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  1. Hey guys, I just posted this "PSA" as part of my new member post, but has anyone here ever used an enail instead of coals? it tastes so much cleaner, no carbon monoxide.... its just amazing. Here is a link to my other post so you can see a pic and read about it more in-depth
  2. Not enough heat hitting the sisha I would think, or maybe not enough sisha in the bowl (am I spelling that right?)
  3. Hello everyone, I actually made this account so I could post a PSA. Now as far as introductions. I"m a Colorado boy, born and bred, and in addition to enjoying hookah, I collect minerals in my state, hike, hunt, ski, and all the other activities Coloradans do as passtimes. I figured out a way to do hookah without coals and I wanted to share it. I have something called a electronic nail that is used for aromatherapy. It has a coil around a piece of metal about the size of a coal, which can heat it to any temperature you desire up to above 800 degrees fahrenheight. I realized how useful my nail could be when i was hookah-ing last night. I was using quick-lite coals, and after a couple hours I had the worst migrane ever. I began to look into why this was, and read that quiklites produce huge amounts of CO. After waking up this morning I put my nail up there at a temperature of 735 degrees, and enjoyed the best, smoothest hookah sesh of my life. Now below I am going to put a sharing link for my drive so you can see what it looks like. I went through the roles and was unable to find anything having to do with banning urls, so if this is against the rules you have my sincerest apologies... as far as i can tell its fine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zykuvCPYC_b05NTmI3d2lSTUE/view?usp=sharing The reason it looks dirty is because i first tried putting it under the foil... bad idea...
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