able to unscrew the release valve and screw in a hose adapter to accomodate for additional users. I value the tradition a one hose egyptian brings but can't deny the convenience a modern design such as the screwable hose adapter brings to a smoke session. Of course not every egyptian model is able to have the same "adaptability" that my particular hookah has, but it seems that more and more of these features are hitting the market everyday. To me personally I see more value in a hookah that brings out the tradition of an egyptian as well as the convenience found in many modern chinese hookahs like the Mya Sarays. What is your take on egyptian hookahs with these additional features? Do you think an egyptian hookah, that features a replaceable hose adapter or a one-way valve for multihose models, makes chinese hookahs obsolete, or just makes for a better selection?